Spring Fling 2021: May Metamorphosis

Our Spring Fling 2021 began with an educational summit #TehraniTalks during which APS staff talked about aging prevention and presented our newest and hottest treatments and skincare products. In the end of the event, the audience was able to participate in an interactive Kahoot game.


Scott (00:00:28): [Music] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you so much for joining tonight. We have an amazing program ahead as you’re getting all situated and settled to begin in roughly three or so minutes, we encourage you to use the chat, to ask questions throughout our program. Also, I would love to hear where all of you are joining from. So if you wouldn’t mind, go ahead in the chat, let us know the city and state you’re joining from we’d love to hear where everyone is joining from today. And again, we’re going to get started with our program roughly in about two minutes and 50 seconds from now. We got Dr. T in the house NYC being represented. So again, don’t be shy. You don’t have to turn your cameras on if you don’t want to, but we do encourage you. Just let us know where you’re joining from. This is a fully interactive program this evening, again, greatly appreciate you all being here tonight. [Music] We got that shouts out from the great neck staff saying hello, welcome, and thank you to all of our participants joining today. Again, in a few moments, we’re going to begin an amazing presentation for you. Plenty of prizes to give away as well. So don’t go anywhere. Lisa joining from Michigan. Welcome. Thank you. I know you’re heading back to New York city in a few weeks. Have safe travels, be safe, wherever you’re going. And again, thank you for being here tonight.

Scott (00:02:54): [Music] Raymond from Westchester. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everyone greatly appreciate you taking time out of your night for our 15th annual spring fling. We got a lot of great stuff. Great content, great prizes to give away. So thank you for being here and again, kicking off in about 30 seconds from now. Debbie, I see you dancing and moving a little bit. It’s great to have a good time. We’re all celebrating. [Music]

Scott (00:03:49): Now. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome officially to the 50th annual spring fling and education summit right here. My name is Scott. It’s a privilege. Pleasure to be your host today. And there’s a lot going on today. A lot of fun, a lot of excitement, a lot of great content, a lot of great prizes. So I don’t want you to go anywhere. Our program is going to begin momentarily. And as I mentioned, there’s so much great stuff tonight. In addition to receiving all the great content and information, you’re able to take advantage for our spring plank promotion up to 30% on all the non-surgical procedures also that’s this week only. So you’ve got to stick around to learn more. But in addition to that, at the end of our program and presentation, we got more prizes to give away free stuff. You don’t want to miss.

Scott (00:04:37): You need to be present to win. So I don’t want you to go anywhere, stay right here. Cause we want you to win some great stuff. And there’s about 29 of you on right now. So great opportunities for you to all walk away with some great prize. I know we’re expecting many more now. I just want to share some tips on navigating through our program today, for the best possible experience, we encourage you to stay in speaker view. So if you’re in gallery view and you see all the boxes with no on there, just click on the view button, click on speaker view that will allow you to see all the great content that we’re showing throughout our time together. You also see everyone’s mic is currently muted. There might be times we ask you to unmute yourself, but we still encourage you to utilize the chat, to ask questions that we’ll answer throughout the program.

Scott (00:05:18): We’ll also have a question and answer session following our presentation. So please make sure you communicate using the chat and then we’ll get to any questions you have. And if for any reason, I’ll just share that now for any reason, we don’t get to your questions. Don’t worry. The office will be back in contact with you, or you can reach out to the office to ask any questions you don’t want to put in the chat as well. Now, if there’s any technical support or anything, you need to make your experience better. Go ahead and message text support right there. You’ll see a message pop up on the zoom chat and we’ll do everything possible to make sure you have an amazing experience. Also before we get started momentarily, if you don’t want to wait until tomorrow to take advantage of all the amazing stuff, amazing opportunities up to 30% off, all you gotta do is text the office.

Scott (00:06:03): You can text them right now as you’re watching the presentation to take advantage of all this and write the number down. So go get a pen handy. We’ll also go ahead and put in the chat momentarily, but text the office (212) 439-9900. I’ll repeat that one more time. Do you want to write it down? (212) 439-9900. Go ahead and text the office. So that way you’re able to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that can be presented tonight. That being said, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to kick off our presentation. So Louisa, I turn it off to you.

Louisa (00:06:46): Hi everybody. My name is Louisa. I’ve been with Aristocrat plastic surgery since 2000 and 2010. It’s been here for a long time. I love working here. I love doing all the treatments. I do all of the laser treatments and skincare. I love our patients and I love making you feel your very best. Next slide. So today we’re going to talk about, so first signs of aging and how we can help you with with those first signs of aging, then you’ll see as you age. You start to get some, some crows feet around the eyes, and you’ll get some dehydration around the cheeks and a little bit of drooping around the upper eyelid. We can help with all of these things, even dark circles and sun damage. So it’s a combination of what you’re doing at home like skincare and what you can what we can do for you in the office. Next.

Louisa (00:07:56): So some of the factors that cause your skin to age is sun exposure, sleep deprivation, and stress, smoking, and alcohol. And if you look at the slide on the right, you’ll see how you age as you get older. So in your twenties you have a little bit of things a labial fold a little tiny bit of crow’s feet, maybe a little bit of marionette lines. And as you get older, the older you get, you get a combination of, of, of fat loss and and bone loss. And you’ll see it as you get older throughout all of these stages, there are things that we can help.

Louisa (00:08:38): So fine lines and aging, there’s wrinkles, dullness of the skin. Unevenness of tone, some dry skin, blotchiness at age spots, rough skin texture, and visible pores. We can address all of these issues just by some treatments in the office. And some home care. So getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional. There’s always things that we can do to help you look your best and feel your best. We’re going to talk about today. A lot of these non-invasive treatments that we can do and our new skin care line.

Louisa (00:09:26): So I’m really proud to announce that APS has a new we’re launching our new skincare. So we’re going to talk about just a few today, but if you watch out on our social media media, as we get the new ones in, you’re going to see the new ones, we’re going to feature them on our social media. So one of the first ones is a tinted moisturizer with SPF. SPF is so important during the summer time. We want to make sure that you prevent the sun damage that causes radical damage and causes aging. And our tinted moisturizers is antioxidant rich. Has some like semi some hyaluronic acid for some moisturizing properties. And it provides both UVA and UVB protection, which is really important when you’re looking for a sunscreen. Another one that we have is if you’re a little on the drier side, we have a hydrating cream with SPF, same thing. It has some hyaluronic acid also has both UVA and UVB. The other one is tinted and this one is not tinted. Next.

