Aristocrat Plastic Surgery Patient Reviews

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I have never had a procedure done before so I was very scared. I am almost 10 days out from my surgery and just now getting over the swelling. I have to say that I am really liking the results so far. Dr. Tehrani and his staff were very friendly and courteous. Their office was nice, clean and relaxing. If you are looking into getting a procedure done I would recommend you try Dr. Tehrani.
Mary Hartshorn
10:27 03 Oct 18
Dr.T was very professional and really listened to my specific needs which were a bit atypical. I am so glad to have found someone that understood me. I have not scheduled yet but when I am ready I know I will be having my procedure done with him. His office is not as “fancy” as some of the other surgeons in town and his intake staff was new and a little disorganized but once I met him I felt fully confident. I have had 3 previous surgeries from massive weight loss and I wish I would have found out about him sooner. I was very happy with my other surgeons but they were a bit more traditional and I feel Dr. T really understood me better. Can’t wait to get the funds together to book.
natalie king
15:52 16 Sep 18
I am so happy and lucky that I chose this business to perform my procedure. They are professional, caring, kind and just awesome. They all took really good care of me and are still doing so. They are the absolute best in the business. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Desiree Chambers
23:04 15 Sep 18
I had breast augmentation surgery 5 weeks ago and I am incredibly happy with my procedure. Dr. Tehrani was absolutely a great choice for me. I couldn't be happier with my procedure and progress. The nurse staff in his office is very very warm, friendly and incredibly accommodating. I was very nervous and unsure about having surgery but knew it was something I always wanted and I just went for it.... I'm so glad I DID! and I have Dr. Tehrani and his amazing staff to thank! Thank you All!
Ashley Kern
18:54 15 Nov 18
Dr. Tehrani is very pleasant and experienced doctor. I had an instant connection with him, he was very attentive and gave me time to explain what I was looking for. I have complete confidence and trust in him. His staff is awesome, I dealt with Laura she is very patient and pleasant. The office is beautiful and clean. Highly recommend!!
Vogue Optical
22:13 03 Dec 18
Dr Tehrani is a great doctor. I have been a patient of his for over ten years. I have had procedures with him such as a breast augmentation, lymphatic massage, scar revision . His staff is great! Elizabeth is very friendly. Would 100% reccomend!!! He is great!!!
narda caba
05:06 29 Nov 18
The Impressive office may be the first thing you see. Thats only the beginning. You see the professionalism of the staff, which says how important you are as a client .Dr Tehrani actually took the time to come in and address some concerns and questions we had about other procedures, his honesty was so refreshing. I have been to other Doctors where they feel they are too important and will only speak with you if you make a consultation appointment. Trish who administered the fillers was a very good listener concerning what we wanted to achieve and what products would accomplish this. 5 stars for customer service *****
Linda Zeoli
15:35 05 Dec 18
I’ve been coming to Aristocrat for a few years and have always been happy. They are kind and gentle and always make me feel comfortable. Laser treatments for my veins have always worked out. Thank you for helping me look my best!
Dee Dee Katz
20:00 10 Dec 18
I am thrilled to share my experience thus far with Aristocrat and Dr. Tehrani. As of right now I am one week post op and I could not be happier with my results and the care I received. I had my lower eyes done and I will definitely be back for him to complete the upper. It was worth every penny and I already see a noticeably visible difference.Dr. Tehrani's bedside manner was by far the best I have ever seen with a surgeon. He was caring, patient, and detailed when going over all of my concerns. He was very down to earth and easy to talk to. My nurse Tiffany the day of the surgery was an absolute sweetheart, and made sure all of my needs were met and tended to. Verna who took my photos before surgery was a doll. Overall, I would like to express the utmost gratitude for the caring staff at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, for not only their astounding patient care but everyone's professionalism overall. I would highly recommend this office and Dr. Tehrani for anyone interested in enhancing their body & appearance. 5 STARS!!!!!
Corrine Mutarelli
19:06 17 Jan 19
I had read all the pros and cons of laser hair removal and when I finally decided to do it my friend recommended Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics. I really liked how it was, everything was very clean and the specialist was very knowledgeable and replied to all the questions I had during the procedure. I am satisfied with the result. Probably, I will need to repeat the procedure to remove the hair forever. It's definitely worth it.
Shira Sears
07:26 23 Jan 19
Just received a hydra facial by Jen. My skin feels so smoothe and clean, my face has an amazing glow. I can’t stop touching my face! I will definitely be coming back for another. Their facility is super clean and very nice. I’m so excited I finally found a place that is so professional and offers everything you can imagine.
