Cosmetic procedures aren’t just for women. With increasing demands on men to look great in both social and professional circumstances – particularly in the highly competitive northeast – more men have turned to discreet surgical and non-surgical procedures to combat the signs of aging and look their best.

At Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to a natural look so that men never have to worry that someone will suspect they have been to our office. Below are the most common procedures that bring men to us:



This is one of the most popular procedures for men because it removes large areas of hair all at once. Many men use it to remove back hair, but others use it on the chest or even the face to reduce the need for skin-irritating shaving.

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Tattoos are great, but sometimes, we change so that an old tattoo no longer serves who we are. This technique allows you to reduce unwanted tattoos with a few non-surgical laser treatments.

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The Fraxel laser helps men improve a variety of skin issues, such as scars (including acne scars), sun damage, hyperpigmentation, age spots, actinic keratoses, melasma, and even fine lines and wrinkles.

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Ultherapy is often called a non-surgical facelift because it subtly tightens the face and can lessen the effects of gravity, such as the appearance of jowls. This treatment can strengthen the jawline without the need for incisions.

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Botox®, Dysport, Xeomin®, and dermal fillers can help men look younger. Whether you have lost volume in the face that makes you look older or wrinkles that are caused by muscle activity, such as frown lines between the brows or creases on the forehead, these injectable treatments can reduce that tired, angry look.

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The rising trend of Botox® procedures among men has been a (pardon the pun) shot in the arm. These days, it’s not just women feeling the pressure to look “camera ready.” Men are also sharing in the scrutiny because of greater stigma in the workplace about older workers, career longevity, generational preferences for hiring and promotions, concerns about personal health, vitality, and fitness. The biggest drivers behind the “Brotox” phenomenon, though, appear to be one’s sense of job security and being viewed as a competitive asset in the workplace… Continue Reading

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Autologous fat transfer can be used to enhance the pectoral and deltoid areas of a man’s body to make them more pronounced. Sometimes, creating muscle mass in these areas just doesn’t work, no matter how many weights a man lifts. This procedure uses liposuction to remove fat from other areas where there is too much – such as the abdomen or buttocks – and grafts that fat in the chest and shoulders for enhanced contour.

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Bumps on the nose, overly large nostrils, long noses, crooked noses, or even noses that are deemed too small for your face are all issues that can be corrected with nose surgery (rhinoplasty). Many men opt for this procedure because it can improve their appearance dramatically.

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Men with weak chins are often not only subject to ridicule but simply not seen as strong in business or life. It can cause frustration and loss of self-confidence. Chin augmentation can provide a stronger jaw line and is often performed in conjunction with nose surgery in order to provide pleasing facial proportion.

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Ear surgery (otoplasty) can correct ear abnormalities and prominent ears in both men and boys. There is no reason for anyone to be teased about their ears.

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More and more men are turning to facelift surgery to restore a youthful appearance. It can not only turn back the clock for men with significant signs of aging, but it can help men just approaching middle age to reset the clock so that the aging process is essentially slowed.

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Sometimes called a forehead lift, a brow lift raises sagging eyebrows and smooths wrinkles on the forehead. While injectables might be able to correct mild aging in this area, surgery is often a better option for older patients.

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Excess fat and skin around the waist and abdomen are a common problem in men, especially as they age. Diet and exercise often fail to reduce this excess tissue, leaving men with little recourse. Tummy tuck surgery can rectify the problem, creating a firmer waist and abdomen.

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For excess fat in most any area of the body, liposuction is the answer. This discreet procedure removes stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise won’t budge. Patented VASER® ultrasound technology is a minimally invasive procedure that efficiently removes unwanted fat without the harshness of traditional lipo.

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