Louisa (00:10:50): This is our new vitamin K cream. This is great for people who have, you know, purple or darkness under the eyes. And a lot of times, if you look at the skin under the eyes, it looks a little purple. And what you’ll see is little, little capillaries under the eyes. So this is perfect for those under eye circles. And it also helps when you get fillers, it helps with bruising. So we do want to use this for those people who are bruising for those sensitive areas. And it’s also great for fragile skin. People who have rosacea who are just have compromised skin that cause has anti inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

Louisa (00:11:37): Next. One of our new things that we’re really excited about is our control freak Acauline. So it’s going to be a whole line of acne products and the line is going to be called control freak. And this particular serum is made with some benzoyl peroxide to help clear out some of the acne and helps decrease the sebum, the sebum levels in our pores. So it prevents you put on in the morning, it helps absorb any oil and it prevents any breakouts before they start. It helps to exfoliate a little bit. So, so it helps to prevent those blackheads from forming underneath the skin.

Louisa (00:12:20): Next thing I’m excited to talk about is our new va-va voom shampoo and conditioner. It gives you some volume. And so for people who are sitting here, this gives you a lot of volume cleans the hair follicles without weighing your hair down, good. So now some of the treatments that we can adjust in the office are fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, some people get pigmentation from acne or sun damage, or they have malasis hormonal condition that will never go away, but we can help control it with some treatments that we have in the office, broken capillaries. We have a V beam or a vascular laser that helps to break down those capillaries. So you don’t look all red. We also have treatments that help the texture of the skin like peels and certain lasers. Scars, we do a modest surgery in our office.

Louisa (00:13:23): Tehrani is an amazing surgeon. So, sometimes we get a little bit of, you know, those [Inaudible], we use this fraxel, that almost eliminates these scars. So it looks like a fine white line. We also have treatments to help with wrinkles and acne and acne scarring and skin laxity, which we’ll go over in our next slide. So Fraxel, clean and brilliant. Is a great treatment to do in the summertime because if you can stay a couple of days out of the sun, this is a great treatment that helps to maintain good skin. So if you’re in your twenties and thirties, or if there’s, we’ve done a series of other treatments and you liked the way your skin works, clean and brilliance, a great treatment to do to help maintain those results. It helps with there’s no downtime. It helps with pigmentation.

Louisa (00:14:22): If you have malasma, this is actually a really nice treatment to do, it really helps with melasmas as well. HydraFacial, HydraFacial is a is a really nice deep cleansing facial. And it’s not like old time facials where you going steam. And they’re going to extract at the, with those, with those with the fingers and those old tools, these HydraFacial just helps to clean out your pores helps to hydrate the skin it forces hydration and antioxidants into your skin. And you look like you’re glowing afterwards. You can actually see a difference when you’re done. Nice.

Louisa (00:15:06): Ultherapy, one of my favorite treatments and she helps to it helps to build collagen all over so its. So like a spot treatment, we, we kind of do the whole face and it helps you it breaks down some of the college. And when we do a scan, when we look at your skin, we can see where the collagen is on your skin, we can treat those areas so that we can actually make more collagen, which in turn will help tighten the skin. And you’ll look like you’ll look well, rested, you’ll look like a tighter. And it actually opens up the eye and it helps with the neck. You can actually do it on the deck type. It’s, it’s really the gold standard for non-surgical skin tightening, Microneedling, we’ve been doing a lot of Microneedling with or without PRP. So Microneedling actually just forces, these little needles inside the face. And it’s really cold collagen induction treatment. So so the needles go into the face and it forces your body to build new skin and new skin cells through those little channels. It helps with acne scarring. It helps with lines and wrinkles. And it’s good for overall collagen induction.

Louisa (00:16:35): So now we have some injectables, injectables are great to use for volume loss, like from around the lips around the cheek, because as you get older, the fat they used to be on, is now sinking in those and all of a sudden we have labial folds. So the injectables, [inaudible] want to talk more about will help to replump or pull back those lead age, that the time of that what does, what damage time does for us unfortunately. Next, And here we have Dr. Kevin Tehrani he’s the master of all plastic surgery. He’s done my plastic surgery, bowel plasty, and Liopsuction. And he’s amazing. And I’ve been working here for 10, 12, 10 years now, and he really doesn’t always amazes me of what he can do and welcoming that’s Tehrani

Dr. T (00:17:36): Thank you so much, Louisa. And I’m going to say the same thing about Louisa. She’s amazing. One of the things that I want all of our audience to hear about and know is that we’re all here to be able to provide all of your aesthetic needs. Now, whether or not it’s skincare, metastatic, being able to apply different kinds of non-surgical things to do. Of course, I’m a plastic surgeon and I do surgery, but it’s not about that. The days of I’m a plastic surgeon and all I do surgery were gone 20 years ago, and now we’ll do it a lot more, less invasive things, starting with injections, starting with a non-surgical treatments, like what Louisa talked about, she’s done my old therapy and, and other procedures that kind of gets you to the point where you don’t need to jump into surgery to the, at that some point in time, you may, but you don’t have to, you have a lot of other healthy, good options to basically keep spruced up. So we’re going to talk about some of that right now.

Dr. T (00:18:38): So why is it that your face ages and what can we do about it now? Face aging is going to happen. Aging is going to continue in general. Facial aging is what most people talk about the most. Cause that’s what you see most of the time, but of course, there’s body aging, there’s sun damage, all that stuff that goes in place. But overall is a combination of fat loss, descent, and overall collagen degradation or removal of collagen and throughout the natural process of aging and all of those things we can actually reverse. So neuromodulators Botox is the one everybody’s heard about Botox. Xeomin this sport and are, are ones that we have available right now are wrinkle reduction. You’re going to hear about Mimma, who did my Botox yesterday, and it’s something that we all do. And it’s something I am not not to belittle it, but it’s kind of like getting your hair done at this point in time.