Leenor Nathan
19:59 23 Jan 19
On Monday I went for my consultation. The office is tastefully decorated, the staff is friendly and efficient.The nurse that took my measurements was very professional and courteous.Upon meeting Dr. Tehrani I knew I was in good hands. He gives you confidence.The explanation at the end of the consultation was precise and fast. I got a quote right the way with detailed breakdown of services. Altogether, it was a very pleasant experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is considering plastic surgery or aesthetic treatments.
Maritza Iberico-Reiss
19:04 03 Feb 19
I’ve had a skin tightening done a month ago with Dr. Kevin Tehrani and the result is fantastic. I needed this procedure since I lost a lot of weight in a very small amount of time. I had confidence in Dr. Kevin Tehrani since my friend recommended his services to me. Well, I’m very happy with how it all went and Dr. Tehrani is now surely my go-to surgeon.
Roxanne Black
08:52 11 Feb 19
So, I did a Brazilian Butt lift recently with Dr. Kevin Tehrani at Aristocrat. Their services were very impressive. I needed to add some butt, for a big girl, my buttocks were flat. He suggested I either do the Fat graft or use Silicone implants. I was more than happy to fat graft, it was like a bonus for me to reduce fat in an area I didn’t want and get in an area I needed.
Jean Barker
09:58 20 Feb 19
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Kevin Tehrani and his staff. They answered all my questions in details and made me feel comfortable. Dr.Tehrani did both breast implants and a Brazilian butt lift on me. My results after surgery are amazing. My breasts and butt look better than I ever thought they could. I’m very glad I visited Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics for consultation. I could not be happier with my results! I will definitely recommend to my friends!
Katherine Wong
08:47 27 Feb 19
Doctor Kevin Tehrani is not just a board certified Plastic Surgeon by title; his skills are not in question in any way. I had a liposuction and breast reduction surgery at his clinic, and the results are amazing. My husband loves my new body, thanks Doc.
Diane Hunt
13:29 12 Mar 19
I've always wanted to change my face and corrected the shape of my nose. Still, I was afraid of surely plastic surgery and could not make up my mind. I am happy that I've taken the plunge and did the rhinoplasty. Everything went smoothly and I felt that I was in the good hands of Dr. Tehrani. So I would rather recommend this clinic, it's a place where the dreams come true.
Marsha Hosley
08:56 04 Mar 19
In the clinic of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics I did a breast lift. I was very pleased with the work of Dr. Kevin Tehrani. He did the surgery quickly, healed chest well. My chest is perfect! The clinic treated me very respectfully. I felt like the most important customer. The staff is helpful and friendly. And the doctor is a professional. Thank you!
Хiang Ma
09:17 20 Mar 19
After giving birth to my third baby I've understood that I deserve something special for myself. When I first met Kevin Tehrani he made me believe that my body could be recovered. I got a complete mommy makeover and now I look ten-years-younger. I can wear a swimsuit in the pool or on the beach, my belly and breast do not look ugly anymore. So it's brand new me and I like it the same as my husband and my children like their new beautiful mom.
Sharon Bell
15:00 28 Mar 19
I came to Aristocrat Plastic Surgery after a friend recommended it to me. Dr. Tehrani is a highly skilled and knowledgeable board certified plastic surgeon. I had the mommy makeover done, and I must confess that the results are amazing. I’m happy.
Deeandra Mitchell
09:37 05 Apr 19
Highly recommend Kevin Tehrani of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. He’s great! I’ve come to undergo breast augmentation procedure and the result is just awesome. When I first saw it I was lost for words. It looks natural and very nice. Can’t say much more, just believe me – he’s a fantastic surgeon.
Hanifah Hasan
08:40 19 Apr 19
Plastic surgery? Only at Aristocrat PS. Dr. Kevin Tehrani is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience. I was really excited to work with him. The procedure was – surprise – breast augmentation. The result is great. These breast implants are just fantastic. They’re soft, pleasant and overall they’re just the best you can get. Highly recommend.
Lindsay Schwartz
07:52 23 Apr 19
I had a cool sculpting and Laser hair removal on my legs with Louisa at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics last weekend. She was very thorough and ensured no area was left untouched. I felt relax, thanks to her friendliness and I recommend her services to everyone.
Lavern Bowen
08:38 16 May 19
Doctor Kevin did a fantastic job on my Tommy and my breasts. I had a Tommy tuck and a breast lift following my delivery. The surgery was devoid complications, and my recovery has been excellent. Dr. Kevin is a board certified plastic surgeon. I would recommend to everyone.
