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Dr. Tehrani FEATURED in this month’s edition of Radiant Life Magazine!

The holiday edition of Radiant Life magazine presents Dr. Kevin Tehrani…

This month Dr. Kevin Tehrani is FEATURED in Radiant Life magazine!

 Radiant life recognizes Dr. Tehrani as “a highly esteemed New York plastic surgeon renowned for his skillfulness in aesthetic plastic surgery”.


Dr. Tehrani’s professional profile is featured, displaying his vast experience and education.

Dr. Kevin Tehrani is a highly esteemed New York plastic surgeon renowned for his skillfulness in aesthetic plastic surgery. Heis certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Tehrani earned his medical degreeat SUNY Downstate Medical Center. He completed his general surgery residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York where he was Chief Resident in General Surgery after which he continued his postgraduate training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Kansas University Medical Center where he again served as Chief Resident. During intense surgical training, he dedicated all of his research and surgical efforts toward patient satisfaction and well-being.


In Radiant Life, Dr. Tehrani explains the importance of being on the front lines of surgical technology and techniques in order to offer patients the outcome they desire, with minimal downtime:

While there is no such thing as a ‘Fountain of Youth”, many have experienced the wonderful rejuvenating benefits from facial and bodily procedures designed to enhance your appearance. Add to this the enhancement that many experience in their intimate, social and professional aspects of life, it is no wonder that cosmetic procedures are popular, especially for those who want to stay ahead of aging. Now, you can reap the rewards of lessons learned in previous years to benefit from the many cutting edge advancements with Cosmetic Enhancements by Dr. Tehrani. Dr. Tehrani is considered a top rated board certified plastic surgeon who graduated from school following training that offered the gold standard approaches. Since then, Dr. Tehrani has kept current on all of the latest techniques and technology to specialize in all of the best facial and body procedures at his practice for over twelve years. As he explained, “You really need to be on the front lines to offer the best approaches and to deliver the best results. I take pride in exceeding expectations in this area. I take time to investigate new technology and techniques to sift through those that are tried and true so I can reproduce optimal results in my practice. I am a perfectionist to a fault. Many people interested in aesthetic procedures today opt for minimally and non-invasive approaches that do not require downtime. My mission has been to meet this request and I do so with the assistance of less invasive technology.

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