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The Before and After of Brazilian Butt Lifts

If diet and exercise have not provided you with the kind of bottom you want, you might consider getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. In the plastic surgery arena, butts are big business. Even men are undergoing the procedure, some for the aesthetic effect and others to add more volume to keep their pants up! t’s a two-in-one plastic surgery procedure that gives them more roundness and fullness to their buttocks.

Women and men who add volume and roundness to flat or small bottoms can enjoy a more voluptuous and perky profile. Augmentation can be achieved through fat injections of your own body fat (fat grafting) or with silicone implants. Buttock augmentation allows you to enlarge or reshape your buttocks, contouring them and compensating for low amounts of fat in the area.

How well you prepare yourself for your Brazilian butt lift procedure will significantly impact the results you’ll see once your recovery and healing is complete. Here are some tips to follow to get you ready for your Brazillian butt lift.

Best Practices to follow Before Your Procedure


  • Consult! If you haven’t done so yet, your first assignment is to locate a board-certified New York plastic surgeon who is skilled and qualified to perform Brazilian butt lifts. They can help assemble a personalized process to get you ready for your procedure. The time you spend in consultation with your plastic surgeon allows you to build a relationship with them, check his or her medical background and training, their certifications, photo galleries of before & after work, and discuss any concerns you might have.
  • Eat Healthy! Your diet is important, but even more so when you’re in preparation for getting a Brazilian butt lift. You should be close to your ideal weight before undergoing your procedure, and this is because you’ll be better able to manage and support the results of your butt lift for a much longer time. At least a few weeks before surgery, drink plenty of water, eat nutritious foods, get regular exercise and quit smoking. Keeping your body strong and maintaining a stable weight is essential to the results of your butt lift because when you lose or gain weight after your procedure, it will also show in your buttocks.
  • Don’t Stress! If you’re getting stressed out about your upcoming procedure, try practicing stress relief methods like calm breathing, soothing meditation, and invigorating yoga. These stress relievers are beneficial in speeding up your body’s healing during recovery, decrease the amount of time of your hospital stay, minimize in-surgery and post-op complications as well as post-op pain, and most of all, reduce anxiety.
  • Stock Up! There are specific items you’ll need to have on hand after you return home from your Brazilian butt lift to make your recovery go smoother. Make sure you have antibacterial soap to avoid contracting an infection around the site of your surgery. Have a well-stocked kitchen with healthy foods and beverages to give your body the protein and nutrition it will need to heal adequately. Loose, comfortable clothing will keep you resting comfortably through while you recover, and ice packs will certainly help reduce any swelling in your buttocks.

Other postoperative supplies you may need at some point during your recovery include an inflatable donut that you can sit on, or a ‘happy booty pillow’ which we sell in the APS offices. For some time, sitting down, lifting, and squatting is going to be difficult if not nearly impossible. The donut or booty pillow will keep you from sitting directly on your buttocks and putting pressure on incision sites.

Now is also a good time to line up someone to help you around the house. In some cases, you might need to stay somewhere close to your New York plastic surgeon such as a hotel to avoid lengthy travel for follow up visits. For most of your recovery phase, lying on the stomach or sides will be the best ways to sleep.

  • Move It! For women, it’s advisable to start and keep up an exercise routine in the weeks and months ahead of your plastic surgery that focuses on their bottoms to get the maximum benefit from their Brazilian butt lift. Building up the muscles in the butt will help you achieve a sleek, toned buttocks that will be even better accentuated from your plastic surgery procedure. Be sure to include squats, lunges, and other similar exercises that will help tone up muscle around your upper legs and buttocks.
  • Do It! Get your list of “to do’s” done. Finish up the shopping, the cleaning, and lining up childcare if needed before you go in for your procedure. Take care of any unfinished business or household work that needs to be completed before you fully recover so you can concentrate on resting and healing. There’ll be restrictions on what you’ll be able to do for at least several weeks.
  • Fill It! Don’t forget to have all of your necessary medications refilled, along with the medications your plastic surgeon will give you for your post-op recovery. With your medications ready and waiting for you, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and won’t have to burden your caregiver.
  • Stop It! Speaking of medications, you may need to stop taking certain ones before your surgery for a short period of time. This is because some medicines can have adverse effects on the body like causing excess bleeding during your procedure. Get all necessary clearances and instructions from your plastic surgeon in plenty of time before the day of your surgery.
  • Be Real! You will see a noticeable difference in your buttocks following your procedure, but keep your expectations realistic. Brazilian butt lifts are contoured and sculpted to be in line with each patient’s distinctive body characteristics and build. Don’t compare yourself with exaggerated images of what pop culture says is beauty.

