What Goes Into Botched Liposuction Revision?

Botched liposuction doesn’t happen often but, when it does, it’s so unfortunate. A patient will come in after having liposuction done with another doctor, heartbroken over bad results. Perhaps the surgeon removed too much or too little fat. This can result in bulges, bumps, and ridges. Sometimes the patient has gained weight after surgery, making the deformities from their previous surgery much more visible. What can be done? If you have a botched liposuction, come see us at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery. Dr. Tehrani is a skilled surgeon with extensive experience performing liposuctions and liposuction revisions. He can help to restore a smooth, beautiful appearance to your body. If you’re unhappy with your liposuction results, we can help.

Tell Me More About Liposuction Revision

Liposuction revision is very similar to an initial liposuction treatment. The primary difference between the two procedures is the fact that, in revision, we aren’t just removing fat; we are trying to even out problems associated with a past surgery. Liposuction revision can yield very good results when properly performed. We can typically utilize any of the traditional methods of liposuction during a revision procedure. Recovery after liposuction revision is similar to first-time liposuction. Plan on missing about a week from work and wearing an elastic garment for about 2-3 weeks. Most patients describe the pain as mild.

How Can I Avoid a Liposuction Revision?

If you’re preparing for liposuction, choose your surgeon carefully so you can avoid subsequent surgeries and the need for future revisions. A highly skilled surgeon knows how to sculpt the body, removing the right amount of fat for a gorgeous, sculpted appearance. A skilled surgeon can help you to avoid complications, achieve the best possible aesthetic results, and reduce the need for future revision surgeries. Before choosing a surgeon, meet with that person and ask a lot of questions. Request to see photos of his or her past work, especially on liposuction and liposuction revision patients. Take your time, as your choice of surgeon is the most important decision you will make as you prepare for plastic surgery. Whether you’re preparing for initial liposuction or you’re unhappy with your past lipo results, we can help you achieve your dream body. Call today and schedule your consultation at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery.
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