Achieve Beautiful Results with PermaLip™ Lip Implants

While dermal fillers are a great option for lip enhancement, many patients eventually prefer a lasting option. With PermaLip, it’s possible to achieve full, beautiful lips that complement your facial features and last for years.

This long-lasting implant is made of soft silicone that looks and feels completely natural. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for lip implants in Manhattan or Long Island.

PermaLip: How It Works

In previous years, the options for lip augmentation often created disappointing results for patients. While many men and women sought full lips, they didn’t like the unnatural results produced by most lip implant techniques. PermaLip was designed to avoid many of the pitfalls from prior methods, giving patients a lasting solution for achieving natural-looking lip enhancement.

PermaLip lip implants are made from a soft, solid silicone that looks and feels natural. They are perfectly contoured and tapered to match the patient’s natural lip shape. Previously used implant materials often caused tissue growth irregularities due to the surface and texture of the device. With a smooth implant surface, PermaLip offers a safer and much more predictable alternative.

When surgically implanted, these clinically proven implants provide natural-looking volume to the lips. If the patient later decides to no longer have implants or would like a different size, PermaLip devices can easily be removed or replaced. They’ve undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure safety and efficacy for patients.

What to Expect from Your Lip Implants Procedure

For optimal patient comfort, the procedure begins with local anesthesia administered to the treatment site. Small incisions will be made at the corner of the mouth on the upper and lower lips. The implants are then passed through these incisions until they fit across the entire length of the lips.

Once the implants are in place, the incisions are carefully sutured. The entire procedure typically takes no more than 30 minutes, and since local anesthesia is used, the recovery process is easy. There are different implant sizes available to match your cosmetic tastes and natural anatomy.

Are Lip Implants with PermaLip Right for You?

Perhaps you’ve noticed a loss of lip volume with aging, or maybe you’ve never been happy with the fullness and projection of your lips. In either case, lip implants can provide a long-lasting solution to these cosmetic concerns.

Our NYC and Long Island patients seeking this procedure typically:

  • Want to restore lip volume lost due to age
  • Want to enhance naturally thin lips
  • Currently use dermal fillers but want a lasting option for lip enhancement

During your consultation at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, Dr. Kevin Tehrani will personally meet with you to go over your options. This meeting will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure and discuss your reasons for seeking lip enhancement. Dr. Tehrani works closely with his patients to discover their cosmetic preferences and ultimate goals. Based on this information, he will create a personalized treatment plan.

Recovery After Lip Enhancement

It’s common for patients to experience swelling and mild pain after the procedure. These symptoms typically peak within the first few days and begin to resolve by one week. During the beginning of your recovery, you should eat soft food and avoid using straws. It’s also helpful to sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling, and patients should avoid sun exposure during the first two weeks as well.

While many post-op symptoms subside by the first week, patients usually take about two weeks off from work due to residual swelling. Strenuous activity should be avoided for three to four weeks.

Are the Results Lasting?

Yes. Unlike dermal fillers, which require regular touch-up sessions, the results of PermaLip lip implants are lasting. The specially designed implants are solid and have a non-porous surface, so there is no risk of rupture or deflation. If the patient opts for a different size or no longer wants implants, they can easily be removed or replaced through a simple procedure.

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