Best Practices to follow After Your Procedure


  • Begin Recovery! The healing begins immediately following your procedure. While you can expect to experience swelling and bruising around the areas that were used to harvest fat cells, there will be pain that can be managed with an acetaminophen such as Tylenol. Your plastic surgeon will most likely advise against using narcotics after your first week post-op and ask you to switch to something like Tylenol if you weren’t using it already, especially when you begin driving a motor vehicle again.

    While each patient’s recovery from surgery is unique, most are up and walking within a day or two following their procedure. You should move about a bit as well as this can help with any issues with constipation. Don’t be startled by the drainage of tumescent fluid from your incision points if it is tinted with blood. This is a totally normal post-op condition, and it should clear up and end within a few days after your surgery.

  • Compress It! Your plastic surgeon will fit you with a special compression garment that will help the areas where your liposuction was performed be treated. Most patients are advised to wear their compression garments for about eight weeks to make sure the areas where your fat was harvested for your Brazilian butt lift can properly heal.

The compression garment also helps to reduce swelling and keep discomfort to a minimum so that the skin can retract. You’ll probably notice that the rear end of your compression garment has been cut out. This is to give the skin grafts time to solidify. They would otherwise be killed if the garment was wrapped around them.

  • No Butting! One of the most important tips you should follow is to refrain from sitting directly on your buttocks at least eight weeks following your Brazilian butt lift. You’ll be advised to sleep on your stomach or sides. Using a pillow to place behind your legs can help keep pressure off of your fat grafts by elevating the buttock. To see long-lasting results, this is very important to do, as direct pressure on the buttocks can negatively affect blood circulation around the area.

If blood circulation is reduced, the lack of it can destroy fat cells that were transferred to the buttocks. In general, nearly 40% of transferred fat might not survive no matter whether a patient has or hasn’t been sitting down. You should still make use of a cushion even after the first weeks into your recovery, and avoid prolonged sitting as well as sleeping on your back.

  • Go Slow! If you engage in high impact activities for exercise, they should immediately be put on hold. That includes any type of bouncing! You should be able to resume activities that are light and low impact, such as fast-past walking. The return to normal activities should not be pursued until about six to eight weeks following your Brazilian butt lift. And this may vary from patient to patient as each individual responds to the procedure differently.

    More strenuous exercising or activity can be resumed once the fat cells in the buttocks have stabilized, because they’re better able to take on impacts from exercises that burn fat like jogging and running. Listen and follow all post-op instructions your plastic surgeon gives you to ensure that your final results will look as aesthetically pleasing and contoured as you desired.
  • Control Pain! Pain and discomfort are a part of any post-surgery condition, and a Brazilian butt lift is no exception. It’s common to expect this as your tissue begins the healing process. In some cases, you may experience widespread bruising and swelling wherever fat cells were taken for your buttocks and where the injection sites are located. Your plastic surgeon will have painkillers prescribed for you, or will recommend over-the-counter medications like Tylenol depending on the degree of your pain.
  • Light Moves! For at least one month following your Brazilian butt lift procedure you should avoid any type of hard exercise or extreme activity. However once you’ve made it past a full week in your recovery, regular walking is highly recommended. Walking is an activity that helps improve blood circulation and increase the rate of healing. You might even see an improvement in your final results!
  • Have Patience! Don’t be alarmed if you can’t see initial results after only a few weeks because they will be completely covered up by the swelling due to tissue damage from your procedure. Final results may not even be noticeable until almost six months after your Brazillian butt lift is performed. So don’t get anxious and worried about this because it’s all an element of the process of recovery.

At Aristocrat Plastic Surgery & MedAesthetics, we’re always striving to provide our patients with the best surgical and post surgical experience possible. Dr. Kevin Tehrani has many years of experience providing his patients with successful Brazilian butt lifts. During your consultation with him, you’ll be able to tell him how you wish to look, and he will customize your surgical plan in order to provide you with the size of buttocks you desire.



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