Collagen Dermal Filler

What is Evolence?

Evolence is an advanced collagen dermal filler, derived from porcine collagen, that provides long-lasting correction of moderate to deep facial wrinkles, folds, as well as scars and other depressions and hollows in the skin. It is especially effective for the wrinkles from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Scientifically engineered to mimic the properties of natural collagen in skin, Evolence is a major breakthrough in aging treatment. Injected just below the skin’s surface, Evolence replaces facial collagen, which naturally depletes with age, and smoothes out wrinkles and folds. Evolence uses innovative Glymatrix technology, and it’s cross-linking formula binds with the skin’s natural collagen, allowing more natural looking, longer-lasting results.

Who is a candidate for Evolence?

Evolence is an ideal choice for patients (women and men) with fine to deep facial wrinkles, scarring, lines, and other surface imperfections, and who want a collagen dermal filler which offers long-lasting results with minimal downtime. As mentioned above, Evolence is perfect for the for the wrinkles from the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds).

The Evolence Treatment

The Evolence treatment is usually performed on an outpatient basis. In some cases, a specialist will numb the area to be injected with a topical numbing cream. Once the injections sites are numb, the collagen dermal filler will be injected through a needle, directly into the treated areas. Sometimes, more than one injection is needed to make sure the filler is distributed evenly throughout the area. The results of Evolence are immediate and produce a natural enhancement with little to no swelling or bruising. Any swelling you may experience right after the procedure should resolve after a few hours. Unlike other injectables, this collagen dermal filler can deliver results after only one treatment. You may, however, desire touch-ups to further enhance your new look. Treatment results have been clinically proven to last up to six months, and in many cases have been reported to last as long as one year.

Benefits of Evolence

Evolence is a collagen dermal filler, which means that is more naturally looking than other injectable fillers. Moreover, it is longer-lasting, stronger, and offers immediately visible results with no downtime and little or no recovery time. »Contact us today about Evolence in Manhattan or Long Island.

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