Stay Beautiful Every Day with Aristocrat At Home Self Care Products! Part 5

Feeling shy or embarrassed by balding? We have something for you!

Thinning hair or balding doesn’t have to be traumatic. If you’re trying to stem the loss of hair and maintain a look that makes you feel confident and self-assured, Aristocrat’s specially formulated hair growth formula can help you do just that. It’s sold at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics locations and is also available with free shipping or curbside pickup.


APS Hair Growth Formula is a customized topical treatment for effective hair growth stimulation. This treatment addresses the variables that can lead to hair loss and hair thinning. APS Hair Growth Formula features stem-cell stimulation, and opening ion cells within cells. It works to suppress dihydrotestosterone and manage perifollicular fibrosis. And, it’s properties act as an exertion of antioxidant effects, an extension of the anagen growth phase, and a blockade of chronic inflammation.

Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics is here to help you maintain your most beautiful self with a complete line of high-quality products you can trust for your self care treatments at home!

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