Dr. T (00:19:34): It’s it’s for basically anti-aging you want to look better. You want to feel better and you want to have a little boat and you have some Botox. It does not paralyze you. It’s not a bat paralyzing your muscles. So you have no expression. And that doesn’t look natural. It’s a bad just slowly and minimally improving gets. So I breast you don’t look tired. You don’t have you don’t have any deep wrinkles in your face. And some, some things we can actually elevate, we actually can elevate your brow with it at the same time. So it’s not just about erasing wrinkles. We could do some modulation of a shape dermal fillers. The very first time when I started my practice, we had collagen that lasted like two months now, fast forward to now where behalf FDA approved over 10 different fillers available, available in the U S we’re lucky because there’s a very vigorous FDA process here in the states.

Dr. T (00:20:32): That’s not true of anywhere else than, than our country. And like in Europe they have 50 different fillers and it actually gets confusing. So the key thing is we carry most of those and we’ve tailored it. And all myself, including all of our other providers, we’ve literally taped, tailored how and where we’re using things that work the best for patients and give them a longer lasting results as well, as much as they want, there are different types of fillers. There’s hyaluronic acid, fillers, hyaluronic acid is something that’s normally found in your skin. And something that over time, your body just degrades and replaces, and we’ve found hydronic assets to be very soft. Some are entry-level fillers for somebody who’s never had any injections. That would be a good filler in different areas. And then we slowly graduate them to ones that lasted a little bit longer or an, a deeper plane injection like radius radius is calcium hydroxy appetite, which is basically microspheres of tiny little bone speculum.

Dr. T (00:21:35): It’s not anybody’s bonus synthetic, but it makes your own body build collagen. So unlike hyaluronic acids that make, that are normally finding your skin, this actually is a bio stimulatory. It actually makes your own body build collegen, so different areas of the body, or really the face that we inject, are the temples as we age, the kind of temporal hollows happen. The cheeks Musa always inject nasal labial folds. But when we first started, we thought that was the best place to do it. Most of the studies are done in the nasal labial folds, but we found out if we just ever so slightly improved the cheeks in a very natural way, kind of like where you put your blush on your face, you end up having a more natural resolve and not having the full face that everybody hates. Most of the people that have had injections, you should not know they’ve any injections, unless it’s immediately after the mission. They may have some swelling, but overall, it should be a really nice natural transition to their face. Chin under eyes, the rest of the body, we can inject as well. Some arms we can inject ear lobes at different areas. We can inject based on the actual patient’s needs.

Dr. T (00:22:50): So there is a new RHA filler collection. And I’m very excited by this RHA filler correction, because it doesn’t have some fancy name that has been marketed. It basically says, Hey, two, three, four, it’s a little bit deeper, a little bit thicker for a little softer on one. But one of the most amazing thing about it is the fact that it’s so versatile and so natural because it expands and contracts with your own natural skin. Some of the deeper ones, if they’re injected superficially, when you animate it may not look like normal skin. Now, of course you don’t want that. And you want to look natural not only at rest, but when you animate and this collection is kind of like the, the form of the face. It actually just fits the body fits the face really well. And we like it a lot because it’s very malleable, and we can use it in different parts of the face and body for that matter, but it’s FDA approved for the face and we can use it as a off-label in different parts of the body.

Dr. T (00:23:52): So, RHA two, like I mentioned earlier is one that we could use typically around the lips, lower eyelids, arch threes, and things, labial fold sometimes in the chain or marionette lines and RHA four that was RHA three RHA four is something that we use for a deeper indication like may Lark or jawline for longer-lasting results. These are some typical before and afters, as you can see, she’s got a really nice natural shape to her face to begin with, but over time, she’s getting a little bit more descent in her cheeks, her folds are a little bit more visible. So it’s nice to kind of eliminate those. And it’s not about putting a lot of volume to be able to achieve that result.

Dr. T (00:24:38): Another patient that’s starting to get some pre Giles in the marionette lines and also her nasal labial folds some crows feet that could use Botox, which was not done, but in the lower part of the face, she had RHA that with very natural improvement in her, into her mid to lower face. Another patient who had deeper lines, she has pretty significant lines in the nasal labial folds specifically on the right side. And as you can see, her cheek is improved for folds in the nasal cores is basically almost eliminated, but still very natural looking. And this, even though you’re not seeing it right now, and the animation is very natural. What happens with bone loss? So all of these things that we see externally, not, not only happened because of the nasal labial fold or your cheeks and fat send them fat bonding loss, we actually over time lose bone. And when you lose that structure, unfortunately, the aging process is more apparent.

Dr. T (00:25:43): So what do we do with bones loss? So there is a very specific procedure. We do call the YLift, invited, invented by Dr. [Inaudible] Good friend of mine who really addresses the bony issue. And this is a young woman who really is not going through aging. She really just does not have really good bone support. So as you can see, her and her chin is kind of further back, it’s called the restaurant at your neck, looks like she has a lot of neck fullness, and surely doesn’t have a defined jawline, especially on the outside of her neck. And all we’ve done is inject filler right on her mandibular bone or her jaw bone, strategically placed filler. That’s been injected with a canula not even a needle, quite a few syringes, but if you inject that it dramatically changes your structure of the face. And that’s a YLift cause it’s really an augmentation or reshaping of the bone. This is another patient who has a combination of not having a great jawline, especially in her chin as well as aging. And as you can see, not only did we improve her jawline, she’s got beautiful, sharp mandibular jawline in her cheeks we elevated, but looks like we got rid of her wrinkles. And that’s why it’s called the YLift cause that YLift not only elevates you, but also makes sure makes your wrinkles go away. It’s kind of like pulling on a, on a on your blanket, on the bed, pull it tight when something is taught underneath it. And that’s what the YLift does.

Dr. T (00:27:21): Another patient from the front as a can see her, the shape of her of her jawline is improved dramatically. She’s pulled back. This is not a surgical lift. This is a really natural jawline and cheek enhancement with the YLift. Sometimes fillers are just not going to cut it. It doesn’t matter where you inject it. If you inject it on the bone, if you inject it on the mailer area and the fillers, certainly surgeries is one option, but now we have a nonsurgical, but just as good option, which we’ll talk about next. And that’s going to be the silhouette instant lift. So silhouette instant lift is very different than other threads. So silhouette and Nova threads are two different animals. We’re going to talk about those two things individually.

