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Breast Lift + Implants: Is This Two-Part Procedure Right for Me?

If you’ve got breast sagging, breast implants alone may not be the solution. Although implants can enhance shape and size, they do little to correct sagging. For women with moderate to severe sagging, Dr. Tehrani often recommends pairing a lift with your augmentation. Don’t worry, it’s not a separate surgery. We combine these procedures together to lift, enhance, and perfect your breasts with only one trip to the operating room. Do you need a breast lift with your implants? We’ll help you decide during your consultation. Call and schedule one today!

How Do I Know if I Need a Breast Lift?

Do you have breast sagging? Most women will experience this at some point in their lives. Weight fluctuations, pregnancy/breastfeeding, and aging can cause once perky breasts to droop and sag. During a lift, breast tissues are repositioned and lifted, excess skin is removed, and the areola is reduced if needed. The result is perkier, more youthful breasts. You may be a good candidate for a breast lift if you feel your breasts are sagging. A lift can be performed on its own if you’re happy with your breast size or paired with breast augmentation.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Lift with My Breast Augmentation?

You’re ready for those implants, but is a lift really necessary? Many women can have a successful breast augmentation without a breast lift. If you have little to no breast sagging, a lift isn’t needed. If you have moderate to severe sagging, you’ll get better results from your breast augmentation if you get a lift too. Placing implants inside saggy breasts only creates bigger, saggy breasts. We need to correct the sagging to ensure your new breasts look their best.

A breast lift can:

  • Correct drooping breasts
  • Restore a more youthful appearance
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Help clothing to look and fit better

Will Adding a Breast Lift Increase My Recovery Time After Breast Augmentation?

Pairing a breast lift with your breast augmentation saves time. By combining the two procedures you can recover from both together, reducing the amount of time you’ll need to take off work. Women getting a lift and augmentation may spend a little more time in recovery than women just getting implants, but overall, you should have less downtime than if you had the procedures performed separately. Plan on missing 1-2 weeks of work and avoiding exercise for 4-6 weeks.

Are you ready for your dream breasts? A breast lift paired with your augmentation can help you to eliminate sagging while adding volume and enhancing shape. Call today!

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