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5 Awesome Fitness Studios in New York

Looking for an awesome workout? Here are five awesome fitness studios in New York guaranteed to have you breaking a sweat:

1. Sonic Yoga

A friendly environment where eclectic souls can meet and practice yoga together among expert teachers in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Check it out here.

2. Row House

A rowing studio with several locations that welcome men and women of all fitness levels who are interested in a high energy, low impact work, full-body workout.  Check it out here.

3.Regenerate Fitness NYC

A private and semi-private personal training center that teaches TRX, Pilates, Tabata and more in order to help students reform and revitalize. Check it out here.

4. Peloton Cycle

A state-of-the-art cycling studio in Chelsea with world-class fitness instructors that inspire guests to strengthen their muscles using immersive metrics. Check it out here.

5. Five Pillars Yoga

A welcoming sanctuary for yogis who are seeking cultivation of emotional, spiritual, and physical harmony. Check it out here.


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