Dr. T (00:28:11): So, how do the threads love sport in general, threat lifts are threads or absorbable suture material that have a barbs in them kind of almost like a, a, the quills. And when we inject them into the, the kind of injected, like when we do injection fillers with a needle, we can actually use them to lift. Now, there are different kinds of thread lift, as opposed to a surgical facelift. A thread lift has really minimal downtime depending on the kind of thread that’s done. Like no we’ll lift or silhouette lift. We’ll have a little bit of a shorter, long time convert to a surgical facelift, which needs anesthesia and doesn’t has a much longer downtime, but certainly has more of a result. So the idea is not one or the other, in my thought process with facial aging, you kind of do the threads and the injection and the fillers before you really need a face lift, because if you start them with facelift in your fifties, you ended up by the time you were in your eighties, with two to three facelifts under your belt. And that’s when it starts looking kind of funky and is if you do it naturally and slowly with that progression. And then you do a proper facelift once, maybe a second time, then everything looks very natural and graceful.

Dr. T (00:29:33): So who’s a good candidate for thread lifts. It’s usually somebody who in, in their thirties and forties started to have some, a collagen loss in their face. They don’t really are there for a facelift and fillers are not really gonna affect those specific areas. And that’s probably going to do the thread lift, which also by the way, builds collagen in the area with it. So not only do they lift, but they also build collagen in that area. So these are before and afters patients that have had threads lift in our office, the most amazing part of a thread lift, which is almost not even a thread lift is a silhouette instalift, the silhouette instaLift really addresses the cheeks. It typically just pulls up the cheek line somewhat of the mandibular or the marionette lines as well, but mainly the cheek one, as you could see in her, she actually had some nasal folds.

Dr. T (00:30:26): That’s not a full letter at all. That’s just been lifted and some threads in the office, three to five days of downtime with really natural results that lasts up to two years. Now, the gentlemen who’s had a, a thread lift on, as you could see, she started elevated really nicely. A jawline is elevated, really doesn’t have any wrinkles in the lower part of the of the Mariana lines. It was a really nice natural improvement, especially in men, face lifts in men can look very, very fake and that’s because our hairline can move back. All of a sudden, if you’re not shaving, your beard is growing on your ear and it looks unnatural. So unless somebody really needs major actually a lot more than this gentleman started off with, we like to kind of postpone that.

Dr. T (00:31:15): Another lady who thread lifts a silhouette lift, we’re able to really lift up her cheeks. And this slow lift in particular has really large, not only bars, but Combs that really attached to the tissues to be able to lift it up. Nonsurgically no doubt we’ll have three to five days of swelling downtime, but no actual cuts. Another lady who who actually has very deep nasal labial folds and had some key load issues as well. So as surgical face of not only was not in her radar to have done, but also the fact that you could have some key load scarring. So we wanted to avoid surgery altogether. And this is a non-surgical thread lift elevation. So lip fillers versus permanent lips. So you can have lip fillers, you can have hyaluronic lip fillers. It can have some longer lasting

Dr. T (00:32:08): Hyaluronic acid in the lip with really good results, but after a while, they’re all absorbable. So some patients can benefit from PERMA lip, which is a surgical placement of a silicone implant inside your lip. And we can inject that in there. We can place that either in the upper and lower lips, under local anesthesia with three to five days of downtime and people that wish to have longer lasting results and not wanting to have injections all the time, worst comes to worst. You don’t like the the implant it’s very easily removed 10 years from when it was implanted on the local anesthesia.

Dr. T (00:32:50): Next, it’s my pleasure to introduce Mimma Mazzola, who is our physician associate. As of today, she’s no longer a physician assistant. She’s a physician associates. I’m proud to have her in our office. Mimma is not only great with patients and talking to them and really embracing their questions and concerns in a really nice way which I really appreciate, but also she’s great with her hands either helping me in the operating room. And of course outside doing injections she just did my Botox fillers. And because we’re the, one of the few practice to have QWO, and Mimma was a big part of our QWO launch. She’s an expert in QWO injections. She’s going to tell you all about that. Take it away, Mimma.

Mimma (00:33:38): Thank you, Dr. Tehrani. So hi everyone. My name is Mimma Mazola. So like Dr. Tehrani said, I’m going to be talking about QWO tonight, which is one of the newest FDA approved injectables for cellulite. So let’s go to the next side. So, like I said, QWO is one of the first and only FDA approved injectables for moderate to severe cellulite mainly for the buttocks in woman. So a little bit of a background cellulite is what is cellulite. So it’s caused by these connective tissue bands that actually pull our fat and our skin down into deeper layers of our skin causing an uneven appearance visually. So what does QWO consist of? So it’s actually made up of a substance called, called collagenase, which is an enzyme which helps targets those bands it helps release those bands. And that fibrous tissue that’s causing that dimpling appearance.

Mimma (00:34:38): QWO also helps redistribute on the fat cells when it is injected, as well as it simulates new collagen growth, which is gonna help with that overall improved appearance of your skin. Next slide. So the treatment itself we do it in the office and it is non-surgical meaning you do not need any anesthesia for it to be done. It doesn’t tell three treatments which are done over a series of 21 days. Once those fibers Franz are dissolved with the injection, the results should be permanent. Always with maintenance, usually including diet and exercise. The injections themselves take about 10 minutes. Some things to expect after the injection is a lot of bruising at the site, some tenderness and some patients experience a little bit of a lumpiness bumpiness. That’s all normal due to the reaction that’s occurring underneath the skin.

Mimma (00:35:33): Some downtime. So the bruising can take about two weeks for it to settle completely. So I would take about two weeks of social downtime. So currently it is FDA approved for the buttocks. However, we have been seeing great results when treating cellulite on the size for some patients. I’m going to show you some before and after pictures and the next slide. So here, you’ll see that from between day one and about two and a half months later the appearance of the dimpling is much improved. There’s still a little bit for the deeper ones. It is good for moderate to severe, but it overall has a great rounded appearance. Same goes for this one, all the little dimples that are more superficial, have a better outcome since they’re not as deep, however, with the deeper ones, as you can see towards her bottom of her buttocks, they also have come out quite a bit.

