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Q&A: Botox May Ease Multiple Sclerosis Tremors

A small study published in July 3 issue of Neurology, points out that Botox injection may provide some relief from tremors caused by multiple sclerosis. Researchers injected 23 patients with Botox over six months, and videoed the volunteers to see if the Botox treatment disabled tremors in their arms and hands.

Botulinum toxin type A or Botox is a FDA approved cosmetic treatment. It is special protein-based injectable that removes wrinkles. It relaxes the muscles that cause the age lines to form and keep them relaxed up to four months.

But, besides it’s usage in plastic surgery, Botox is approved in the USA to treat other conditions like muscle spasms, upper motor neuron syndrome and chronic migraines.

“There are several questions that need to be answered by doing larger and longer-term studies,” Dr. Anneke van der Walt, a neurologist at Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, said for Reuters.

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