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Q&A: Do I Need a Breast Lift with BA and Can I Just Have a Mini Tuck?

“I am debating on adding the breast lift with my breast augmentation due to the breasts being slightly tuberous. Can I just do a high profile b.a. and not the lift? I am a 34AA right now and might do a 300cc under the muscle. Also, I’ve attached a picture of my stomach….I am 115lbs. with just some skin hanging over my c-section area… is it suitable to do just a mini tuck. I am an active runner and do weight training 4 times a week. Appreciate your insight.”, asks a RealSelf user.

“Thank you for posting pix even though limited in view. Few patients are good candidates for a mini abdominoplasty and you seem to be. You may even have the opportunity to have high profile silicone implants placed under the muscle through your abdominoplasty incision. Best of luck.”, explains Aristocrat’s certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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