Mimma (00:36:33): And same for this one. As you can see on the left side, she had a few of deeper dimples that are practically gone after the treatment. Okay. So for more information, you guys can call the office or go on our website, learn more about QWO, but now I’m going to talk to you and I’m going to introduce you, our amazing, talented, licensed aesthetician, who is actually trained specifically in manual lymphatic drainage treatments for our postoperative patients. She works within our med spa. She ensures that our patients help achieve and maintain their goals after surgery and improves their healing process overall. So here’s Ariana.

Ariana (00:37:14): Thank you. And hi everyone. Thank you for joining us and thank you for having me here. So I’m here and I do all of the post operative massages for all the practice runs patients and ensure that they get all the optimal results after surgery.

Ariana (00:37:30): So I’m very excited. I’m going to talk to you guys about ongoing treatment that we’re offering here. [inaudible] plastic surgery, which is Emsculpt Neo. So a little bit of about Emsculpt Neo, it’s first FDA approved non-invasive body sculpting treatment. So using radiofrequency and hyphen it helps burn fat, and it also helps build muscle mass. So Emsculpt is great for both men and women, women at all ages, men of all ages as well. And its FDA approved to work on the abdomen and the buttocks, thighs, and the arms as well. So Emsculpt uses radio frequency, and that helps in the reduction of fat at 30% with the high-fat you can get an increase of up to 25% of muscle growth and also the diastasis recti. It helps repair it. So usually it’s very common in a woman after they give birth. It damages their six-pack. So it really helps improve that 70%.

Ariana (00:38:39): So in order for you to get optimal results from Emsculpt, you need at least four treatments, and each treatment is 30 minutes long and 20 to 30 minutes, and you can do them from 5 to 10 days apart, so these are just a few slides from befores and afters. So when you place them on the abdomen, it’s equivalent to like the fall we would count. So let’s say in 30 minutes that you’re doing the Emsculpt its also equivalent to like 20,000 situps. To the next slide. And also we can also recommend the biceps and triceps. So a 30 minute workout is like, you would never get the results from the Emsculpt Neo. So within 30 minutes, it’s like doing an exercise where like the abdomen, the buttocks, when you work, move to the next slide. So you could go ahead and do a treatment right now. So okay I’m gonna do a little demonstration. [inaudible] We’re gonna work on her abdomen. So this gives you guys a little bit of idea. [inaudible] Is that a mannequin were doing the treatment on or is that a live patient? This is our patient yeah. Yeah. We’re gonna start the reader frequency up to 100, we’re starting low and you’ll see her muscles are contracting and it’s not painful. This is really like, it feels like when you’re going a workout, you’re really just like, when you can’t work out anymore, how do you feel? It tickles. right now what it’s doing, it’s doing the pulsing movements its releasing lactic acid and usually lactic acid is released when you are doing a workout. [inaudible] Any questions I’m happy to help you guys and I look forward to seeing you guys over here and treating you guys with the Emsculpt Neo.

Dr. T (00:41:55): Ariana, can you talk about whether or not these procedures endoscopes specifically can be done on patients that have had liposuction and in terms of when it’s a good optimized time for them to do it, to improve the muscle tone?

Ariana (00:42:11): Yeah. So definitely any patients that have high lipo, you’ll have to wait at least three months, or you have to consult with your doctor first and as long as you’re able to do it in it. It helps, it helps them enhance the result. So sometimes people have like, even though they they’ve done lipo, they’ve still had some elasticity, loss of elasticity so this really helped them. It can help with the toning.

Scott (00:42:40): And as you see, ladies and gentlemen there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of all the great products that you just saw up to 30% off all the non-surgical treatments. So I know Dr. T is going to talk about that in a little bit, but I also want to make sure you have an opportunity to ask any questions. If you feel comfortable putting those questions, go ahead, put in the chat. We’ll make sure we have an opportunity to answer all of them, Dr. T go right ahead and continue with some of the amazing deals that are being offered.

Dr. T (00:43:07): So we’ve had this is our 15th year that we’re doing this. I’ve been in practice seven, 18 years almost at this point. And I guess I started three years into a practice where we started doing our flings. And it’s a really amazing time because what happens is we ended up initially doing it on a Saturday where it was an all injectable day and patients would actually come in and in person and we’ll do an injection session myself. And at the time I had one or two nurses and nurse practitioners, when we do in the actual injections in the office at that time, it then turned into the false playing and then a spring fling again, we even had her on a boat where we’re doing injections on a boat in the city. I’d obviously fast forward till now where we were so overwhelmed that we can actually do injections anymore, even before the pandemic.

Dr. T (00:43:59): And we started doing it basically in this format last year. And hopefully this is the last one that we do in virtual and we’ll come back to in person again, but it’s really about education. It’s about littering our our patients know that there are different, different answers to the questions that everybody’s asking themselves in front of the mirror. They’re looking at their faces. They’re not happy about it, that there are things, things that are wrong and that we have a lot of different tools to address it, whether or not it’s injection non-surgical things and eventually, maybe surgery, but there’s like a spectrum and we’re here for the spectrum. And that’s, that’s what it’s about. If we’re here for all of your aesthetic needs. And, and and what happens is twice a year, we actually go to the implant manufacturers to the filler manufacturers, to the Botox manufacturers.

Dr. T (00:44:52): And we basically do a massive order. And that order has become bigger and bigger over the years and be able to pass those savings to our patients. So twice a year, we are able to go new 30%, which is a significant discount for those services. And those are all the deals that are available. And and there’s a lot of our patients that actually know about this and look forward to this because some things you do only need twice a year, like Botox, once we do it regularly, kind of need it twice a year. And that’s, that’s why you be able to do this. And that was not necessarily by design. It kind of worked out that way. So that’s a really good thing. All right, Scott, all yours.

Scott (00:45:32): All right, great. So ladies and gentlemen right now we have an opportunity to have some fun. So Dr. T we’re going to give away some great stuff. I know that you’re excited. There is some questions. So actually, do you want to let Dr. T let’s go ahead and answer this question first, before we begin some of the fun giveaways, so will threads help camouflage someone with a Malar Edema on upper cheeks?

Dr. T (00:45:53): So Malar Edema is, is a difficult thing to deal with, and unfortunately fillers can make it worse. So there’s some specific medical grade injections, not, not fillers that actually are treatments for Malar Edema. And that’s something we need to discuss after examination. But if edema is truly edema it needs to be treated differently than if it is actually descent, because a lot of times what people think is Malar Edema is actually drooping of the, of the malar fat pack, which certainly can be lifted with a silhouette lift.

