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Tummy Tuck Recovery: What to Expect with a Summer Recovery

Some of our patients worry about getting a tummy tuck in the summer. Hot weather can make surgical recovery a little more uncomfortable. If you’re thinking about a summertime tummy tuck, here’s what you need to know.

Keep Cool

Hot summer weather can be uncomfortable right after a tummy tuck. Our best advice is simple, keep cool. We recommend that patients stay indoors as much as possible, especially right after surgery. Using a fan and indoor cooling can help you to stay comfortable even as the weather outside heats up.

Stay Out of the Sun

Your tummy tuck scars will fade dramatically in the year after surgery, but to get the best results, make sure you keep your incisions out of the sun. Too much sun too soon can cause incisions to darken and can lead to increased scarring. If you’re planning a summer tummy tuck, plan on spending this summer mostly indoors as you’ll need to stay out of the sun while you heal. Ideally, you should keep your scars from sun exposure while they’re still pink. Once they fade, you can resume normal sun exposure.

Gentle Walking Is Important

Keeping cool is important, but so is regular movement. Plan on taking a gentle walk each day. At first it will be difficult, but your body will quickly adapt the challenge. Many of our summer tummy tuck patients choose to take their walks in the early morning or evening to enjoy cooler temperatures.

Plan on Layers

After your tummy tuck, you’ll need to wear a compression garment for several weeks. This extra layer can be uncomfortable in higher temperatures. Keep in mind that you’ll have a few extra layers while you heal from your tummy tuck. Choose light outer layers to help stay cool.

Use Sunscreen

If you do go outdoors, sunscreen is a must. Your tummy area will be more prone to sunburn for several weeks after surgery. Use sunscreen and cover up if you do go outdoors. Often patients don’t notice a potential sunburn before it’s too late because the skin’s sensitivity may be impacted by the surgery. Until you’re fully healed, be very careful.

Stay Out of the Water

Trips to the beach and soaking in the spa will be a no-go this summer. You’ll need to stay out of pools, lakes, oceans, etc. for 4-6 weeks after surgery. You don’t want dirty water to get into your incisions and cause a potential infection. Stay out of the water until you’re cleared by Dr. Tehrani.
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