Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck patient and former model says: “You are in good hands if you choose Dr. Tehrani.”

We have received many praises before, but this testimonial melted our hearts and made us tear up a little bit 🙂 One of our patients had been a model with a perfectly shaped body for all of her life. Unfortunately the C-section after her beautiful baby was born, left her with separation of the abs. She was a perfect Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck. But her fear of plastic surgery didn’t help her in restoring her body beauty. She had been searching for the best plastic surgeon for three years. Finally she found Dr. Kevin Tehrany. According to her high standards for health care, Dr. Tehrani was the surgeon who had the experience and knowledge to perform the Lateral Tension Tummy Tuck she needed. Three months after the tummy tuck surgery, she is feeling absolutely amazing and confident. She has her youthful body back and looks stunning. And she couldn’t be happier with her choice – Dr. Tehrani brought the beauty back into her life. And she is eternally thankful for that. lateral tension tummy tuck
“It almost sounds too cute and easy to call what I needed a “Tummy Tuck.” A former part-time model, I’ve been svelte all my life. But after C-section birth of my beautiful baby, at age 41, I ended up with diastasis recti (separation of abs) unusually severe and complicated. Still thin, but with a tummy so distended that people thought I was pregnant. I got “Congrats on your pregnancy!” everywhere I went! Scared and “against” plastic surgery all my life, it took me six years to finally get it done, three of which I spent researching the best doctor. I would’ve flown across the country if I had to, but the best doctor was right here in my NY. Dr. Tehrani has the experience and focus on diastasis repair and lateral tension Tummy Tucks that I needed. He was the very best choice! His work is artistry. His and his staff are so professional and helpful throughout the recovery process. They really go that extra mile, and have big hearts too. I felt like they all became my friends. His RN Theresa in particular, helped by encouraging me to bite the bullet and go thru with it. Thanks Theresa! Wish I would have done it years ago! Three months after, I can’t believe how much my life has already changed, even in my career, with a confidence like never before. Before the surgery, I had the typical mid-life trepidations, but the tummy added further feelings of insecurity. I was simply going downhill. Now, I will hit age 50 fearlessly and looking more gorgeous than ever (haha). No to mention, the Tummy Tuck seemed to repair other medical problems I had had… like urinary incontinence… You are in good hands if you choose Dr. Tehrani. To everyone at Aristocrat! Thanks so much! — S.R.”
You can see her complete review on RealSelf, where she gave us 5 stars for Overall rating; Doctor’s bedside manner; Answered my questions; After care follow-up; Time spent with me; Phone or email responsiveness; Staff professionalism & courtesy; Payment process; Wait times. There are no words to explain our satisfaction and happiness for our patient. We are happy that she became our friend. If you need a consult about enhancing your appearance, don’t hesitate to contact us – we will schedule your consultation with Dr. Tehrani and help you find comfort in your body again!
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