Scott (00:46:29): Great. And I think if there are any more questions, go ahead and put in the chat, but what we’re going to do right now, we’re going to kind of begin at some of our fun, fun time to give away some free stuff. I know you all want to participate and win. So if you’re paying close attention, you will have an opportunity to potentially win. Now, this what I’m gonna ask you to do, I’m going to ask you to find a device to play along with, we’ve got a little trivia game show right now in order to win and trust me, you want to play, you don’t want to give this opportunity up. So I want you to grab a phone, grab a device that you’re able to go to any website or web enabled device and what I’m going to ask you to do. Very simply.

Scott (00:47:05): All you gotta do is you see on your screen, you’re going to go to the website, kahoot.it. K A H O O T dot it Kahoot dot I T, you enter this easy seven digit pin seven three zero one six zero three. And you’re going to type your first and last name. You can come up with any name you want. We just want to make sure we know it’s used that way. You come in our top. First, second, third, you have an opportunity to go ahead and win those prizes. So this is the only chance you have to win. So all you got to do. Go ahead, log on. We got a Jackie Carol Ray Renee. It is great to have all the supply players on. Now, trust me. There’s not a lot of people that are going to compete against you. So you want this opportunity right now to go ahead and make sure you’re able to go ahead and obviously win some free stuff.

Scott (00:47:58): I’m going to tell you the rules right now. There are 20 questions. So for the most part, almost all of them you’ll have about 10 seconds or so to answer those questions, you want to be super quick. If you’ve never played Kahoot before, think of it as a game show, you want to beat all the other people, answering this questions and get more points because for every second that goes past, you’re actually losing points. So the quicker you answer, potentially either right or wrong, you’re going to hopefully get points. Now, there are a few questions going to have to actually type in the answer. So that’s a little harder. Hopefully you’ll, you’ve been listening. You know how to spell it correctly and be able to win those points. We got some true and false questions as well. So there’s all different types of questions based on all the content that we spoke about tonight now, about 17 or so of you are in, I just want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to opt, to participate in play again.

Scott (00:48:47): This is your opportunity to win. So if you have any support needs, you’re not sure how to log on. You have any difficulty. You can’t figure out how to access the game. Go ahead and just message tech support. We want to make sure you have that opportunity to win again. There’s 20 or so questions ranging in all different topics based on covering everything we spoke about in the presentations so far. So it’s about 21 or so of you here. We’ll give you about another 30 seconds. I just want to make sure you’re ready to go. Because again, a lot of great stuff you do not want to miss. I wish I could play. I know Dr. T disqualify me. I can not play, but you can. So make sure you are logged in, ready to go. We have 21 players in and ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to kick off this game right now.

Scott (00:49:30): So you’re ready to do it. Here we go. In no particular order. I believe the first one is a true or false question. Here we go. Right now, true or false neuromodulators are used to get rid of crow’s feet. Is that true or false? All you got to do is put the answer corresponding right there on your device. So we got 17, 18 answers in the correct answer is true. So 14 people are making their way to win. And after each question were gonna show you who’s on top, it’s Cyn right there. Congratulations on 939 points. We’ve got Susan, Diane, a lot of you right there, right around the 900 point range. We’re gonna move on to our next question. It goes pretty quickly. It’s another true or false right now. So fillers are used to replace lost facial volume. Is that true or false?

Scott (00:50:21): Go ahead. Answer. You have a few more seconds left. Let’s see the results right now. Only one person missing that 20 people are earning some points, moving up on the board, which is great to see. It looks like Susan now is taking first place. Congratulations, Susan, Deborah, Diane, Nancy on the board as well. Welcome to the leaderboard. We’re moving on to our next question. This is a multiple choice, which product is not a neuromodulator right there. So go ahead and read all those options. Hope you listened and put the correct answer, which is not a neuromodulator. There you go. 11 people getting the correct answer right there. 10 people missing it, but Hey, you still got another 17 questions to get, right? So don’t worry if you’re not in the top five, we’ve got Nancy moving up in the board of you’re on fire girl. We’ve got Joanne V also joining us on that leader board. We’re continuing with our next question right now. Question number four. So what kind of results can you expect after four treatments of Emscuplt?

Scott (00:51:25): What results will you see after four treatments right there, you got a lot to read, read it pretty quickly. And the correct answer. As you’ll see, 12 people getting there right up to 30% fat reduction and 25% muscle growth, which is great. Those 12 you are moving up. Let’s see the results. Here we go. Soon as you stand on the board, we got Ray joining us now in third place. Congratulations, Ray. And we’re moving right along to our next question right here. Another true or false Emsculpt Neo treatment is 45 to 60 minutes long. Is that true or false?

Scott (00:51:59): What do you think? Three seconds left true or false? The correct answer. Of course it is false. 13 people getting correct nine people, unfortunately not earning points, but let’s see how this is working right now. Susan dropping down to second rate. You are taking the lead right now. We got booty right there in third place. Congratulations to all. And we are moving to our next question. Here we go. Question number six. How long do threadlifts last? So how long does a threadlift last two to three years? Six to 12 months? Indefinitely? Or three to six months. One second left. The correct answer right there with 14 people getting correct two to three years. That is correct. Nine people unfortunately not earning points on this question, but don’t worry. The board is changing a little bit because Diane is back. Welcome back Diane in fourth place, right there, everyone over 40, almost 4,200 points.

Scott (00:52:55): And we’re moving right along to our next question right now. So how many treatments do most patient needs for one, two or three? What do you say? Three seconds left right there. We got 1920, 21 answers in four treatments is how many they need with eight people getting it correct. So let’s see those eight. You are moving right along. Moving up. Is the board changing Susan, unfortunately dropping off, but Carol taken the lead, making a comeback right there in second place. Congratulations, Carol. And let’s see if you could keep your lead as we got another true or false right now. So a silhouette InstaLift simulate collagen production. Is that true or false?

