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We’re Getting Ready to Welcome You Back to Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics

After pausing our in-office consultations, cosmetic procedures, and in-person patient care (except for surgical emergencies and those patients trying to avoid COVID-19) for over two months during this unprecedented time, we are now looking forward to opening our doors again in the coming weeks.

In anticipation of this day, we’ve been busy preparing our offices for your return visit to Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics by adhering to strict disinfection and decontamination procedures to make our facilities safe, sterile, and secure for your visit.


What We’re Doing to Make Aristocrat Plastic Surgery Safe For You  

We’d like to share what we’ve been doing to make our office facilities safe for you, and what we will continue to do to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.


COVID-19 Decontamination

In addition to our high-level disinfection protocol and typical aseptic and hygiene standards, we have hired a coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service to sterilize both of our offices in Manhattan and Great Neck. The decontaminant spray kills the virus and helps to prevent future spread.


Wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our staff is required to wear PPE and is continuing to follow our high-level disinfection protocols and hygiene standards. We kindly ask that anyone who comes into our offices to also wear a protective mask or face covering.


FLIR Thermal Temperature Checks

Our FLIR Thermal camera is able to take temperatures at a distance. Each patient who walks through our doors will have their temperature taken by one of our nurses, prior to their appointment.


COVID-19 Swab Testing

Before any patient undergoes a cosmetic procedure in our offices, we will be administering a COVID-19 swab test. We want to ensure that our patients have a healthy immune system to prevent complications down the line.


Serology Testing for COVID-19

The serology test looks for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies, made in response to the virus. All staff will undergo serology testing, and if antibodies are present, we will know that they have been exposed to COVID-19. This testing will be available to present and prospective patients as well.


Super Immune Vitamin Drips

Super Immune Vitamin Drips are available to all healthy patients who walk through our doors. These Super Immune Drips are an infusion of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to boost your immune system.


If You’re Not Ready To Come In, We’ve Still Got You Covered  

We completely understand if you’re a current or prospective patient who’s still feeling a bit apprehensive about returning or visiting Aristocrat for cosmetic services, and would like to wait until conditions improve further down the road. 

So if you’re not scheduling any surgical procedures, and need options on how to take care of yourself while sheltering at home, we’ve got information you can use!


Staying Beautiful Every Day with Aristocrat At Home Self Care

Here are some of Aristocrat’s best products and recommendations to help you maintain beautiful, healthy skin at home. All of these products are sold at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics locations in store and are also available with free shipping or curbside pickup.

Until you’re ready to visit us again, Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics is ready to help you maintain your most beautiful self at home with a complete line of high-quality at home care products you can trust. Thank you, as always, for your continued loyalty. We look forward to seeing you again!

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