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Q&A: Can Breast Augmentation Hide my Indented Sternum?

“I appear to have mild pectus excavatum in addition to absurdly small breasts. Mine looks wider and shallower than others I’ve seen, with my entire sternum sunken 1-2 cm below my rib cage except for a bony ridge along the sides. It is asymptomatic and I’ve decided against invasive surgery. In brief, I’d like to know to what extent breast implants (likely 200-300 cc to fit my 5’6, 110 lb frame) might improve or camouflage the appearance of my sternum, and what special considerations might apply.”, asks a RealSelf user.

“Dear Virginia, Excellent question. You have a mild pectus deformity and most people wound even know that they have this. You would do very well with moderate profile gel implants placed partially under the muscle. Attention will need to be given to the dissection of the implant pocket close to your deformity to indeed camouflage this region. Please discuss this with board certified plastic surgeons.”, explains Aristocrat’s certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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