Zhen Jiang
12:18 22 May 19
I spend more time in front of the mirror now than I used to. I still can’t believe sexy my breasts look and all it took Dr. Kevin Tehrani is just an hour to two of a breast augmentation surgery to turn my self-confidence and fortune around. Dr. Kevin Tehrani of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics is not just another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, he’s the best and the results of every plastic surgery he’s performs speak for themselves.
Lily Boyd
12:50 28 May 19
I recommend Dr. Kevin without a second thought, he is an excellent plastic surgeon. I had a breast lift procedure last month at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, and all the staffs were friendly and highly professional. Dr. Kevin has excellent bedside manners, and I love the result.
Laurel Blair
07:03 31 May 19
Everything and everyone here is perfect! I have been a patient here for 5 years. Tara and Trish taken great care of me! The office is beautiful, trying to schedule and appointment is easy and they are so pleasant on the phone and in person. They office makes you feel like you are family. I would recommend them to anyone!
Alexa Dombe
19:23 06 Jun 19
This place is amazing. Louisa worked diligently with me to help my skin achieve the kind of glow it had twenty years ago. Her pigment peel left me with bright, even baby skin. I live it!
Cathy Lewis
18:22 06 Jun 19
absolutely amazed with Dr. Tehrani's work. couldn't be happier with my results!! everyone was so pleasant and helpful which made the whole process much more comforting!! i did research on other surgeons but non of them fit to what i wanted until i came across Dr. Tehrani. he showed me exactly what i had in mind and i knew he was the one to stick with.
Cammie Fandale
18:00 06 Jun 19
It was extremely difficult for me to find a responsible and good specialist. Louisa, the beautician, is great and she does painless laser hair removal procedure. This med center is much different from the other places I used to visit: friendly and informative receptionist, responsible and professional staff, modern equipment. Everything is open and transparent: what kind of cosmetics they use, what prices they have, real promotions and discounts. Had already two laser hair removal procedures. Absolutely painless and I see the result right away. I recommend it to everyone!
Joel T
06:59 11 Jun 19
To my great regret, youth goes away and my face skin has become not so elastic and elastic. On the recommendation of my close friend, I turned to the doctor Tehrani, together we decided to make me a laser facelift. The procedure was quick and completely painless. Now my face become much more beautiful, together we have achieved the result I want!
Alice Lawrence
06:55 14 Jun 19
Dr. Kevin Tehrani made my chest and I want to write a review about my experience. After breastfeeding my breasts looked terrible and I had to enlarge it. Dr. Tehrani made my new breasts as natural and as beautiful as possible. Rehabilitation also did well and didn't take much time. I express my gratitude !!!
Joleen Webb
08:11 19 Jun 19
I want to write a review about Dr. Tehrani, who gave me breast implants. For a year now I have been enjoying my new, elegant, third-size breast. After so much time, I can guarantee the quality of the work, the sutures are not noticeable, the implants are of high quality and reliable. Amazing work! On my body, we put the implant of the third size. Thanks for the work!
Natalie Wayne
06:26 20 Jun 19
My experience at Aristocrat clinic was nothing but pleasure. Their staff is super friendly, welcoming, with positive attitude. I was super anxious before my breast implementation procedure and girls from the staff made sure to support me and address all my fears and worries. The procedure went well and I’m very satisfied with the result. Thank you for your service!
Yolanda Fernández
07:10 21 Jun 19
From my own experience I can say for sure that Dr. Kevin Tehrani is a trustworthy and highly educated surgeon that performs miraculous job! I had a successful breast lift operation just months ago and the result is fantastic! I am no longer shy of my body and my life is so much better now! Beyond grateful!
Olivia Marshall
07:15 24 Jun 19
So so happy! I have wanted this all my adult life and it's come true. They gave me very natural looks for my nose and it is what I wanted. Dr Tehrani made this process so easy, comfortable, and exciting for me. It was done perfectly the first time. I will recommend Dr to my friends or whoever wanted more beautiful and changing your life.
Jane Lucas
12:33 27 Jun 19
From the very first appointment, I felt I was in the right hands. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr Kevin went over his credentials, reviewed what my needs were, what I wanted to achieve & just put me at ease. Not one Dr. I met gave me this much time and none of them provided (a very nervous) patient a clear understanding of the procedure like he did. I am just about 1 month post my breast reduction surgery and my results are exactly what I anticipated they would be. They are the best! I couldn’t recommend them enough!
