43 Times Liposuction Transformed Our Patients (Before and After Pictures)

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding liposuction. One of the biggest myths that we face here at Aristocrat is that liposuction can help you get rid of significant amounts of fat. That’s not what the procedure is meant for. Liposuction is a prime tool for body sculpting. In plain English, this means that liposuction is best used to target stubborn pockets of localized fat—bulges that do not seem to respond to diet or exercise. A few examples:
  • Love handles
  • Double chin
  • Underarm fat
  • No thigh gap
  • Uneven breasts
For patients who seek dramatic fat reduction, other procedures are offered. Tummy tuck—which involves liposuction, muscle tightening and excess skin removal—is the procedure you’re looking for. Nevertheless, liposuction can do wonders for the right patient. Here are a few examples of what actual liposuction transformations look like.

1. Thigh Gap, Calves (Age 24, Female)

2. Belly Fat (Age 39, Female)

3. Belly Fat (Age 31, Male)

4. Belly Fat (Age 23, Female)

5. Belly Fat (Age 49, Female)

6. Waist and Back (Age 28, Female)

7. Outer Thighs (Age 33, Female)

8. Belly Fat, Waist (Age 29, Female)

9. Waist and Back (Age 28, Female)

10. Outer Thighs (Age 33, Female)

11. Unequal Breasts (Age 31, Female)

12. Belly Fat, Flanks and Back (Age 31, Female)

13. Belly Fat and Waist (Age 24, Female)

14. Belly Fat, Waist and Back (Age 29, Female)

15. Inner Thighs, Waist and Belly (Age 27, Female)

16. Belly Fat (Age 37, Female)

17. Thighs, Belly and Waist (Age 26, Female)

18. Waist and Outer Thighs (Age 26, Female)

19. Belly Fat, Waist and Inner Thighs (Age 29, Female)

20. Underarms (Age 39, Female)

21. Belly Fat and Waist (Age 23, Male)

22. Belly Fat and Waist (Age 21, Female)

23. Belly Fat, Back and Waist (Age 41, Female)

24. Belly Fat and Waist (Age 26, Male)

25. Arms, Belly Fat and Waist (Age 25, Female)

26. Inner Thighs, Waist (Age 32, Female)

27. Belly Fat and Waist (Age 23, Female)

28. Belly Fat (Age 38, Male)

29. Belly Fat (Age 45, Male)

30. Waist, Buttocks, Back (Age 37, Female)

31. Belly Fat and Waist (Age 39, Female)

32. Belly Fat, Waist, Thighs and Back (Age 26, Female)

33. Waist (Age 48, Female)

34. Belly Fat, Waist (Age 22, Female)

35. Waist (Age 24, Female)

36. Belly Fat, Waist, Inner Thighs (Age 29, Female)

37. Waist (Age 42, Female)

38. Belly Fat, Waist (Age 60, Female)

39. Waist (Age 46, Female)

40. Belly Fat and Waist (Age 57, Female)

41. Waist (Age 32, Female)

42. Waist and Thighs (Age 38, Female)

43. Underarms (Age 35, Female)

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