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83 year-old great grandmother gets breast lift

“At my age your breasts go in one direction and your brain goes in another,” says the 83 year old Marie Kolstad of Santa Ana, California, who has 12 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

granny plastic surgery“Physically, I’m in good health, and I just feel like, why not take advantage of it?” Ms. Kosltad told the New York Times.

“My mother lived a long time, and I’m just taking it for granted that that will happen to me. And I want my children to be proud of what I look like.”

“In my day, no one ever thought about breast enhancement or anything,” she said. “But nowadays women go out and they would never get a second look if they show their age. I find that you have to keep up your appearance physically, even if you just want a companion or someone to ask you to dinner. That’s not going to happen if you don’t have a figure that these geezers are looking for.”

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2010 there were 84,685 surgical procedures among patients age 65 and older. They included 26,635 face-lifts; 24,783 cosmetic eyelid operations; 6,469 liposuctions; 5,874 breast reductions; 3,875 forehead lifts; 3,339 breast lifts and 2,414 breast augmentations.

(image courtesy of The New York Times)

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