Scott (00:53:40): What do you think the correct answer is? No time left. 22 people answering and 17 people getting correct. Of course it is true. And let’s see, Ray, you are staying right there on the lead. Cat, welcome in third place. Everyone, our top five, about 5,600 points or above. Look at the spread. There are about 900 points ahead from second place Ray on fire. And we’ve got our next question right now. Take us almost halfway through. So in office treatments can address what, what can they address? Freckles, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne, acne scars, broken capillaries. We talked about texture and scars. That is correct. All of the above. So everything we’re in there is included. The one person that answered you got some of it, but not all of it, but 21 people are able to go ahead and move up on this board. Susan, you are a bad girl right there in fourth place. Ray still at 77 52, keeping that lead above Carol. And we’re moving on to our next question. So this reaches a skin, second layer resurfaces and stimulates the body’s restorative abilities to produce new collagen. So what are we talking about right there? Which procedure is that? That we’re talking, talking about?

Scott (00:54:58): You got no time left Fraxel clear and brilliant is correct. Only three people moving up on the board right there and who is doing it? No one in our top five, which means it was a tough round, but that means those three. Moving up a little bit closer to that top five. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to win some of these amazing prizes, another true or false right now. So Emsculpt Neo can not address diastasis recti? I’m not the best at pronouncing all this. I’m not a doctor, unfortunately, but is that true or false?

Scott (00:55:34): So what do you think the correct answer right there? Eight people get incorrect with false. That statement is false. So let’s see right there, who is moving up. All right, Susan, you’ve been back and forth. Susan. You’re now in second place, we got booted right there. Carol and Cat still on the board. Congratulations, Ray, that lead is a little bit tighter, about 400 points away from Susan. Booty only about 200 points away from second place. It’s anyone’s game still. We got a few more questions to go. You got to type in the answer right here. So a non-surgical treatment that lift cheekbones, revives the under eye area, defines the jaw line without anesthesia or scars or any downtime. What is that called? Go ahead and type in the answer. Go ahead and type in the answer we got about six or so seven answers in right there. We’ve got about eight seconds left. So giving you a couple of extra time to enter that answer right there and the correct answer. Let’s see if anyone got it. Yeah.

Scott (00:56:39): Yeah. We got a couple of correct answers right there for people going correct with the Y lift, which is great. So congratulations to you right there. And I’ll, let’s see. No one on that top five got that one correct? But those four people, again, moving up, we’re moving on to another true or false questions. Sutures need to be rubbed after a silhouette instalift. Is that true or false? What do you think you got two seconds left. Correct answer Is false. 19 people getting that correct. Ray, are you still up there? Yes. Ray got that along with a top five everyone’s above on the 7,500 points right there. Don’t worry. There’s still plenty more questions. We got seven more actually six more to go right now. Here we go. Question number 14. So which skincare ingredient helps healing wounds? Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, or retinol. So what do you think you got one second left. Vitamin K, 12 people paying attention. You got nine people not earning points, but those 12 are moving up in this board. We got Ray dropping down to second place. Booty you’re taking the lead right there at almost 9,000 points. Ah, we got Renee joining us as well in fourth place, which is great. Diane doing a great job and a few more questions to go. So let’s see how well you do another true or false.

Scott (00:58:04): So what do you think I’ll let you read really quick, true or false. We got only a few seconds remaining. I want to make sure you have all those answers in. You’ve got 20, almost 20 answers and there we go, 20 answers in correct answer. Only one person getting that wrong. We got 20 people getting it correct, which means that board might change. Ray is back in first place. Look at this competition back and forth, back and forth. But Ray is now about a hundred points ahead. Booty, Renee dropping a little bit by Diane, Susan, your right there, keeping your lead in the top five. And we’re moving on to our next question right now. Another time to type in the answer. So go ahead. Which non surgical treatment is called a vampire facelift. Go ahead and type in your answer.

Scott (00:58:52): Give me a few extra seconds right there. I’m excited to see what you answered here. Let’s see. Did anyone get it correct? Spell correctly. We had one person getting that correct. Always tough when you are going ahead and answering these typing it in, but let’s see if any on that. Yeah, there we go. Joanne. See, you got it right. You are moving up into fourth place. Look at that on fire right there. Only about 150 or so points away from us, Susan right there. And we’ve got a few more questions. So let’s do it right now. Here we go. Question number 17, which treatment is considered the gold standard for non-surgical skin tightening. So what do we talk about? That’s the gold standard for non-surgical skin tightening. What do you think you got three seconds left. There we go. 12 people aren’t getting it, correct. Hey, this is a close race. Let’s see right now who is able to move up? Joanne right there. Now you made it into the top three. Raise Susan, welcome Alapi right there as well. Make it to the top five. So great job right there. And let’s go ahead and move on to our next question. Here we go. What is APS’ new skincare line for acne called go ahead and type in the correct answer right there.

Scott (01:00:32): You got no time left. What do you think the correct answer right there. Let’s see all the answers we have in there. We got two people getting it, correct! Corolla. Control freak is the correct answer. Great product. You should definitely check it out. Let’s see who’s in the lead right now. Look at that. Making her way to the top breaking 10,278 points. Look at that. About what? 40? not even 30, 20 points away. From, from Ray right? There is a close race. It’s coming down to our last two questions right now. Are you ready for this? Here we go. Go ahead. Long question. Go ahead and read it yourself. Now go ahead and answer what you think is the correct answer right there.

Scott (01:01:27): A lot three pretty quickly eight people getting it right though. Congratulations. Six people not earning some points. Don’t worry. We got one more question to go. Joanne, look at that. And you had to leave right there. And first dropping down to the fourth. Ray is making a comeback. We got Susan, Diane taken first, second and third. We got Booty still right there as well. It is great. Everyone’s a above almost 10,150 points. It now all comes down to this. This is the last and final question you want to be super quick to be able to get this one, correct? Because as you see, look at this, the score is a super quick earn up to a thousand points for each and every question it is anyone’s game. So I’m excited right now to reveal our last and final question right now. You ready?

Scott (01:02:11): Here we go. Last and final question. So what skincare ingredient reduces wrinkles, but should be avoided in the sun. We did mention this as our last and final question. You’ve got three seconds left. The correct answer, retinol right there with 12 people making their way to that top spot. Now what I want you to do right now, we’re going to give a little drum roll right now. Give a little drum roll right now. This is where all it comes down to. This is what you waited all night for. We’re going to go ahead and reveal our top three and actually show our top five, but let’s show that podium right now. So coming in at third place right now, getting six wrong Diane. Great job. Congratulations right there. I’m getting six wrong as well. Joanne making that comeback. And at first place, is it Ray? It is Susan. It is Susan. Congratulations, ray making fourth. We got booty making fifth, so great job to all of you right there. Absolutely incredible.