Samantha Tsiolis
12:33 01 Jul 19
Dr Kevin was very informative and helpful in the understanding of my procedure. The welcoming and comfortable feeling of the staff played a big part in me being confident with my decision. My breast implants are great and the scar is very tiny and healing fast. So happy about that.
Dyshelle Lane
11:58 04 Jul 19
I felt a valued patient from the moment I called to schedule a consultation. I had a pleasant experience with everyone I met with. I left the consult well informed about the procedure and felt all my questions were answered. I was comfortable before and after the surgery. This was my first surgery, I’m very pleased with my results and I would recommend this clinic to other friends.
Rodney Hodges
06:54 08 Jul 19
Plastic surgery is gaining popularity nowadays, you see more and more people getting injections or rhinoplasty. One of the best clinics in my opinion is Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. I was there for breast implants. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Dr. Kevin Tehrani did an amazing job. My husband approved the result, too 🙂
Georgina Bell
07:38 11 Jul 19
Plastic Surgery clinics nowadays are growing in popularity, it seems. But Aristocrat Plastic Surgery is still the best for me. It's a fantastic clinic. If you're hesitating, I advise you to go to the consultation with the doctor. His name is Kevin Tehrani and he's the best I've seen. I'm very happy with my own results and I would strongly recommend his services.
Grace Alexander
08:36 17 Jul 19
It is not a common practice to perform breast reduction but it was my dream since I was 18. I have visited Aristocrat Plastic Surgery two weeks ago and now I am a happy owner of the accurate and firm breast. This completely changed my life. Dr Kevin Tehrani is a real genius in plastic surgery.
Theodora O’Connor
09:38 26 Jul 19
I visited Aristocrat Plastic Surgery just for a few juvaderm injections but I was really amazed by the wide range of their services. They also do breast implants, butt implants, skin tightening, hair removal and the list goes on and on. I'm happy with my own results – I look a lot younger now. This fantastic result even makes me consider doing something else, like fat transfer maybe... I'll start with hair removal with Louisa. Highly recommend to visit!
Prudence Gallagher
09:51 29 Jul 19
I’m giving five stars for Tara! Such amazing work! Absolutely no one compares to her...She’s truly knowledgeable and has great vision that shows in my results after I take her advise...I don’t have unlimited funds, but in fact even if I did, I would appreciate that Tara never makes me feel pushed or like I’m being sold more than I need or spending more than I’m comfortable with... So, in addition to leaving the office with great results and feeling so much better, it’s always a pleasure seeing Tara!
Helaine Teuschler
22:49 01 Aug 19
I am absolutely delighted with the results! I didn't even expect this. Hair just disappeared, no more irritations. The service is excellent. Louisa is wonderful and very attentive. Girls administrators are very welcoming. Highly recommended.
Eleanor Owens
12:26 02 Aug 19
The cool sculpting procedure and laser hair removal with Louisa were delightful. I recommend her to everyone. My skin is glowing and well moisturized. I am going to be a long term customer, thanks for the fantastic job.
Claire Ferguson
09:36 19 Aug 19
I had an appointment with Dr. Tehrani for my breast lift, and it went very smoothly more than I expected. It was an easy procedure for this Excellent Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, and everything went well. Thanks, Doc!
Erica Moore
07:23 03 Sep 19
I'm very happy with the result of my operation. I've got breast implants there and the result is even better than I expected. Dr. Tehrani really does wonders.
Grace Benson
07:23 09 Sep 19
I visited Aristocrat Plastic Surgery just for a few juvaderm injections but I was really amazed by the wide range of their services. They also do breast implants, butt implants, skin tightening, hair removal and the list goes on and on. I'm happy with my own results – I look a lot younger now. This fantastic result even makes me consider doing something else, like fat transfer maybe... I'll start with hair removal with Louisa. Highly recommend to visit!
Prudence Gallagher
09:51 29 Jul 19
Dr. Kevin did an excellent job. The result from the breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure was more than pleasant. My recovery was without any complications, and the billing was very accurate. Thanks, Doc.
Clara Rose
08:54 17 Sep 19
I have consulted with many different plastic surgeons, meeting Dr Tehrani was a pleasure. I immediately felt comfortable and his addressing my concerns from the minute I met him assured me that I was in the right place for my treatment. Prior and During the procedure, I thought I would be nervous but for some reason I kept focused on the end product with no reserves....much thank yous to his staff. After the procedure and my recalls, I always had a sense of security and always felt my thoughts were addressed. I never mind driving the distance to interact with his staff. What a wonderful set of ladies!!!!! Sooooo accommodating... such a relaxing atmosphere Thank you thank you APS for changing my life!!!!
