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InMode Tech: The Latest in Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction

Nonsurgical procedures have taken the world of aesthetic medicine by storm over the last decade. They’ve allowed people to enjoy completely painless cosmetic enhancements and made several procedures more affordable and convenient. However, while nonsurgical procedures have a wide range of useful capabilities, they’ve traditionally fallen short when it comes to skin tightening. Though some nonsurgical treatments can certainly improve skin tone and firmness, they’re usually only suitable for treating mild to moderate skin laxity. This is why InMode, a leading manufacturer of light, laser, and radiofrequency devices, has developed a number of noninvasive and minimally invasive procedures that aim to bridge the gap between plastic surgery and nonsurgical aesthetic medicine.

Two of their technologies in particular—Body Tite Pro RFAL Workstation and Fractora Fractional Technology—have demonstrated excellent results. Fractora Fractional Technology is capable of not only tightening the skin a great deal but also removing a number of superficial blemishes and imperfections. Body Tite Pro, on the other hand, is a form of RF-assisted minimally invasive liposuction that both removes unwanted fatty deposits and strengthens connective tissues within the skin. Together, these two complementary procedures can be used to rejuvenate the face, neck, and body—all without any pain or risk of scarring.

Fractora Fractional Technology

Fractora Fractional Technology uses radio wave (RF) energy to improve the overall condition of the skin. RF energy is a very gentle, harmless form of radiation. As its name suggests, it’s the same type of frequency that broadcasts radio signals. Its effect on human health has been extensively studied, and research suggests that RF energy is not associated with any significant side effects. In fact, even among nonsurgical treatment delivery methods, RF energy stands out for its safety. It doesn’t pose any risk of burning (in the hands of a trained clinician), and it’s not associated with significant skin irritation, as is the case with some chemical agents.

Clinicians have long known that RF energy can improve the firmness of aged, weakened skin by increasing the production of collagen. Fractora Fractional Technology builds on this established principle by incorporating additional skin-stimulating processes. Rather than applying RF energy with a wand or tool, Fractora Fractional Technology inserts this energy deep into the dermis. The Fractora applicator tool contains a number of tiny “micro probes” that penetrate directly into the skin while radiating RF energy. Not only do these probes help the RF energy reach into supportive tissues below the skin, but they also create “micro lesions” that further activate the body’s healing response. This results in a much greater total production of collagen than what would occur if RF energy was applied to just the surface of the skin. This allows Fractora to function like a mini “lift,” lifting and tightening the skin wherever it is used.

Fractora also has some advantages that surgical lifts lack: Rather than just causing the skin to become taut, it remodels collagen deposits. It causes collagen distribution to become more even (which is important, because collagen tends to “clump together” as we get older, creating textural abnormalities in the skin) as well as making it denser. Even areas of thickened collagen within scar tissue are smoothed out during this process, making Fractora Fractional Technology an excellent treatment for acne scars.

What Conditions Does Fractora Fractional Technology Treat?

Fractora Fractional Technology is usually used to combat signs of aging. It’s uniquely effective in this area because it can tighten loose skin (which is responsible for creating wrinkles, jowls, and unsightly folds) and remove superficial imperfections (like age spots and fine lines) at the same time. This allows patients to achieve a total skin makeover in just one easy, convenient, and painless appointment. Fractora Fractional Technology is highly adept at treating all the following skin problems:

  • Deep wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Acne scars and scars from old injuries
  • Visible blood vessels and capillaries
  • Diffuse fine lines
  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Areas of uneven skin texture
  • Loose skin

Most patients ask to have Fractora applied to their lower face and neck because this treatment has shown amazing promise at lifting these areas. Fractora is the closest thing we at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery have seen to a true “nonsurgical facelift” owing to its ability to tighten this region. Patients who either don’t want to have surgery or who have health issues that make surgery impossible should ask us about Fractora Fractional Technology when they come in for a consultation.

Fractora Fractional Technology is not limited to use on the face and neck, however. Because RF energy is so safe, Fractora can potentially be used anywhere on the body. Some women are requesting it as part of their nonsurgical “mommy makeover,” for example, because it’s able to tighten the loose, “crepe like” skin that often develops on the abdomen following pregnancy. Patients who have had weight loss surgery also turn to Fractora to improve the appearance of their bellies. Not only can Fractora greatly tighten stretched abdominal skin, but its skin resurfacing capability can remove stretch marks.

Does Fractora Fractional Treatment Require Recovery Time?

Fractora Fractional treatment doesn’t cause significant injury to the skin. The probes used during Fractora Fractional treatment are very small and therefore create only tiny perforations. These typically heal overnight, so most patients only have to take just one to two days off work after their procedure. Fractora recovery is not painful and does not necessitate bed rest, but it can cause some redness for up to 48 hours. Once this short recovery period is over, you can expect to see your full results manifest gradually over the span of two to three months. Some patients elect to have multiple Fractora treatments (spaced out at intervals) to create more dramatic results.