Scott (01:03:19): So what we’re gonna do right now, I want to make sure all of our winners just go ahead and message tech support. So let’s do first, second, third, fourth, and fifth. So all five of you. Go ahead and message tech support privately with your full name. We’ll have the office contact you. So that way you’re able to go ahead and pick your prize. There are incredible prices, Dr. T do you want to go ahead and even share what some of the prizes are? Do you want to reveal some of those prizes that they have the opportunity to win?

Dr. T (01:03:49): I’m going to actually have Louisa do that cause she knows what the prices are a lot better than I do, but I want to tell you that I want booty to message in also cause booty is getting a magical, booty cream.

Scott (01:04:03): I love it. So Louisa tell, tell all of our winners, possibly what they want. And again, they’re gonna contact the office to go ahead and claim that prize.

Louisa (01:04:11): So we have a few prizes. The first prize is at any your choice of any Juvederm product. So Juvederm, ultra Juvederm, Voluma, we have Bella and Valore. So you have your choice of any of those fillers. So one syringe two different sets of implants for breast implants 50 units of Botox for free. So that’s you can actually be, most people need about 40 to 50 units of Botox at, in one time. And and then we have some other prizes. So Revitalash for the eye or for the to make your eyelashes grow. It’s just like an eye Wiley put on and that she makes your eyelashes nice and full. And the last one is our one line of skincare products. Our new line.

Scott (01:05:13): There’s so much stuff to to win, obviously right there. And again, you could also text office at five, one six. You’ll see the chat five one six four nine eight nine seven nine two. So if you have any questions, you could go ahead and text the chat, call the office, go ahead and make sure you let us know those names of the winners. And we’ll contact you to again, claim those prices, but don’t worry for staying on the entire night. There is still a little bit more prizes to go ahead to award. We actually have a wheel of names. So if you registered, which obviously all of you did, we’re going to try spinning that wheel. We’re going to take three opportunities if for any reason if they’re not on, we’ll go ahead and spin again three total times. And if, for any reason on that third spin, if they’re still not on that person, we’ll go ahead and win, but all 30 or so of you have an opportunity right now, as we’re going to show our wheel of names and do our first prize that we’re going to award right now.

Scott (01:06:10): And this is a Revita lash gift set. So we’re giving away a Revita last, lash gift set right now that is going to Paulette Bailey. So Paulette Bailey if if you are on, is there a Paulette Bailey on just go ahead. If you could just turn your camera on. If you are there, I’ll go ahead and just message in the chat. I don’t believe our Paulette is there. We’ll give you a few seconds to continue. All right. We’re going to go ahead and spin that one more time. Let’s do this right now here. Here we’re going this is again a Revitalash gift set our second spin. Let’s hope that second person is here, Maria. Maria, if you are here again, just go ahead and type in the chat. So we know you are here.

Scott (01:06:59): All right. So you know what that means. Hopefully this last person is here, but we’re going to spin one more time right now and see if who our winner is, no matter what this person is going to take away, the prize that Revitalash gift set right there. And and that winner right there is Augustina. So congratulations. Again, Augustina De La Cruz. Great job. All right. We got two more prizes to go ahead and give away. We got one area of cool scoping to give away right now. So one area of CoolSculpting to give away again, we’ll spend three times at max and we got our first potential winner right here as you’ll see. And that is Terri Honeycutt. Terri, if you were on, go ahead and message right there in the chat to everyone. Doesn’t look like Terri is here. We’re going to go ahead and continue spinning right now. Again, this is for one area of cool sculpting pays to be here, pays to win. Here we go. Who can that winner be Mariel right there. If you are on, go ahead and just message us. And if not, we’ll just spend one last and final time or right there right now. So this is our winner. If here or not to that one area of CoolSculpting is our final winner for this prize is a Parisa right there. Great job. And a don’t worry.

Speaker 1 (01:08:33): We got one last

Scott (01:08:36): And final prize to give away. It’s an APS skin care package. So we’re going to spin again right now. Let’s do it. Here we go. Parisa is here. So congratulations Parisa. So you are that winner of that one area of cool sculpting for that prize, the APS skincare. It is Shirley right there. So Shirley again, if you were on, go ahead and message right in the chat. I don’t believe she is. So we’re going to go ahead and continue right now with another spin for that APS skincare package. Julia right there. Congratulations, starting right there. If you were on, go ahead and I put that in the chat. Just let us know you are here and again, if not, want to do this final spin or right now, final spin right now, this is guaranteed winner, the APS skincare package.

Scott (01:09:36): Who is it going to be? Ann congratulations. Ann again, Ann if you’re on, let us know if not, Ann you are the winner, let’s just give a great big round of applause to all of the winners. Thank you all so much for taking time out of your day to learn about some great, great products and procedures that are available to you. If you haven’t done so, and you have questions, please go ahead and text or call the office again. You can text at (516) 498-9792. It, it is so great to have all of you here and we want to make sure any questions you have get answered. So again, please utilize the amazing staff, ask your questions, get them answered. Hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage of, again, those amazing opportunities up to 30% off of all of our non-surgical procedures. So again, that lasts throughout the rest of the week. Take advantage of all that you can. If you want to purchase anything, go ahead and either call the office tomorrow. Or you can text one last time at (516) 498-9792. Before we conclude Dr. T, is there anything else you want to share with all of the participants here tonight?

Dr. T (01:10:51): Thank you so much. Thank you for my own wonderful staff and putting it all together. And Scott did an amazing job. This is our first hosted virtual events are really a amazing job to make this happen. Come to life and everybody here in the city and a non-graded conference. Thanks for doing all the work Lupa, Louisa, Mimma Ariana, everyone did an amazing job. Really appreciate this. And see you guys in the injection seat.

Scott (01:11:21): Sounds great. One more time. Let’s give this staff a great big round of applause and thank you all for joining. It’s been an absolute pleasure. So I kindly asked you to stay healthy, be kind, and hopefully we’ll see you all very soon. Take care everyone. Good night.