Webinar: Summer Body Treatments at Aristocrat

The past year has been stressful for everyone, and some of us are still struggling with those extra ‘Quarantine 15’. During this webinar, Louisa Agate, LMA, and Giovanna Arbito, LMA, are discussing treatments that can help you get back in shape and feel good in your skin.


Giovanna: Hi everybody. So today we are doing our summer treatments, right. For the body, body treatment body treatments for ourselves first. Okay. So I’m Giovanna, I’m one of the estheticians here. Nice to see everybody.

Louisa: Hi, I’m Louisa. I’m also an esthetician. I’ve been with Dr. Tehrani since 2010. Um, and we do all the treatments here at our med spa and that are nonsurgical. Yes. So today we’re going to be talking about body treatments that we can do during your summer for the rest of the year as well. Okay. Um.

Giovanna: So top three summer body concerns that we all know is stubborn, fat, low muscle tone, and cellulite. Yeah.

Louisa: So most people have some areas of stubborn fat on the body. Um, some for some people it’s their inner thighs for some people who say flanks and other people is their arms.

Giovanna: Or right under the butt a little, saddlebags uh,

Louisa: So a low muscle tone. It’s really difficult maintaining muscle tone. Um, as you get older and even when you’re young, it’s hard to maintain muscle tone, um, because muscles, they over time degrade and, um, it’s a struggle to keep your body tone. Yeah, cellulite also is, is that’s one of the, one of the difficult, um, conditions to treat because, uh, cellulite, just shows up on for women anyway, on the thighs, on the butt. And, um, it’s just very hard to treat and effects 90% women. Yeah. And you could see some of the areas that we’ve talked about. So the top right. Is cellulite all those little dimples that look like cottage cheese. That’s my arch nemesis. So we actually have a few new things that we’re going to talk about. That treats cellulite, some of the we’re going to talk about some of the older things that didn’t work too well. I’m going to talk about some of the newer things as well as, um, how to reduce some body fat and, um, tone muscles and tone some muscle. Okay.

Giovanna: So the methods to sculpt and tone your body. Um, so medically supervised diets, injections. So basically what Louisa was just saying, there’s so many ways we could treat everything and of course you can do everything. Each one to get the best results. That’s always the best route to go. So we have patients who start on our new volt diet, which we’ll get into and we’ll start, you know, with the CoolSculpting and then finish off with an emsculpt. Then, you know, let’s say there’s stubborn cellulite that it’s left behind. They can always do injections to help reduce them as well.

Louisa: And these are all things that we’re going to talk about today that that’s minimal downtime, which is really important when you’re busy, you’re working and, um, you don’t have time to take off yeah, for surgery.

Giovanna: We all know surgeries along recovery. And, um, there’s some people who are just not against surgery and want to do something else. And that’s when we come in and hear the help.

Louisa: Um, so reduce fat options. We have, these are non-surgical options. Um, we have our nuvo diet, uh, which is an intensive diet and say 40 days program. And then there’s a little bit of a maintenance afterwards, which you could lose, um, 25, 30 pounds up to 48 to 40 pounds in that time.

Giovanna: It’s definitely a dedication. And, um, but the thing with noodle diet, you’re not alone, your it’s a supervised program. So somebody is always going to be talking to you. Somebody is always going to be reaching out. So a lot of times we do diets and it falls through because we don’t have that person kind of pushing us through, but we are definitely they’re rooting you. Rooting for you.

Louisa: We’re going to talk more about that in a later slide. But also we have the CoolSculpting, which has been around for quite a while. About 10 years, we’ve been doing it here. And one of our newer, um, machines is, emsculpt neo, which is a radio frequency, um, um, and high fat high, thank you to help, not only to help, uh, build muscle, but it also helps with fat reduction. So the nuvo diet, do you want to talk about the nuvo diet?

Giovanna: Sure. So this is the only fully supervised program like we were talking about before. So you could lose from 20 to 40 pounds and little as 40 days, the nuvo diet is all natural nor homo, no hormones. And it just helps our patients get the best results. And like I said before, as long as you’re dedicated, you will see the best results ever. You just have to be fully committed to the new world diet. And it’s amazing. You drop weight really quick. 40 days is a month and 10 days.

Louisa: So when you come in, you would, um, you would see a PA for the, for the program. She would, she would go over the whole program with you. And sometimes you do a hair test, um, and we give you some, uh, herbs or, um, minerals that help speed up the process, uh, for detoxification. Coolscultping. CoolSculpting is a great treatment that we have that have that actually just the bolts, your body. And we can actually shape the body with the it’s a customized treatment that we could, we can put in different areas to help give the outcomes that we want. Some people need more sculpting. Some people need more debulking and it works very well for the abdomen, the flanks of the back and works on so many areas generally.

Giovanna: Yeah. Arms, saddlebags, flanks, abdominal everywhere.

Louisa: Generally, if you can grab the area and you can feel that fat, that chin, you can CoolSculpting and it will reduce anywhere between 20 to 35% of whatever gets put in that hand piece, it’s a nice treatment. There’s absolutely no downtime. And you can do the treatment one day and then that same night you can go about your business. You could do anything that you normally do the same day.

Giovanna: Yep.