Alicia Andreula
15:48 25 Sep 19
I was looking for a clinic at Long island to make several lips Botox injections and found a lot of possible reviews about Dr. Kevin Tehrani. During my first consultation, he provided me with a bunch of useful information and described a detailed plan of procedures. We have agreed with the schedule and for the next several weeks I felt as comfortable as possible during such injections. Many thanks to Dr Kevin and I will recommend him to all my friends.
Jodie Stewart
13:31 04 Oct 19
The staff was very professional, polite and patient. They were always there to answer any of my questions and provided the best service for me. Of course, a big thank you to Dr. Kevin, the plastic surgery couldn’t go any better, and my Botox looks very natural. I will definitely come back for more plastic surgeries, and will recommend you to all!! Fantastic job!!
Eleanore McKinney
09:46 08 Oct 19
I am so impressed by the breast augmentation that Dr. Tehrani performed. I haven’t felt this irresistible in years. If you want a board-certified plastic surgeon that you can trust then choose Aristocrat Plastic Surgery.
Russell Simmons
10:19 30 Sep 19
Aristocrat is the best place for plastic surgery. The team here is fantastic and welcoming, and I would highly recommend Dr. Kevin, who had breast reduction done for me with precision and accuracy. I'm delighted with the result.
Emma Lane
08:26 23 Oct 19
This place is wonderful. Louisa make my skin baby soft like a teenager. Her Laser hair made me very youthful ,and happy. Thank you.
Donna Mason
08:18 29 Oct 19
Dr. Tehrani was so attentive and asked good questions. He made me feel important and was very supportive before my surgery. The rhinoplasty went smoothly. I am so happy with the result
Chloe Ward
11:16 31 Oct 19
Excellent Dr. and awesome staff! Everyone is friendly, upbeat and helpful as well as highly knowledgeable and professional. Despite a vibrant and busy office I never felt rushed and Dr. Tehrani always found the time to answer my questions. I underwent several procedures with Dr. Tehrani, all to a successful end. I feel renewed and would recommend him to all.
i bk
02:04 09 Nov 19
Dr. Tehrani is a fantastic surgeon with a gentle, compassionate manner. He and his staff at Aristocrat Surgery assisted me through a rhinoplasty and skin tightening process. Thank you for treating me like you care about me and I'm not just another procedure. I’m so happy with my results, better than I hoped for.
Charlotte Preston
13:58 14 Nov 19
Changed my life forever!! Dr. Tehrani is the best doctor ever!! I was super worried and went in and had breast lift surgery and was 100 percent pleased. The whole office is so beautiful, and the doctor is so confident! I'm so happy with everything he did.
Sharlene Howard
14:40 27 Nov 19
You can trust that you will receive excellent service at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics. The staff is all professional and caring. The office is beautiful, and the parking is always available. You can be confident that you are in good hands when visiting Dr. Tehrani!
Sandra Hoover
09:53 28 Nov 19
I’m thrilled with my results. The staff and Dr. Tehrani were very professional and supportive during consultations, procedure and post-operative care. I would highly recommend Dr. Tehrani at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery
Abigayle Underwood
11:05 29 Nov 19
Dr. Tehrani is great! I had consultations with two different plastic surgeons regarding a breast lift and finally decided to move forward with him. He is knowledgeable and very attentive to details and he made me feel safe and sound during the whole procedure and post-operative period. His staff is also very nice and friendly.
Katherine King
09:17 04 Dec 19
I was looking for a doctor and was referred to Dr. Tehrani by a friend of mine who was his client and is happy with breast implants. That's saying a lot! And I knew once I went to consult with him at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery, I was in great hands. He was extremely professional but also very friendly and warm. I also noticed that everyone here was nice and attentive to me!The day of my breast augmentation surgery I felt no fear!And also a big thanks to the nurses! Girls, you all are truly the best!!! I can't tell you how much your support and aftercare means to me.So anyone considering plastic surgery, THIS is the place to go!
Sylvia Sutton
10:00 06 Dec 19
My visit was outstanding. From the very first consultation for breast augmentation, I knew I had to look no further. I set my date for surgery the same day! The staff is so supportive and spunky. Dr. Tehrani knew what he was talking about, made the visit, procedure and aftercare time very comfortable and reassuring. Prices were very reasonable and my breast is gorgeous!
