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Trends to Get You Ready for Your Summer Body

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get your summer body ready! Whether it’s for the beach or for work everyday, it’s important to get yourself looking and feeling your best. Many people may turn to dieting and exercise to help create their ideal summer body, but many of our procedures and techniques can help create that ideal look quicker and easier than straining yourself everyday at the gym and not getting the results that will satisfy you. Everyone struggles to find the perfect method for shaping and toning their bodies, but here at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, our experts can help you find the best surgical or non-surgical procedure to help you feel prepared for this upcoming summer!


Coolsculpting Procedures for the Summer

Coolsculpting is one of our FDA approved fat removing techniques that will allow you to freeze built-up fat and remove built-up fat to help shape and mold your body to fit that ideal summer look. This is a very simple and easy procedure that will allow you to quickly remove these excess fat pockets and have you back on your feet in just one day. The short recovery time is one of the best things about this technique as it doesn’t require you to be sitting at home for weeks recovering, and will allow you to continue your daily routine almost immediately after your appointment. It’s an easy procedure, and with a simple upkeep of continuing this technique as needed, you will be rocking that summer body all year round!


This procedure is quite simple and doesn’t require any needles, stitches, special diets, or incisions. It’s a simple method that will have you in and out of our office and will also help remove and reduce fat build up in your body creating a new and improved shape for your body. Our highly trained staff will take the time to walk you through the procedure and will start with talking you through what areas of your body you should remove fat from to create the summer body shape you are looking for, and to create that perfect look for your body from there.


When you are undergoing this treatment, your skin will be put into two panels that will give off an intense cold sensation. If you’re someone who is sensitive to cold, there’s no need to worry because the feeling will go away after a few minutes of adjusting to the machine, and you will be left feeling relaxed and ready to undergo the rest of the treatment. The skin will be left in the panels for about 30 minutes to one hour and will remove and reduce all the built up fat in your body.


This is the perfect time to relax and take some time to catch up on work, read, explore social media, and participate in other leisure activities that will allow you to remain sitting with the panels on your body. This procedure is meant to be easy and will allow you to feel refreshed after a long day, while also creating that new and improved look for your body to fit your ideal summer look.


Brazillian Buttocks Lift for Bikini Season

Having a good looking bottom is the latest and most popular trend right now. Everyone is talking about methods to make their bottom look plump for this upcoming summer, ranging from diet and exercise to butt lifts. Sometimes going to the gym is not the best option for everyone, so we offer the Brazillian Buttocks Lift to help you add volume to your buttocks, making it look more curvy and rounder than ever. Just in time to show off your new summer look!


This procedure will allow you to pick any shape, curve, and look that you desire to have your buttocks looking its best. By adding more volume, you can craft your buttocks to have a more perky look – making it stand out and look picture perfect at all angles. To achieve this look, fat will be taken out of other areas of your body and then placed into the buttocks to help ensure that your buttocks is shaped into the perfect look you are trying to create.


While undergoing this surgical procedure, you will receive liposuction from nearby areas of the body to remove fat and insert the fat into the buttocks. This method will ensure that you get your perfect summer bottom look by adding and shaping the fat to create that curvy bottom you desire. This procedure will need some time for recovery before you can show off your flawless new feature, but once you have recovered, you will be ready to hit the beach!


Bikini Body Breast Lift

Over time, breasts can change their shape and size, making it harder (or impossible) for you to fit into your favorite bikini top the way you want to. One of the best procedures to help prevent this issue is a breast lift. A breast lift procedure will help keep your breasts in place and looking perky as ever, helping you achieve your ideal bathing suit look.


This is one of our most popular procedures year round, but definitely helps most clients achieve their ideal summer body in ways that diet and exercise cannot. By adding more lift to your breasts, your breasts will look more youthful and uplifted. This procedure will keep your breasts at the same size as before but will add volume and a perky look to help you feel summer body ready!


Undergoing surgery before summer can be an issue with many people, but luckily this procedure will only take about 1-2 weeks of recovery before you can return to your daily activities. Yes, it will require you to go undergo anesthesia, but it will be a relatively short procedure that will have you in and out in one day. After about two weeks, your breasts will be ready to hit the beach, along with your new and improved summer body!


Summertime Tummy Tuck Tips

The tummy tuck is one of the best procedures to get if you feel that you want to slim your waistline and create a flatter profile for your stomach. A tummy tuck will help your body get ready for summer by removing larger amounts of extra skin on your stomach. Unlike a coolsculpting procedure, tummy tucks are more invasive, but ideal when you’re looking for faster results for a larger area.


There are many different ways that you can incorporate a tummy tuck into your life. You can get one to remove extra skin on your body, remove stretch marks, and remove extra fat build up in your stomach leaving you with a smooth and flat stomach that you have always dreamed about having. Not only will this make you look good for summer, but it will make you feel great about showing off your body year-round.


We offer a mini-tummy tuck, full tummy tuck, and extended tummy tuck, and Dr. Tehrani will help you select the procedure that is best for your needs and goals. During this procedure, you will be under anesthesia and unconscious for about four hours – which will allow you to leave the office the day of the surgery to recover in the comfort of your own home. The tummy tuck is a great procedure to help contour your body, and make you more swim-suit ready!


Having a summer body that looks good and makes you feel great is the best way to start out the season. These procedures are a great way to achieve your goals, but these are only just a few of the many options offered by our surgical and non-surgical staff. When you schedule your appointment with us today, we’ll help you achieve your summertime goals in no time!


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