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Sebbin, Cerefrom, Allergan Natrelle, Motiva – Are These Breast Implants Types and Brands Safe?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Using the breast implants to perform the procedure, raises a lot of questions regarding its safety, quality of the breast implants types used, the need of breast implants revision and much more.

As a highly respected plastic surgeon in New York, Dr. Kevin Tehrani is one the most sought-after breast surgeons to provide detailed answers to patients and help them make a confident decision about undergoing a breast augmentation procedure and choose the most suitable breast implants types.

One of the questions he was recently asked was about the safety of different breast implants types and brands. We share with you the question from a RealSelf user, who is considering a breast augmentation surgery and the friendly advice that Dr. Tehrani shared.


Question about safety of different breast implants types and brands

Sebbin, Cerefrom, Allergan Natrelle, Motiva
“Dear Doctors, are all the implants I have listed safe? My surgeon uses those brands, and I don’t think I will have a choice in picking an implant brand for myself. So I just want to know if all of these brands are safe. Many Thanks!”, a RealSelf user asked.

Breast Implants Types

The answer by Dr. Tehrani about safe breast implants types and brands

“Of the implants noted, the only ones that are FDA approved to be used in the United States are Natrelle made by Allergan. Their safety record is extensively studied prior to and after approval by the FDA in the United States.”, Aristocrat’s certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S explained.

We understand that there are many things to think about when deciding to go under breast augmentation procedure. You will need the whole support you can get, especially from a breast augmentation and breast implants expert, such as Dr. Kevin Tehrani. That’s why we heartily encourage you to contact us and schedule your consultation with Dr. Tehrani. With his knowledge and experience he will make your decision making process smooth and easy one.

Before we meet at the premises of our Manhattan or Long Island plastic surgery center, feel free to browse through our breast augmentation section. Useful and relevant information about breast augmentation, breast implants and breast implants procedure is waiting for you, as well as successful stories told through the Before and After Breast Implants photos of satisfied patients.

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