Patricia Shepherd
07:58 10 Dec 19
Dr Kevin Tehrani and staff were amazing. They cared about me and my complicated situation. They showed compassion and took care of me. I will be recommending Aristocrat plastic surgery always!
A Google User
07:52 12 Dec 19
I highly recommend Dr. Tehrani and the whole team at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery! From the consultation to the surgery to the aftercare every detail was well planned and extremely professional. I love ьy results from breast lift procedure. Please don’t hesitate to visit this surgery!
Ada Haynes
14:48 18 Dec 19
Louisa is so great! She's very friendly and is always ready to answer my questions. I would highly recommend going to see her. I've been to quite a few laser hair removal places (I have a lot of hair to get rid of!) and this one is by far the best. I will always return to this location over others!
Alice Brown
13:42 20 Dec 19
I went to get a cool sculpting procedure today and enjoyed my time there! The staff was extremely professional and helpful, Luisa was very hospitable. I was very comfortable. Definitely worth a 5 star rating - great results
Adham Sabry
03:58 24 Dec 19
I went to get a cool sculpting procedure today and enjoyed my time there! The staff was extremely professional and helpful, Luisa was very hospitable. I was very comfortable. Definitely worth a 5 star rating - great results
03:55 24 Dec 19
Best experience ever! Exactly what he recommended is exactly what I got! Very professional as well as the entire staff. So welcoming and friendly! Love love love my results! Thank you Aristocrat Plastic Surgery for keeping such a great Board Certified Plastic Surgeon!
Aminta Ioannidi
08:12 27 Dec 19
If you are considering plastic surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Tehrani and his staff. I did my research before the procedure by going to consult with several doctors. When I saw Dr. KevinTehrani, he impressed me as very knowledgeable and honest about what to expect. He took the time to explain the procedure and the end results. His assistants, too, were very supportive and helpful as I tried to make a decision about the size of the breast implants that would look good. I definitely trusted their recommendations. Dr. Tehrani is a very talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and I love my results. I would recommend him, the staff and Aristocrat Plastic Surgery to anyone.
Anastasiya Markova
14:04 10 Jan 20
Dr. Tehrani is simply amazing. He is the best surgeon I have ever met or even heard about. He did a great job with the recent mommy makeover for me. I highly recommend him. He really cares about his patients, he does everything to keep patients informed and to achieve desired results.
Aleksandra Davydova
13:33 14 Jan 20
Dr Kevin Tehrani is a very polite person and a true professional. I had a breast augmentation performed in his clinic and he did an amazing job. I was completely informed about each step of the entire procedure. Went for my one year check up today and all is well. I would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Tehrani!
Helen K
13:58 17 Jan 20
I am extremely happy with my results and the professionalism of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery! They made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions. Dr. Tehrani did not pressure me and allowed me to make my own decisions, giving me time to think about my choices. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking breast augmentation
Stella Cooper
08:07 30 Jan 20
I can’t begin to say enough about Dr. Tehrani, Tara, Louisa, Elizabeth, Pam the ENTIRE staffat Aristocrat. They are Top Notch in Professionalism and Skill set.. Tara is ‘TRULY AMAZING’!!! Her calm and soothing demeanor as well as myriad of knowledge about injectables, allowed me to feel ease and comfort during the entire procedure. Tara knew exactly what I needed in order to looked refreshed and natural.. Thank you Tara for your patience and commitment it making people look Naturally Beautiful!! You’re the Best..
20:40 31 Jan 20
First off I just want to say I felt so comfortable going in for a consultation from the first phone call I made to the office. I had the pleasure to speak with Tiffany ,and she was the absolute best. From the second I spoke to her she made me feel comfortable to come to the consultation which I haven’t felt from any other office before . She was amazing, and she took the time out of MANY of her days to find the best possible way for me to get the surgery I need. Also the office is beautiful!! Very clean and professional. Lastly I had the pleasure to meet Dr.Tehrani and even though the consultation was very quick, he wasvery thorough and knowledgeable. Definitely would come back ,and recommend Dr.Tehrani to anyonewho is considering getting work done. I appreciate that experience , and hopefully one day I can get the surgery I’ve always wanted ! Thank you !!
