Dr Kevin Tehrani

Why You Should Trust Your Certified Surgeon

A good relationship between the patient and the doctor is the key to a successful procedure.

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The first thing you should do before you consider any kind of procedure, is to choose a surgeon whom you can trust and who is certified. Knowing that you have chosen an experienced doctor can give you confidence and trust in him.

In its Guide to Safe Plastic Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that patients should choose a physician who has completed at least five years of surgical training, with a minimum of two years in plastic surgery. The surgeon must be well trained and experienced in every kind of procedure, from liposuctions to breast reconstructions. He must operate in accredited medical facilities, and follow a strict code of ethics. For your surgeon, patient safety should be priority!

With an expert surgeon you can consult about every minor detail about the surgery. For example, you may be anxious about the procedures. That is quite a normal thing. If your doctor is experienced, he will assure you that he knows what’s best for you.

His assurance can give you confidence to trust your doctor and take the consultations with him with utter seriousness. The consultations are not only for you to understand the procedure, but they are also useful time for him to learn more about you, about your diet or life habits like smoking or what medication you take. The surgeon should have a full disclosure of your health history, including prior surgeries or any kind of complications.

With that information the doctor will suggest to you how to properly prepare for the procedure .

The last thing you should do is to relax. If you’ve chosen an experienced and certified surgeon, and you have followed his suggestions and prepared accordingly for the cosmetic surgery, then you will be okay. There is nothing to worry about; after all aesthetic surgery is for you to be more beautiful!


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