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CoolSculpting: A Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

Discover a better body in 2017! If you dream of ditching those love handles or saying goodbye to your muffin top, come on in to Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. We offer a wide variety of body contouring procedures to shape and refine your body to its ideal. We even offer CoolSculpting, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Lose that fat, no surgery needed. Call today and ask about your options.

What Is CoolSculpting?

Surprisingly, the key to a hot body is actually rather chilly. CoolSculpting is a powerful body contouring procedure that uses intense cold to freeze and destroy fat cells. This treatment requires no needles, no incisions, and no downtime, and provides dramatic, lasting results. The treatment is FDA approved and has an excellent safety record. It’s one of our favorite treatments here at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery.

The CoolSculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting is performed in our offices on an outpatient basis. During treatment fat is positioned between two cooling pads. You’ll feel a strong tug as fat is pulled into position. As the device starts, you’ll feel an intense cooling sensation, but the feeling should quickly dissipate. Kick back and relax during CoolSculpting. The treatment isn’t painful and takes 1-2 hours. Many patients read a book, listen to music, or work using a mobile device.

After the treatment you can leave immediately and resume your regular activities. Many patients head right back to work. You may experience redness, tingling, bruising, or numbness, but these are typically minor and fade quickly. CoolSculpting is an ideal fat fighting treatment for busy men and women since it requires no downtime.

What Results Can I Expect After CoolSculpting?

Does CoolSculpting really work? Your results may vary, but most patients see a dramatic transformation with just a single CoolSculpting treatment, and even greater results if they receive a second treatment. Typically fat loss of about 20% can be expected per treatment. If you maintain a stable weight and exercise regularly your results should be very long lasting.

It does take some time to see your results. You’ll start to see preliminary changes after about three weeks. Full results should be apparent about four months after treatment.

Is CoolSculpting Right for Me?

Are you going to discover your best body this year? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tehrani to learn more about CoolSculpting. This treatment is right for many patients, but isn’t the right option for everyone. During your consultation we’ll help you decide if CoolSculpting is your best fit or if another treatment may be better. Dr. Tehrani always recommends the least invasive options for obtaining the results you want. Call and schedule your consultation today.

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