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Why the IDEAL Implant is Your Ideal Implant

The road to achieving the perfect breasts is filled with difficult choices. Don’t get us wrong, having choices are a great thing; because breast augmentation has advanced so far in recent years, women now have unlimited options and the ability to fully customize their results.  For instance, while saline and silicone gel implants have dominated the market as the two main choices for breast implants, a new arrival called the IDEAL Implant is quickly becoming a contender for women with unique needs. Thanks to its advanced, multilayered structure, the IDEAL Implant just might be your ticket to natural results.

How the IDEAL Implant Works

The IDEAL Implant is ideal for women looking for something new and innovative for their breast augmentation. What makes it unique isn’t a new kind of untested filling or shape, instead, the IDEAL Implant combines the best characteristics of the silicone and saline implants. While typical implants are made out of a simple envelope with a saline or silicone filling, IDEAL Implants consist of an implant containing multiple nested shells and chambers. The inner and outer chambers of the implant is filled with saline filling, which flows freely thanks to the implant’s multiple layers.

The outside edges have also been lowered to allow for better contouring to the chest wall. While its structure is completely new, IDEAL Implants are made from materials already proven to be safe for use in breast implants.

Benefits of the IDEAL Implant

The IDEAL Implant offers the best of both worlds: the safety and reassurance of saline implants and the sturdiness and natural properties of silicone implants. Peace of mind is finally yours with the IDEAL Implant. Thanks to its state-of-the-art structure, the IDEAL Implants have a lower rate of complications than traditional implants. They are also less likely to rupture and require only a smaller incision for insertion. The structure also allows the implants to compress, so they move and feel like natural breasts. Because the implants are filled with saline, it’s easy to detect when there’s been a rupture, so there’s no need for MRIs.

The IDEAL Implant can bring you more than high levels of safety and natural results—it can give you reassurance that your implants are the right fit rather than the next best thing.

By being the perfect hybrid of traditional implant types, the IDEAL Implant allows us to have the perfect results without compromise. Find out whether it’s for you by contacting Aristocrat Plastic Surgery for a consultation.

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