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Q&A: Is The Bump On The Bottom Of My Upper Lip After Hyaluronic Acid Injecton Permanent?

hyaluronic acid injection

I had my upper lip done 3 days ago, injected with Hyaluronic acid, explains a RealSelf user. “The doctor injected the middle of my lip a bit too much and now my right side tubercle is hanging from my lip! Is it inflamed? Will it go away or will it stay like this forever? This is not the first time I get my lip augmented, but this is the first time that this happens! I also have a very dark blue bruise, will it go away anytime soon?”No, the “bump” is not permanent, Aristocrat’s certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S reassures.

“You may still have a residual bruising from the injection which is contributing to the irregularity. Hyaluronic are very malleable, if a “bump” should occur this may be massaged and smoothed. I would follow-up with the physician who performed the injection. Also vitrase (antidote to hyaluronic) can be injected into the bump and will result in breakdown of the product, should the massage not provide a solution.”

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