Ila Dawn
03:34 03 Mar 20
Just wanted to say that the staff at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery are so nice! Especially Joanna. She is amazing at what she does and she always makes me feel comfortable and cared for. I feel so at ease whenever she is with me and she knows exactly what to do. Aristocrat Plastic Surgery are lucky to have her part of their staff.She goes far and beyond for all the patients. Thank you Joanna.🙏🏻❤️
Frida Dubinsky
20:15 13 Mar 20
Dr. Tehrani helped me breathe again. My nose was broken in high school and over time my right nostril became completely blocked. I was struggling to sleep and it was beginning to cause anxiety. Dr. Tehrani and the team explained everything that was wrong and clearly laid out my surgical plan. Everything went great and I can breathe again!! Thank you very much Dr
Annas Amatanidis
12:53 17 Mar 20
What a wonderful experience, talking to Lindsey the patient coordinater made my wife feel more at ease with the procedures , the doctors are very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Always attentive to what the patient wants as an outcome, very pleased with all the staff , definitely made the right decision on choosing this practice.
Miguel Bulit
14:43 06 Aug 20
Pleasant Experience!!!! I went in for a consultation on 9/3/20 and everyone was sooo pleasant. I was first greeted by Jessie....such a sweetheart. She made me feel so welcomed. Neema and Emily was so down to earth and nice. Lastly Dr. Tehrani was awesome and very knowledgeable, pleasant, and overall nice Man. I look forward to getting my surgery I so desperately need. 😊
Tasha Walker
15:04 04 Sep 20
Dr Tehrani is the best. I’m so glad he’s back in nyc.
cara goldenberg
22:16 03 Sep 20
Best experience ever! Dr. Kevin and his team made this journey very smooth for me. I love my results and how fast I’m healing. I would absolutely recommend him !!!
Aline Corrales
22:52 09 Sep 20
Every measure was taken to ensure my safety during this Covid pandemic, Dr Tehrani and his staff are outstanding in every aspect from the moment you walk into the door until the moment you leave!! Most people don’t go into doctors offices feeling very comfortable... at Dr Tehrani‘s office you you feel like family!! my highest recommendation to Dr Tehrani and his staff in the great neck location
Eugenia Hawk
21:31 02 Oct 20
Dr. Tehrani is simply the best of the best. He surrounds himself with knowledgable, friendly staff who make you feel right at home. Dr.Tehrani gets to the heart of what you feel self-conscious about and uses his immense experience and expertise to fix it. He also uses your best assets and enhances them. No one guessed I had had Botox and filler — they just marvelled at how good I looked. That’s the sign of a true genius!
A Google User
21:12 05 Oct 20
Amazing Staff and amazing service! I went in so scared because I developed capsular contractor and underwent the aspen treatment for 10 sessions and had incredible results! I am so happy i was able to find Aristocrat. I regained my confidence back and definitely recommend to everyone 🙂
Nori Amaro
17:33 06 Oct 20
Dr. Kevin Tehrani is extremely professional, he takes time to listen and time to explain. A first rate professional experience. Completely satisfied with Dr. and all the support staff. Wonderful experience with Aristocrat plastic surgery. Kevin Tehrani was a wonderful surgeon, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose this clinic and would highly recommend to anyone.
Ingrida Baram
12:38 08 Oct 20
My visit at aristocrat plastic surgery is alwaysan enjoyable and successful experience.My girls at the front desk are beyond wonderfuland personable.My Louisa takes great care of my skin needs.Tara, reconstructed my face. During the pandemic I used a friends Dr , Dr T was closed.That was the biggest mistake!!!!!!!Tara n Louisa saved my face...Thank you! All my girlsJanice Credaroli Stalzer
Janice Stalzer
21:03 08 Oct 20
I had a great experience. Highly recommend doctor Kevin Tehrani and his staff. In February I had breast changing implants surgery in Manhattan office. Everything was perfect. Doctor did great job. The results are amazing. Highly recommend doctor for breast implants surgery. Sandra
21:25 08 Oct 20
The office is direct and straight forward with all information needed to prepare you for any procedure you are going for. Very helpful and patience.
Adrienne Osborne
21:21 07 Jan 21
Pleasant Experience!!!! I went in for a consultation on 9/3/20 and everyone was sooo pleasant. I was first greeted by Jessie....such a sweetheart. She made me feel so welcomed. Neema and Emily was so down to earth and nice. Lastly Dr. Tehrani was awesome and very knowledgeable, pleasant, and overall nice Man.
Tasha Walker
16:31 19 Jan 21
Amazing Doctor ! The best experience I have ever had. Everyone in the office is so nice and very helpful. I feel so comfortable in that office throughout my entire experience.
Maria Cando
18:12 18 Feb 21
I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Tehrani and my amazing life-changing results. He and his team are professional and well-trained. I am a worrier, and felt safe and secure in my treatment the entire time. I am OBSESSED with the results of my surgery. I couldn’t thank Dr. Tehrani and his team enough!
