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Q&A: Abdominal Etching For The Already Thin Person… Laser or Traditional Lipo?

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“For a patient that is already lean/fit that wants to look more toned and have their natural abs bulge out (NOT have 6/8 fat pads and fake lines made to look like abs). which is the best technology, tumescent liposuction or Laser/ Vaser lipo? To make the natural abs bulge you are removing the most amount of fat (leave in 1/4 inch safety) but taking more fat then doing traditional abdominal etching which leaves round fat pads over the abs, Which technology 1) best results and 2) safest ?”, asks a RealSelf user.

“Most important decision you need to make is the plastic surgeon who does your procedure and not the modality they use. Having said that, if you have loose skin, combination of ultrasonic and laser will improve the tightening you would get after liposuction. Again the sculpting done by the operatoing surgeon is what gives you the final results. Look for post operative outcomes of the surgeons you meet as potential results you could have.”, explains Aristocrat’s certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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