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How Both Men and Women Benefit from Plastic Surgery

In the ever-expanding world of plastic surgery, it’s becoming all-inclusive. More and more men are joining women in the plastic surgeon’s office. But, while it might appear that men are on equal footing with women, when it comes right down to it, women still rule the patient rosters by a large degree.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), plastic surgery statistics from 2014 revealed that over 92% of cosmetic procedures were performed on women, while only 8% were performed on men. When broken down into numbers, these demographic trends are really magnified by the big numbers they represent: women received more than 13.6 million cosmetic procedures in total.

For men, that number totaled only around 1.3 million cosmetic procedures. Although the numbers differed widely, the numbers show that both men and women sought out plastic surgery procedures along with cosmetic procedures that were non-invasive.

Both sexes have increasingly embraced non-invasive injectables containing fillers or fat as a way to improve on their looks without having to go through any extensive surgery.

The acceptance of these types of procedures has virtually exploded in the plastic surgery world, and the treatments have given way more mundane uses like “brotox,” to buttock augmentation surgeries made famous by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her “famous” rear end. As a matter of fact, the largest increase in the numbers of buttock augmentations performed was in 2014, when the number hit a sky-high 86% based on statistics supplied by the ASAPS.

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

The ASPS gathered trends from 2014 that pinpointed the most popular male plastic surgery procedures at the time:
1. Pectoral implants (1,054 procedures – an increase of 208 percent from
2013 to 2014)
2. Male breast reductions (26,175 procedures in 2014 – an increase of
29 percent since 2000)
For women, the 5 most popular surgical procedures performed in 2014 included:

  1. Breast Augmentation
  2. Nose Reshaping
  3. Liposuction
  4. Eyelid Surgery
  5. Face Lift

Both Men and Women are Attracted to Non-Invasive Procedures

Regardless of whether it’s men or women, the plastic surgery industry is still huge. And whether it’s plastic surgery by scalpel or by needle, Americans in general want to look as good as they can. Since 1997, cosmetic procedures have grown six-fold. Cosmetic enhancements that could be attributed to plastic surgery increased from 1.7 million to 10.6 million in 2014, which was down from 2013 according to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The increased attraction to non-invasive cosmetic procedures accounted for spending by Americans that topped over $12 billion.

Long ago and back in the day, patients typically visited a plastic surgeon for a face lift, and that was basically it. Following their procedures, they went home to recover. Fast forward to today, where we’re finding plastic surgeons and dermatologists with multiple talents that are used to enhance their surgical work with additional procedures like adding facial fillers, which can take a face lift farther and give it a more attractive look that’s youthful and natural with attention-getting contours.

With the rapid growth in what’s possible within the field, men and women choose to undergo a long list of plastic surgery procedures, but as they do, they’re seeking very different results from their procedures.

Men generally don’t want to have a look that appears “overdone,” but one that looks more masculine and has a natural appearance. Women also wish to look natural and not overdone, but men have a greater sensitivity to this. Men are showing increased interest and concern about how they look, and this trend has been steadily gaining momentum over the past few years. So, while it’s traditionally been women who’ve taken advantage of undergoing plastic surgery for the benefits it provides, men are taking advantage of both surgical and nonsurgical procedures that can especially benefit them.

What Varies Between Men and Women Who Undergo Plastic Surgery?

There’s one primary reason that plastic surgery benefits both men and women: Plastic surgery helps give a person (whether it’s a woman or a man) more confidence and happiness in the way they look and feel about themselves. And just as for women, men are undergoing plastic surgery procedures to address their own self-conscious feelings about the look of their bodies and faces.

One of the main concerns that can frequently affect men involves the size of their breasts. In men, a common condition called “gynecomastia” is a circumstance where a man’s breasts become enlarged or swollen and can resemble those of a woman’s in some cases. But for some time now, men have been able to undergo their own form of breast reduction surgery, which allows for the removal of the excess fat and tissue, and for the chest to be resculpted and given a more masculine, defined, and muscular look.

And, if a man is feeling uncomfortable with the way he looks in his clothes due to excess fat and skin around his belly, he can choose a liposuction procedure to eradicate it.

Furthermore, if a man is feeling like the ravages of time have affected his facial appearance with wrinkles, drooping eyelids, and other seemingly negative features, he can choose to have a facelift to help improve his look.

While the reasons for many of these procedures differs between men and women, you should keep in mind that there are physical benefits to having plastic surgery for both men and women that don’t differ as much:

  • Achieving relief from pain in the back and neck with a breast reduction procedure (for both women and men).
  • Using rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum.
  • Using body contouring procedures to get rid of loose, excessive, and saggy skin that has remained after a massive loss of weight, and is resistant to diet and exercise.

