Thank you one million times. I’m forever a patient

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I have always been self conscious about my breasts since I was a child. As an adult, going through two pregnancies (one being with twins) and having my body stretched beyond its limits and then returning back to normal along with breast feeding all three children for 7 months, my breasts had more than they could handle. For approximately two years consistently I would consult different surgeons only to hear that once my surgery was complete I would be left with a (lollipop) scar–going around the areola and continuing straight down the middle of my breasts to the base. My fears of having beautiful breasts were real because now I had to decide whether to keep my extremely stretched out, loss of volume, and huge areola breasts or have surgery and look like “Franken-boob”.

My 7th and final consultation was with Dr. Tehrani-AND IT WAS NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING. I IMMEDIATELY KNEW HE WAS THE SURGEON FOR ME. Not only is his staff absolutely wonderful, warm, welcoming, professional and extremely knowledgeable, but as a surgeon he is extremely innovative and BRILLIANT and did everything to accommodate my expectations. He assured me from the start that I had finally found the right surgeon for me. He has changed my life forever. My breasts look absolutely stunning after undergoing a mastopexy (breast lift) which he was able to do from the inside and work just through my nipple, an areola resize (where I went from dinner plate size areola’s to demitasse cup-phenomenal) and without me even suggesting what I wanted and was going to ask him to use, he said to me “I’m going to use what is called “gummy bear” implants on you”! I was sold right from then because after seeing 6 previous surgeons, and doing tons of research, I really wanted the gummy bear implants yet none of the other surgeons suggested them and always pushed saline, which lead me to believe they did not have the right knowledge or as current of an education as Dr. Tehrani.

As an elite team of professionals who work incredibly together, they made me feel like I was the only patient in the world. I’ve never felt rushed, my questions have always been answered, I’ve never felt like I was annoying anyone by asking too many questions, their instructions are thorough and they are completely for the best interest of their patients. My appointments were always on schedule and I must say this office is top-notch! I can not say enough wonderful things about this experience, and Dr. Tehrani. Thank you one million times. I’m forever a patient and you have my loyalty. Amazing amazing surgeon.

– Catherine F.