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Q&A: I Have Awful Legs. What Kind of Lipo Would You Recommend?


“I’m 5ft 9 and 155 lbs, so within the ‘normal’ range for my height. However, as you can see from my pictures my hips and thighs are very disproportionate. I take 3 different dress sizes in my lower body: an 6 on my waist (29 inches) an 8 on my hips (41 inches) and a 12 on my thighs (23-24 inches). Where should I have lipo? Just on my saddlebags, or on my hips and inner thighs too? how about my knees? Do I need a lot taken out? I think I do (maybe over 3 litres) – but then I’m not a surgeon! Thanks.”, asked a RealSelf user.

“Based on your pictures and description you appear to be a very good candidate for laser liposuction of your inner, outer, anterior (front) thighs and knees. Also it’s difficult to see but you may have some cellulite that can additionally be treated with Cellulaze. Best of luck.”, explained Aristocrat’s certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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