Q&A: How Many Cc’s Would I Need to Achieve These Wish Pics with BBL?


“Hi, I’m 29, 130-140lbs, 5’4″ and I’d love to have the BBL done. I’m wondering how many CC’s I would need to transfer for my wish pics. I would like to keep my hips as is, reduce my waist size and transfer fat from my upper back, flanks, waist to my butt. I’m wondering, how many CC’s would I need to ask to be transferred? I’ve heard everything from 700-1000 per cheek, but 1000 seemed like a lot to me. I don’t want a HUGE Kim K butt, but something more appropriate for my body type. Thanks.”, asked a RealSelf user.

“Thank you for your question and posted pix. You are a good candidate based on your pictures and description. You will need to have liposuction in your abdomen, flanks and back. After the fat purification, 700-800cc per buttock will give you an aesthetic outcome similar to your postings. Bear in mind that that body structures are different. I like using your before pix to show you how you would look after the procedure. Download the app below on your iPhone to try it. Best of luck.”, explained Aristocrat’s certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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