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Small Breast Augmentation Size

When deciding for a breast augmentation procedure, patients usually strive for a bigger size of their breasts. But, the choice for the most suitable breast augmentation size is influenced by many different factors, such as the current breast shape and size, health condition and more.

Breast augmentation does not necessarily mean jumping to the biggest size of breast implants available. This is the case with a breast implants patient, who is looking for an expert opinion from Dr. Tehrani about the breast augmentation size she is aiming for.

Following is the question from the RealSelf user.


Small Breast Augmentation Size – is that OK for me?

Small Breast Augmentation Size

210cc Silicone Implants, Under the Muscle, Mod Plus on a Petite 5’190lb Body?

“Now I fear that 250cc may be a bit large for my small frame. I’m a 32AA & aiming for a 32B. I explained this & settled on 230cc instead, but now what the other previous surgeons said, wanting me under 200cc gives me concern. I called my PS and she will have 210cc and 230cc so I can decide on the day of surgery. I want 210cc but don’t know if it will make a difference. I’m confused & need some opinions.”, a RealSelf user asked.


Dr. Tehrani’s answer about the chosen breast augmentation size

“Thank you for your question, while it is difficult to comment without at least pictures, the implant sizes you’re discussing are small, however, it seems choices are sound based on your description. The differences between the implants are small and likely not visually noticeable. I think you would benefit from undergoing Vectra 3-D imaging to simulate your postoperative size using digital 3-D images as well as looking at before-and-after pictures of other patients that have had similar implant sizes with your body shape. Best of luck.”, Aristocrat’s board-certified surgeon Dr. Kevin Tehrani, M.D., F.A.C.S explained.

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