Upper Body Lift

What is an Upper Body Lift?

Aristocrat Plastic Surgery Upper Body Lift

Despite its successful results, weight loss surgery can sometimes lead to some unappealing side effects. Patients who have undergone bariatric surgery are experiencing a new kind of problem: significant amounts of excess skin that hangs down from their body. It’s unfortunate that even after the success of weight loss surgery, these patients are left with body image issues, emotional duress, and even problems maintaining hygiene thanks to the difficulty of cleaning excess skin folds.

These changes can be found in areas like the chest, upper arm, and even facial areas. For the issues concentrated on the upper body, a procedure called an upper body lift can remove excess skin while lifting and contouring the body into a sleeker, more athletic figure.

Who is a Candidate for Upper Body Lift?

Ideal candidates include patients who recently lost an extreme amount of weight (either from weight loss or from bariatric surgery) and have sagging skin on their upper bodies. Patients that developed stretched-out skin following childbirth are also considered appropriate candidates for this procedure.

The Upper Body Lift Procedure

Thanks to advances in surgical techniques, multiple cosmetic procedures can now be combined during one scheduled surgery to maximize results and target as many problem areas as possible at once. This procedure is actually a combination of procedures such as a mastopexy (breast lift), liposuctionbrachioplasty (arm lift) and rhytidectomy (face lift). The upper body lift specializes in targeting the areas most affected by extreme weight loss.

Dr. Tehrani is greatly skilled and experienced in every single procedure for the upper body lift, but more importantly, he has a great understanding of the modifications and staging issues involved when operating on patients who experienced extreme weight loss. Thanks to his unique qualifications, experience and artistry, Dr. Tehrani is the perfect surgeon for this complex, life enhancing surgery.

Breast Lift

Weight gain can increase breast volume, which in turn stretches the skin. When weight loss results in a decrease in breast volume, this results in sagging breasts that become positioned much lower on the chest wall. To combat sagging breasts, Dr. Tehrani performs a breast lift, a procedure to remove excess skin while repositioning the breasts to a perkier position on the chest wall. A breast lift is the best procedure for reshaping the breasts to a more youthful form. Since sagging breasts can also increase the size of the nipple, Dr. Tehrani can reposition and resize it. Dr. Tehrani can give you the option of combining your breast lift with implants for extra fullness and volume.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Men who have sagging skin or enlarged breast tissue on the chest as a result of weight gain can sculpt their chest using gynecomastia surgery. Using a combination of surgical techniques and liposuction, Dr. Tehrani will remove excess skin, reduce glandular tissue, and reposition and resize the areola. Dr. Tehrani will sculpt the chest to make sure it has a masculine and firmer shape.


Aging and weight loss can lead to arms with excess, loose skin. Otherwise known as “bat wings,” this loose skin hangs down from the upper arms when people hold out their arms. The arm lift is a procedure that uses surgery to remove excess skin and liposuction to remove fat pads in the loose upper arms. Dr. Tehrani will place the incisions on the side of the arms where it will be hidden. With the arm lift, people can finally have toned, athletic arms.


It’s not very well-known that weight loss can often lead to the development of sagging skin on the face. For patients who want their weight loss to coincide with a more youthful look, Dr. Tehrani offers a facelift as part of the upper body lift. Dr. Tehrani will lift sagging skin on the face, leading to a smoother, younger visage with less deep lines and wrinkles.


Many people who lose an unbelievable amount of weight often find deposits of fat that remain on their back. Dr. Tehrani can use liposuction to target and remove these fat deposits. For women seeking additional breast enhancement, Dr. Tehrani can take the fat deposits from liposuction and add it to the breasts. Many women choose breast enhancement using fat grafts because its enhancement looks and feels as natural as possible.

Benefits of An Upper Body Lift Procedure

Apart from the positive emotional and psychological benefits, you’ll also experience these benefits from this surgery:

  • Multiple areas of the upper body are covered in one single operation
  • Multiple treatments in one operation means a more efficient recovery
  • The procedure reshapes the upper arms & lifts the breasts
  • Excess back tissue can be used to augment the breasts

Frequently Asked Questions About The Upper Body Lift

For those who want to know more about the upper body lift, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions about the upper body lift and answered them below.

Can the Upper Body Lift Help with Weight Loss?

Although the upper body lift removes excess skin with body contouring procedures and excess fat with liposuction, the upper body lift should never be considered a weight loss procedure. The upper body lift’s main function is to remove excess skin, usually a result of extreme weight loss, and to contour the upper body.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Upper Body Lift?

  • Someone who has sagging skin on the chest, arms, and back
  • Someone who has lost a large amount of weight but still needs to contour the body
  • Someone who is now somewhat close to their ideal body weight

What Will My Scars Look Like?

The kinds of scars you get will depend entirely on the procedures you get for your upper body lift. Regardless of what procedures you choose, Dr. Tehrani has the skills and experience to make your scars as invisible as possible.

An upper body lift can do more than reverse the effects of extreme weight loss—it can help you finally achieve the body you deserve. For a procedure as complex as this, don’t settle for anything less than a skilled board-certified surgeon like Dr. Tehrani.

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