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Limited Offer: Sculptra Rebate

Sculptra Aesthetic
This fall, it’s time to take decisive action and restore your natural beauty! We warmly invite you to visit Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedSpa and take advantage of our $50 rebate per Vial of Sculptra Aesthetic!
Sculptra is a revolutionary anti-aging treatment, a cosmetic injectable that gives natural-looking, long-lasting results over time – effects last up to a year! It’s injected right below the surface your skin in areas of fat loss. Sculptra Aesthetic helps replace lost collagen, and correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds, immediately restoring volume and facial contours.


This September, we’re offering you the unique chance to experience the magic of Sculptra Aesthetic! For every vial* of Sculptra Aesthtetic, you receive a $50 rebate, making the Sculptra experience not only enjoyable, but affordable, too!


Remember, this is a limited time offer: our promotion expires at the end of this month! To schedule an appointment contact us now or call (212) 439-9900. Hurry up and visit us to restore your youthful beauty right now!

* Up to two $50 rebates for up to 2 vials.  Min. charge $300 per vial.

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