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I’m Interested in a Chemical Peel, but Don’t Have Time for Recovery

A chemical peel can transform your skin. This beloved procedure can fade lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, improve skin texture, fade discoloration, and brighten dull skin. The best news? With a superficial peel, you can get your chemical peel and get right back to life—no downtime needed! Call and schedule your chemical peel today.

I’ve Heard Chemical Peels Require a Lot of Downtime. Is this True?

When it comes to chemical peel recovery, depth matters. Chemical peels can range in intensity from light, superficial peels to deep, invasive peels, and everything in between. Each type has its unique benefits. In general, deeper peels require more downtime and light peels often require none. Deeper peels usually provide results in fewer treatments, but you can get great results from a superficial peel, especially if you have a series of peels to start.

What’s Recovery Like After a Superficial Chemical Peel?

Superficial peels typically use a light acidic solution to remove only the outermost layers of skin. These peels often feature acids like glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy acid. During the peel, you’ll feel a gentle tingling or burning. After the peel, you can resume your regular activities immediately. Many patients come in on their lunch break and head right back to work post-peel. After examining your skin, we can recommend a chemical peel formulated for your skin type and concerns.

After your peel, you may have some redness, light peeling, etc., but this should fade quickly (often in just a day or two). Give yourself a week before a big social event but, otherwise, you can go to work, exercise, and attend your regular activities as usual. We’ll give you instructions for caring for your skin after your chemical peel.

Is a Chemical Peel Right for Me?

Chemical peels are an excellent choice for many skin types, colors, and concerns. Schedule a consultation for personalized advice about your skin. You may benefit from a chemical peel if:

  • You have aging skin.
  • You have acne or mild breakouts.
  • You want to fade fine lines and wrinkles.
  • You want to even out skin tone.
  • You have sun damage or discoloration.
  • You want to rejuvenate your skin with a powerful, non-invasive treatment.

Call and schedule your chemical peel today!

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