When men undergo procedures such as these, it’s amazing to see how much better they begin to feel about themselves, no longer having to suffer from the pain or embarrassment of conditions that may have been impacting their health. Incorporating a healthy respect for plastic surgery is nothing short of taking control of their health.

How Are The Same Procedures Different For Men And Women?

There are a number of nuances in the facial and bodily structures between men and women that influence how different cosmetic surgeries will look on them. When it comes to men, plastic surgery can help them achieve an aesthetically ideal look that highlights their masculine features. Seeking a balance between facial features and a look that’s more proportionate to the body, men are free to explore their plastic surgery options throughout the many surgical and non-surgical enhancement procedures that can improve the look of a man’s face and body.

Some of the procedures that are capturing the interest of men are treatments such as BOTOX®, cosmetic and dermal fillers,; surgery to treat the eyelids, neck lifts, and liposuction treatments to remove excess fat which are all becoming more popular by men to achieve and maintain a more toned, youthful and tight look.

But, when the surgical procedure involves body sculpting, a tummy tuck, or a liposuction, there are physiological distinctions that differ from men to women that need to be considered.

Physiological differences that distinguish tummy tucks and liposuction procedures between men and women are that men can hold more excess fat inside their abdomens than women can, which cannot be resolved with body contouring. And also, because the classic shape of a man’s body differs from that of a woman’s, along with the way clothing fits, men need to have a surgical plan that’s customized specifically for them.

What Brings Men and Women into the Plastic Surgeon’s Office?

There are many reasons, according to Bob Murphy, MD, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that both men and women are increasingly coming into a plastic surgeon’s office.

The times have changed to such a degree as to where now, men are being judged more and more based on their looks. There’s more outside pressure on men and their appearance, just as there has practically always been for women, to be as physically appealing as possible…from the boardroom to the bedroom. If you’re a man who’s beginning to show his age, you might be considering having a cosmetic procedure to stay physically attractive to your romantic partners, and competitive to your business partners. The captivation of society with youth has overtaken America so that men find they want to–and need to–stay looking as youthful and virile as possible for a lot longer.

But, given that women have been the largest consumers of plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures, they are likely to be more open to choosing a plastic surgery procedure to enhance their looks than men, who are still relatively new to the world of plastic surgery. Therefore, the goal of a good plastic surgeon is to give men the education and assurance they need to inform them of the plastic surgery options they have at their disposal so that they’ll feel more at ease and willing to go for plastic surgery to update or enhance their look–be it for cosmetic or health reasons.

Men Have Something to Gain From Plastic Surgery, Too!

While many men may think that plastic surgery is entirely too much of an undertaking for them to seriously consider, the truth is that for men, undergoing cosmetic surgery is quite often easier than they might think.

It’s no secret that men of every age are choosing to undergo cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments to help them achieve their desired aesthetic and physical goals. And as mentioned before, plastic surgery is an all-inclusive undertaking, but the anatomies of men and women must be treated in unique ways.

Many of the procedures men may consider having can be performed as an outpatient, so there’s minimal time that they’ll be away from work or family. There’s no denying that through plastic surgery, men can improve their self-esteem, physical appearance, and overall well being in very little time at all.

You’re ‘this close’ to Undergoing a Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

And before you do, here are some good points that both men and women can do to make their plastic surgery experience successful.

  • Make sure you research and find out all you can about your doctors, the procedures, and the options you have. You want the right medical team to take care of your needs properly and professionally from start to finish. Look up the board certifications for your doctor and history on all of the procedures like yours they’ve performed. Also check out the patient referrals. Don’t hesitate to ask all the questions to get all of the information you need. It can help you make the wisest choice for a surgeon.
  • If you need someone to lean on as you go through consultations with doctors, by all means bring your spouse or significant other with you to the office for additional support and objective input.
  • Cost factors impact both men and women. In most cases where plastic surgery is an elective procedure rather than medically necessary, it’s not likely that it will be covered by an insurance plan. As a result, you’ll have to carefully consider the cost of what you want to have done. That said, you might find out about less costly alternatives in your consultation, especially given the rise of non-invasive procedures.
  • Remember, your surgical procedure is an investment in yourself, your self esteem, and your attitude about yourself. Look at it as such, and know what you’re getting ready to embark on before you go through with it. We want it to be as successful and rewarding an experience as it can be!

Our Approach At Aristocrat

While there are some considerable differences in the typical chosen procedures, and the ensuing treatment, between men and women, the trained staff at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics is ready to help anyone find the procedure and the treatment plan that’s right for them.

Dr. Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS, and founder of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He brings that experience and knowledge to every single one of his patients.

You can learn more about all of our procedures by visiting our galleries, and seeing the amazing transformations we’ve been able to achieve for both men and women across a number of procedures, ranging from facelifts to Botox injections.

We invite you to bring your cosmetic surgery concerns to Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, where you can relax knowing you’re in the best hands.

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