I Keep Hearing About Natural Breast Augmentation. Tell Me More!

Do you ever wish you could do a fat swap—moving fat from one area (like the thighs) and transferring it to the breasts? Natural breast augmentation, also known as breast fat injection, could be the solution. This treatment takes fat from an area with excess and moves it to the breasts to add natural volume. This treatment is ideal for women who want to increase breast volume without implants. With breast fat injection, there is no risk of implant rupture or leak, less bruising and swelling than with traditional breast augmentation, and the breasts will look and feel completely natural. This treatment gives you your breasts, only bigger.

What Is Breast Fat Transfer?

Breast fat transfer is a two-part process. Fat is first removed from an area with excess during a procedure that is similar to liposuction. This fat is specially treated and prepared for injection. This fat is then injected into the breasts in precise locations under, in, and over the muscle. To perfect the results and provide the right contours, Dr. Tehrani will also remove fat from specific areas on and around the breasts. This ensures a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing result.

What’s Recovery Like After Breast Fat Transfer?

For most patients, this procedure is a one-day treatment, and you can return home shortly after your procedure. Recovery times are relatively short, and bruising and swelling tends to be less than with a traditional augmentation. You should be able to return to most daily activities in less than a week and strenuous activities in a few weeks. Tenderness, bruising, and swelling are common, but most patients find them to be minimal and they resolve quickly. We can provide pain medications if needed, but many patients find the pain to be minor.

Are Results Long Lasting?

Breast fat transfer should provide a long lasting increase to the size of your breasts. Although results vary, Dr. Tehrani estimates that about 60% of the transferred fat remains forever. If you remain at a stable weight, the fat should remain in your breasts. Significant weight loss could result in a breast size change. Bigger breasts without implants are possible. Ask us about breast fat transfer today!
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