As the weather cools down thoughts turn to snowmen, holiday traditions, and snuggling by the fire. This winter add in a new cold weather tradition: plastic surgery. The cooler weather and extra time indoors has many benefits for post-plastic surgery patients. We love cosmetic enhancement any time of the year, but for an easier recovery, these procedures pair perfectly with winter.

Facelift- A New Year and a New You

Start the New Year with a rejuvenated, younger looking face. A facelift can dramatically transform your appearance, sending your looks back in time 5, or even 10 years. Dr. Tehrani uses a multi-level facelift technique to ensure that you look rejuvenated, not “done” after your surgery. Why is a facelift better in the winter? After your surgery you’ll need to stay out of the sun for several weeks. Too much sun too soon after surgery can lead to permanent skin discoloration and changes in the appearance of your scars. Staying inside gives your body time to heal and ensures the flawless result that Dr. Tehrani is known for. During the winter we naturally spend extra time inside, making it possible to recover without missing out on important events and activities. You’ll also love being able to use a winter hat and scarf to cover some of your bruising and swelling as you heal.

Liposuction- Gorgeous Curves in Time for Summer

A perfect summer body starts now. If you have fat that won’t budge even with good diet and plenty of exercise, liposuction can help. This procedure removes stubborn fat to shape and sculpt the body. After liposuction you will have some bruising and swelling which can last for several weeks. Much of the swelling will resolve in the first few weeks, but it can take a couple of months to achieve the final results. Come in during the winter and look amazing come summer. Another perk of winter liposuction is the ability to easily cover compression garments. After your surgery you’ll need to wear a special elastic garment for a couple of weeks. This is easily hidden under winter clothing, but in the summer, it can be more difficult. You’ll also find the extra layers more comfortable when the weather’s chilly.

Breast Augmentation

Are you thinking about breast augmentation? Winter is a great time to do it. Surgical bandages are easily covered by winter clothing and layers are your best friend in camouflaging your new breasts before they soften and settle into a natural looking position. Many of our patients opt for wintertime breast augmentation so they can reveal their new body in a sexy bikini at the first pool parties of summer. You’ve never looked so good!

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Non-surgical treatments are a great option for winter too. If you have sun damage, winter is an ideal time to treat it. Laser skin resurfacing treatments like the Fraxel laser require some time out of the sun. Stop sun damage in its tracks and enjoy brighter, more rejuvenated skin. Take advantage of the cooler winter weather and extra time indoors. Winter is an excellent time for plastic surgery. Call today and schedule your consultation at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery.
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