The most exciting thing about Bellafill is that the results can last for years.

Is Bellafill Right For You?

Bellafill is a non-absorbable wrinkle filler used for smile correction. Bellafill is the only FDA-approved injectable smile correction treatment of its kind. It has a dual-acting formula consisting of a combination of 20% Bellafill Precision-Filtered Microspheres and 80% Bellafill Purified Bovine Collagen. The result is the immediate visible smile correction of facial wrinkles and folds in as few as one or two treatment sessions with no downtime.

The most exciting thing about Bellafill is that the results can last for years.

Research has shown that patients choose Bellafill because it achieves a long lasting smile correction, it is more economical over time, and that it is more convenient due to the decreased number of injections required to maintain the look that they desire. Patients are very satisfied with Bellafill, with 91% saying that they were very likely or extremely likely to recommend it to a friend of family member.

Even though Bellafill is not a surgical procedure, it is extremely important to choose a highly experienced and qualified physician. Doctors who are less familiar with the technique could over-fill and leave you looking puffy and “done.” Dr. Tehrani and his trained injectors are intimately familiar with Bellafill, as well as the intricate anatomy of the proposed injection areas on the face.

He has been given the distinction of ExpertInjector™, which fewer than 3% of doctors have qualified for. This qualifying organization is the only one to have the endorsement of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

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Who Is A Candidate for Bellafill?

Men and women of any age are candidates for Bellafill. Ideal candidates for this smile correction treatment have already tried temporary injections, are injection- and credit card-fatigued, and are now looking for natural-looking, immediate results that last. The treatment is not performed on people with allergies to bovine collagen or with chronic skin infections, however. Bellafill can also be used to treat acne scarring.

The Bellafill Treatment

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As people age, the natural collagen and elastin fibers supporting their skin break down, creating wrinkles. The general purpose of the Bellafill microspheres is to replace these aging fibers and provide support and volume to the skin, making Bellafill the perfect choice for a smile correction.

Thirty days before the Bellafill treatment, Dr. Tehrani will administer a simple allergy skin test for sensitivity to bovine collagen. Bellafill treatment usually requires only 15-20 minutes, but two treatment sessions of tiny injections may be necessary to achieve full smile correction.

The Bellafill treatments are typically performed 3-6 weeks apart. Before receiving Bellafill, you may first try a temporary filler to confirm your desired result. The results will continue to improve over a period of months due to the production of more collagen.


Meet Dr. Kevin Tehrani, MD FACS

Top plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani is the founder and director of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. He values reaching the highest levels of achievement in reconstructive and plastic surgical training, continuing education and clinical experience. Your comprehensive consultation will be exceedingly informative, clear, balanced and there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss all your concerns.

No downtime is required after Bellafill. You can return to work or other activities immediately after your appointment.

Discomfort is minimal and brief, and if you develop any visible side effects, such as swelling, redness, or bruising, these should resolve within a day.

Bellafill Recovery

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