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The Rise of The “Instagram Face Makeover”

“Instagram Face”…it’s the phenomenon that’s practically overtaken social media for over three years. You can find it on just about any media site you look up. It’s fairly easy to find if you search with the make-up hashtag.

When you come across “Instagram Face,” it probably won’t come as a surprise as to what it is. Attractive primarily to teenage girls and young women, “Instagram Face” caters to the vast numbers of girls and women who desire to look like (in terms of make up, hairstyle, etc.) celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, who seem to have become the standard bearers of what qualifies as “flawless beauty.”

It’s the carefully trimmed and meticulously manicured eyebrows, plumped up, voluminous lips with matte lip gloss, contoured and perfectly sculpted faces, and long, flowing hair that captures the look. It’s The “Instagram Face,” and its aim is to take all the features that make every woman unique and individual and give them a high-glam facial makeover that makes them look as if they’ve had plastic surgery.

Why is such a phenomenon taking place on social media?

What’s it All About?

In social groups, and especially for teens on social media, the pressure to obtain that “selfie-ready” look that’s been defined by group standards when it comes to beauty is a priority. Looking perfectly sculpted with the right plumpness of lips, the fullest cheekbones, the most perfect set of eyebrows, and just the right sized nose is the means by which an individual hooked on having an “Instagram Face” maintains their relevancy online and in real life. Given the procedures that these celebrities have undergone to achieve the looks they flaunt, it’s no coincidence that the popularity of “Instagram Face” has created more demand in the world of plastic surgery. There has been a dramatic increase in the numbers of girls, young women, and even young males wanting to go under the knife to have “Instagram-ready” plastic surgeries.

The face of plastic surgery is not just limited to females who want pouty lips, a perfect nose, and tight, firm skin. The gender scale is looking more and more balanced. Based on figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, cosmetic procedures performed on men increased a whopping 29% from 2000 to 2017. The guys have actively been pursuing non-invasive injectables such as fillers, which have grown by 99% in the same time period. Surgeries performed on the eyelids along with liposuction procedures have become the primary plastic surgeries for men. In some circles where sports, careers, and business dominated dinner party conversations among men, the talk has shifted to what the latest techniques in plastic surgery are hot today.

Indeed, there can be a positive spin from these trends that have the potential to spell good news for the plastic surgery industry. One example of that is the effect it has had on more requests for consultations and appointments to get non-invasive procedures done.

With social media stars like Kylie Jenner and celebrities like Kim Kardashian who are always in the public eye, young women are coming in and looking to receive procedures that promise to help them achieve a similar high-fashion look. High profile people like Kylie and Kim can broaden, influence, and steer the facial trends that get young women following their lead.

The types of non-invasive procedures that make the most difference include lip fillers, enhancement of the cheeks, and rhinoplasties that are non-surgical in nature. These are among the most popular procedures that best capture the essence of the “Instagram Face”.

Some plastic surgeons have seen requests for procedures almost double over the last few years. And, with plastic surgeons witnessing the increased numbers of people who want this almost surreal image of beauty, it doesn’t look like the trend will abate any time soon.

How Can Plastic Surgeons Be Shepherds of this “Hyper-Perfection” Trend?

Given that there’s such a quest for hyper-perfection, it should stand to reason that professional surgeons in plastic surgery industry can and should take the lead in working with people who are earnestly seeking what they believe is the ultimate look of beauty, to guide them in making the right plastic surgery decisions with more realistic expectations to achieve a look they’ll love and feel confident and beautiful with.

When people are convinced that they need expensive or even risky procedures, it is the role of any medical professional to help guide that discussion. The “Instagram-Face” phenomenon has enabled women (and men) to create likenesses that resemble computer-enhanced images of their real look, with so many Instagram filters overlaid that what they’re looking at, and hoping to achieve, is unrealistic. 

The Expertise of Qualified Plastic Surgeons Prevents Disaster

With more and more people willing to go under the knife to get their version of that high-glam look, plastic surgeons need to set realistic expectations and work with patients to create a goal that is both feasible and achievable. While this has always been a key part of our process at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, this deeper discussion of goals has become more common across the industry.

No matter how many customers are lining up to get Botox and dermal fillers to achieve the perfect face, these should not be regarded as casual beauty treatments. Any type of injection is a serious undertaking that requires experienced and qualified plastic surgeons. Patients don’t want to run the risk of getting an infection from an incorrect needle insertion that could lead to the paralysis of fragile facial muscles.

Furthermore, this influx in interest for non-invasive procedures has led to a number of lower-quality products and fly-by-night establishments popping up. Patients should always make sure that they are working with highly qualified, accredited plastic surgeons and practitioners so that they can rest assured when they have the procedure administered and performed in facilities equipped with the latest and safest technologies.

Providing the Information Patients Need

Along with making the crucial decision to proceed with getting a plastic surgery procedure, patients should make sure they have as much information as possible not only about the procedures that they want but any alternatives available to them. 

Tough Cases

In some instances, there are and will be plastic surgery requests that are impossible to fulfill for “Instagram Face” followers, and that’s why plastic surgeons need to have proper, realistic in-person consultations. It gives patients a better sense of what would be best for them and also that there’s great concern about their well being. 

The “Instagram Face” craze has created what may be a condition known as ‘Snapchat dysmorphia.’ It was a term that was actually conceived by Dr. Tijion Esho, a plastic surgeon at The Esho Clinic in the UK.

It’s been known that social media can impact the self-esteem of those who spend a lot of time on social media platforms, and according to a 2015 report from the Office of National Statistics, over 27% of teenagers who spend more than 3 hours a day on social media have developed symptoms of mental health issues. This statistic is certainly jarring, and should definitely be of concern to the cosmetic surgeons who are seeing an influx in consultations from this community. This is where the expertise and knowledge of what’s possible and real in terms of solutions for clients becomes so important.

Helping patients who appear to be overly obsessed with capturing the look of their Instagramed and heavily filtered images exactly as they appear is something that plastic surgeons can take upon themselves by providing better guidance and direction, so that their practice can ultimately provide a higher quality of service in addressing actual cosmetic surgery needs for patients.

Our Goal is to Help Patients Achieve their Plastic Surgery Goals

When it’s time to seriously consider surgical procedures, our goal at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics is to attain the highest level of patient satisfaction. A full staff is here and stands ready to help every patient reach all of their physical appearance goals. From the time patients enter our beautiful waiting room, they can expect to receive the highest level of care. Our facilities are equipped with the latest and safest technologies, and we’re quite familiar with best practices around those patients hoping to achieve something closer to that Instagram look.

Dr. Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS, and founder of Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, also has the title of ExpertInjector™, making him a leading plastic surgeon in New York for the injectable procedures most associated with that “Instagram Face” like Botox. 

We invite you to bring your cosmetic surgery concerns to Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics, where you can relax knowing you’re in the best hands.


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