Top 10 Beauty Tips to Stay Luminous in the Winter

The cool, windy temperatures of winter can tend to irritate our skin and hair. To help combat the drying effects of winter, Aristocrat Plastic Surgery created this infographic that includes the top 10 beauty tips to stay luminous this season. Follow these ten helpful beauty tips to stay glowing all winter long!
  1. Put your makeup removing wipes aside for the winter and opt for a cleansing oil or balm.
  2. Switch out your current foaming cleanser for APS Daily Cleanser, which is more mild and gentle.
  3. Add a few drops of body oil in your next lukewarm bath for some extra in-shower hydration.
  4. Gently scrub your feet in the shower and wear socks every night to prevent cracked heels.
  5. Sun rays can affect your skin in any weather. Apply APS Daily Defense Sunscreen every day.
  6. Always have a lip balm handy, because lips can get chapped too quickly, too often in the winter.
  7. Come in for a medical peel at our office to remove dry, dead skin and reveal more radiant skin.
  8. Waterproof eye makeup won’t run when your eyes start to water from the harsh cold.
  9. Wear gloves and a beanie or hat every time you step outside to protect your hands and hair from wind.
  10. Try one of our hyaluronic lip fillers that can help hydrate and plump the lips in the winter months.
For more winter beauty tips or to schedule a consultation, contact Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. Winter Beauty Tips