Tina Pollio
19:44 14 Apr 21
I wanted to have a mini facelift and out of a few different Drs I spoke to I deciding on. Dr. Tehrani ..I found him to be very professional and had a positive upbeat nature . I also sensed that he took pride in his work not only as a surgeon but as an artistHe seemed to understand What my concerns were and was helpful in making my decision..
Dawn Estey
15:03 14 May 21
Thank you dr. Tehrani. Lindsey, Luisa and Joana . You are masters at what you do. Professional, great service and incredible results. You exceed my expectations. I feel at home at your office and satisfied with every procedure I got from you.
Inga Baram
23:36 09 Jun 21
Awsome experience. Friendly. Professional and great results.
Nathan Baram
17:58 09 Jun 21
Dr. Terahni is an artist. I am so pleased with my results. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend!!!!! I told my friends and family
Yvonne martin
21:53 10 Jun 21
Thank you dr. Tehrani, Luisa and staff. You are masters at what you do. Professional, great service and incredible results. You exceed my expectations. I feel at home at your office and satisfied with every procedure I got from you.
Inga Baram
00:45 18 Jun 21
I went to Dr.Tehrani for filler and I was initially very happy with my results (he used Restylane). It was my first time getting filler on my cheeks and was pleased with the results. unfortunately 8 months later I started to develop Malar edema which left bag under my eyes. it isnt horrible nor am I depressed about it but i do wish I hadn't done it. If your thinking about getting fillers be sure to do your own research and realize there can be consequences. I sure wish I did.
Foxii Roxii
17:43 23 Jun 21
I absolutely love this office and I’m so happy that I chose Dr. Tehrani for my Surgery. Him and his staff all warm and welcoming, they are very knowledgeable and answer all of my questions very thoroughly.
joann dibartolo
15:51 25 Jun 21
I went to Dr.Tehrani for filler and I was initially very happy with my results (he used Restylane). It was my first time getting filler on my cheeks and was pleased with the results. unfortunately 8 months later I started to develop Malar edema which left bag under my eyes. After researching I found out this is a very common thing people experience after fillers. it isnt horrible nor am I depressed about it but i do wish I hadn't done it. If your thinking about getting fillers be sure to do your own research and realize there can be consequences. I sure wish I did.
Foxii Roxii
02:37 29 Jun 21
Long time client of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery office. Had many services and always been happy with results and staff: Tattoo removal (2), Ultherapy and Radiesse. Recently when I came in for Xeomin (Botox), I was able to early preview their new skin care line. The products truly aided my fry aging skin and so different then mainstream scented products similar to those at Sephora. Dr T really knows his beauty! Worth the wait and money!
Andrea MakeUp
20:29 08 Sep 21
Very nice friendly staff. I have met Dr. Tehrani only on webinars, but he sounds very nice too. However, I have met staff like Louisa , in person. She is very knowledgeable , nice, polite and caring. The office is very clean. Highly recommended
Parisa Re
12:19 28 Oct 21
What an amazing experience. Dr. Terhani is absolutely wonderful. From the first consultation to the ongoing follow-ups, he has been kind and has explained to me the steps of the surgery. Now, let's talk about my surgery results... they are amazing!!!I am so happy and beyond satisfied. I feel exactly how I wanted to feel before the surgery. I feel renewed, free and I love the way I look. I'm so grateful I found Dr. Terhani and his team. Other people to mention are Francesca who is absolutely patient and awesome. She will guide you and support you with any questions you have related to financing and the cost of the surgery. Finally, Elizabeth who is doing the lymphatic massage is really dedicated and helpful. I feel improvement after every single massage.100% recommended 👌
Natalia Gonzalez
04:18 14 Nov 21
I had a great experience with this practice , Lindsey was very knowledgeable in all the beauty filler and lasers , Helped me get the best treatment possible for my needs , Thank you to all the staff for a great experience
janet bulit
19:09 12 Nov 21
Yelp Rating
Melissa M.
2015-10-22 08:53:52
I will start at the very beginning! I have wanted breast augmentation since I was in highschool. I've always looked and researched however never followed...
Carly K.
2017-06-21 12:08:38
I went to Dr. Tehrani today for a consultation. The staff was incredible from the moment I walked in the door. Dr. Tehrani is kind, knowledgable, efficient,...
Corrine M.
2019-01-22 13:14:53
I am thrilled to share my experience thus far with Aristocrat and Dr. Tehrani. As of right now I am one week post op and I could not be happier with my...