Aristocrat Breast Augmentation

About the breast procedures

From breast augmentation to lift, what do these procedures mean and do for you? Let us take a fast look at each of the four breasts procedures, but remember every woman’s decision is different and should be made by her, based on her needs, desires and expectations.

  • Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure to improve the size and shape of woman’s breasts with insertion of implants trough small incision in the underside of the breast. The procedure is for enlargement, balancing and reshaping the breast with benefits of increasing of the woman’s confidence and satisfaction.
  • Breast Lift is a procedure for slithly older women with sagging breats. The “short” scar procedure raises and reshapes the breast, after excess skin has been removed, the nipple and areola are moved to the appropriate position and the breast is reshaped, making them firmer.
  • Breast Reduction is a procedure that takes away the fat, glandular tissue and skin, making the breasts more firmer and lighter. The benefits are many, from loosing the back and neck pain, changes in posture, breasts will not interfear with daily activities…
  • Breast Reconstrucion is a surgical procedure that recreate the breasts lost by cancer or accident. The reconstruction can mirror the form and the appearance of a natural breast.

If you have questions for more information you can always schedule an appointment to meet the experts in aesthetic plastic surgery.

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