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Why is Kim Kardashian Injecting Her Face With Blood?

Don’t be alarmed if you see Kim Kardashian’s face covered with blood, she is alright.  What we see in Kim’s Instagram picture is a revolutionary anti-aging facial treatment called Selphyl System which uses platelet-rich plasma mixed with a small amount of patient’s blood as dermal filler.  The plasma is combined with Restylane or Juvederm, and injected into the face for collagen production to create new skin and to remove wrinkles and acne scars.

This procedure, commonly known as “vampire facial” (which sounds scarier then it actually is) is a Food and Drug Administration approved anti-aging technology.  The 45-minute facial treatment is becoming more popular among celebrities because it is a good and fast way for looking youthful and fresh.

Selphyl System is appropriate for patients of all ethnicities, who want to remove the signs of aging and smoothen their skin around the nose and mouth. For more information about this new treatment, please contact Aristocrat’s certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani .

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