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Q&A: Umbilical Float or Standard Tummy Tuck with Possible Vertical Scar?

“I have had three pregnancy and do exercise at least two hours a day and can’t seem to get rid of my pouch. My doctor said I should get a Umbilical Float but my thought was that a Standard Tummy Tuck with Possible Vertical Scar might work better for me. I do wear low cut undies and pants since I am short 5 feet. What are your suggestions…”, a RealSelf user asked.

“It’s rare to find a great candidate for mini Abdominoplasty. Congrats as you are one. A very low and short mini Abdominoplasty scar with umbilical float, endoscopic plication of your Rectus muscles and sculpting of your flanks with liposuction at the same time will give you an amazing result in the right hands. Best of luck.”, Aristocrat’s certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S explained.

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