Body Tite Pro RFAL: Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction

Liposuction remains one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America, and it’s not hard to understand why: If you’ve ever struggled to shed unwanted belly fat, you know how stubborn it can be. Even when you’ve reached a healthy weight—which you’ll need to do before having any body sculpting procedure—there’s usually a few inches left over that just won’t budge, no matter how hard you train.

There are several physiological reasons why this occurs (meaning that it’s probably not caused by a problem with your diet or exercise plan). Normal aging, for example, causes fat to become highly centralized. It gradually leaves the extremities (i.e., the hands, feet, and face) and instead collects around the midsection. This can result in profound changes in body composition even in individuals who are careful to avoid age-related weight gain. Hormones, too, can play a role. Increases in reproductive hormones in women, as commonly experienced during pregnancy, signal the body to create numerous “emergency stores” of fat. These fat deposits, which typically form on the lower stomach, flanks, hips, and thighs, are intended to protect both mother and baby in the event of a food shortage. Breastfeeding requires an enormous amount of energy, so in ancient times, periods of scarcity could seriously threaten the health of nursing infants and their mothers. Because they were once so necessary for survival, these fat deposits are all but impossible to get rid of through conventional means.

Men also struggle with hormone-related fat accumulation. In men, the decline of reproductive hormones like testosterone tends to result in both weight gain and fat redistribution. Gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement, is a common side effect of low testosterone levels. Men, like women, often turn to liposuction to get rid of their unwanted fat deposits as these changes in body composition cannot be reversed with diet or exercise.

Conventional liposuction is already a very safe and well-tolerated procedure for eligible candidates. It’s one of the most well understood types of plastic surgery in use today and boasts an extremely low rate of complications. Like all plastic surgery procedures, however, it does come with some recovery time. Patients who undergo traditional liposuction usually need one to two weeks to completely heal from their procedure. During this time, they often experience some degree of bruising and swelling, though pain is not frequently reported.

Body Tite Pro radio frequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) combines the best of nonsurgical RF technology with conventional liposuction methods to create a much gentler “hybrid” procedure. During Body Tite Pro RFAL, radio frequency energy is emitted directly into fat deposits via a slender micro-cannula. This cannula is much thinner than the one used during classic liposuction, so it does very little damage to surrounding tissues. The fact that RF energy, rather than a liquefying solution, is used to break down and mobilize fatty tissue also contributes to a reduction in localized trauma. While a liquid solution must be forcibly pumped through fat deposits, RF energy can penetrate them without exerting any actual pressure. Body Tite Pro is therefore associated with a reduced recovery time; most patients are able to resume some of their normal activities the day after having this procedure. Complete recovery often occurs within three to five days.

Body Tite Pro offers more than just convenience, too. The use of RF energy adds skin-firming advantages to this procedure that conventional liposuction lacks. RF energy is capable of sealing off blood vessels and causing tissue contraction at the same time that it’s liquefying and coagulating fatty tissue. This eliminates bleeding, greatly reduces swelling and bruising, and produces a profound skin-tightening effect. Body Tite Pro can contract the skin by an astonishing 35% in just one treatment. This makes the procedure perfect for new moms and people who have been heavily overweight in the past, as well as being ideal for older people who are dealing with loose abdominal skin. You can think of this procedure as being a compromise between liposuction and tummy tuck surgery: It has all the fat-removing potential of the former while also having some of the skin-tightening capability of the latter. Note, however, that not every patient will be able to have Body Tite Pro in place of tummy tuck surgery. Patients who have sustained damage to their abdominal muscles will still need to opt for tummy tuck surgery, as no other procedure is currently able to mend torn muscle tissue.

Like liposuction, Body Tite Pro can be used virtually anywhere on the body. At Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, we use Body Tite Pro to create a wide range of minimally invasive “lifts.” Body Tite Pro can be used to lift the arms, the breasts, and the legs.

The Advantages of Body Tite Pro RFAL at a Glance

  • Very short recovery time: Most patients are able to return to work between one and three days following their procedure.
  • A completely comfortable recovery period with no pain and very little swelling or bruising.
  • Expedited treatment process:  Body Tite Pro usually only takes under 90 minutes to perform from beginning to end.
  • Perfectly uniform and smooth results: The skin contracting effect of Body Tite Pro RFAL means that there is no risk of dimples or lumps forming during this procedure.
  • No need for general anesthesia: This allows patients to drive themselves home after having Body Tite Pro RFAL. Patients also will not have to deal with lingering sleepiness or grogginess after having this procedure.
  • Gradual improvements continue to develop in the months following a Body Tite Pro treatment. Like all collagen-stimulating procedures, Body Tite Pro causes the skin to keep firming up for two to three months after the patient’s initial procedure. The results appear subtly so that if you choose to keep this procedure a secret, you’ll easily be able to.

Nonsurgical Skin Tightening and Fat Removal at Aristocrat

Patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction are always our top priorities here at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. If you have any questions or concerns about Fractora Fractional Technology or Body Tite Pro RFAL, we’ll be happy to discuss these innovative treatments with you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey toward improved self-confidence. With this new technology, the process of aesthetic improvement has never been easier.




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