Louisa: So here’s some before and after pictures of CoolSculpting, who are they, you see on the lower bottom right-hand side? Actually, I treated her myself and she’s, she did a lot of, um, cycles. So we treated her many, many different times and she really would have been a candidate for an abdominal plasty, but she wasn’t healthy enough to have an abdominal plasty. So we did the CoolSculpting instead and she went down quite a few dress sizes. Yeah. I think she said, uh, she went from a size 20 to a size 12. Wow. So that was a big, big eight sizes down. Yeah. Um, yeah, but like I said, you don’t, I mean, it generally is if you are, um, you know, if you have some book it’s perfect for you, the people who are not really a good candidate is, um, people who have loose skin. Yeah. Cause it’s not going to take away loose skin. It’s not going to make loose skin, but it’s not going to take it away.

Giovanna: So basically CoolSculpting is a noninvasive fat reduction treatment, just like Louisa was saying this FDA clear treatment offers solution for healthy adults with stubborn, fat and bulges. So what it does, it freezes the fat with a hand piece and it basically shrinks those fat cells. And what happens is you lose it through your lymphatic system. So through your sweat or the bathroom, that’s where it all goes. So, you know, it’s like a good detoxing type of.

Louisa: Well, it actually kills the fat cells. Cause you’re changing the actual structure of that cell. So once you freeze that fat cell, it’s not in its natural state, so it ends up dying off. Um, so that’s how it actually reduces the fat. So it’s, it’s not just making it smaller. You’re actually killing those fat cells and it comes out through your lymphatic system. It takes a little bit of time. Um, I would say up to three months, it’s working up to three months cause it takes some time for your lymphatic system to take those dead fat cells and get them out of the body. Here we go. Here’s some CoolSculpting before and after and the top left, as you can see, it’s the arm, the arm fat. And um, the one that I think, I think a lot of women have is a difficult area. Um, and as long as there’s a boat that you can actually put the hand piece on where it’s not too long, um, you can treat it definitely. And then the lower abdomen is always a good area. I think that’s like our most popular area. I think the flanks are as well. And the, you go some more before and after treatments. Um, the one on the right is somebody that I’ve known for a long time. And we did two large on her lower abdomen. She in addition lost some weight. What happens is, as you, as you feel like, you know, you feel, you see the reducing in fat, you actually want to lose weight and you and you, and you feel like you look good. And I feel like a lot of people end up losing weight afterwards because they started to see it on their body. And they ended up trying to eat better, trying to exercise.

Giovanna: You’re investing in yourself and you definitely don’t want to go backwards and eat junk and not put in the work on your cart. CoolSculpting can give you the best results, but you have to help it as well.

Louisa: So the areas that can be treated. Yeah. So we discussed, go ahead.

Giovanna: Stomach, abdominal, thighs, arms, love handles and flanks, the back bulge and the bra area. That’s that’s I love treating that area. I don’t know why it’s like my favorite, um, under buttoks, which is the banana roll, double chin under the neck and a male chest.

Louisa: So this is how the CoolSculpting works. It’s actually known as cryo like policies. Um, so you put this two panels of the hand piece in each it actually sucks in the fat and it gets cold enough. Were it actually kills the fat, but it leaves the rest of your body, um, intact. So nothing happens to the fat, the skin because fat freezes at a much lower temperature than anything else. So it’s, it’s like when you make sauce, so you make soup and you keep it on the counter where if you put in the refrigerator, the fat rises to the top because it freezes at a much lower temperature than anything else. So then it just dies off. So actually this month in July, you could save 20% on CoolSculpting.

Giovanna: Yeah. That’s a really good deal. Emsculpt Neo. So I know a lot of people heard of the emsculpt, but this is the emsculpt neo. So the difference with this one is that it has radio frequency. So the emsculpt before was for muscle toning. Now our Neo is muscle toning and fat reduction. So it’s all basically great, and it’s only 30 minutes.

Louisa: I was so excited about this too.

Giovanna: So the emscuplt neo, the first FDA approved non-invasive body treatment. So you can lose up to 30% of fat and rope to 25% muscle. And this is ideally for basically anybody who has stubborn fat oldest, or just want to tone up, you know, have you have the flat stomach that you want that definition, this is great for you as well. And basically, so what it does. So like I said before, it has the radio frequency has the high intensity electromagnetic energy, which is the high fan, what we were discussing and they it’s just two in one and it control it, contracts your muscle fibers. So with that, as a result, your muscle grows comes thicker, become stronger. Um, as especially women who’s had, who’ve had babies, we ended up having, um, that separation with our muscles. And it actually helps with bringing that in up to 16%. So sometimes women feel a little bit wide because of that, but the emscuplt neo helps bring that in and you look smaller and you feel tight or you just feel great. So that’s also another, um, benefit of the emsculpt neo.

Louisa: So here areas that can be treated abdomen, um, get a tighter stomach like Giovanna was saying, when you get that, that separation of the muscles of the pregnancy, diastasis recti, and actually helps to bring that up actually even 16%, which is very difficult. It’s impossible to do that with, with crunches or exercise or anything else besides an abdonimal plasty, no way to fix that outside of that. Well, now we can. It also helps with the buttocks. You can get a BBL, well, without getting a BBL, um, you could do the arms, the legs, the thighs, um, the calves. We can actually even treat the saddlebags and also inner thighs, inner thighs. And here are some pictures of the emsculpt neo.

Giovanna: Yeah. I mean, look at that plumpy butt. It just helps so much and the lower abdomen, lower abdomen.

Louisa: Here are some more pictures. So I mean, if you have some definition to start with you’ll of course get more definition. Um, as you can see with the second picture, with the first picture you have some, you have, she has a gut, so it’s going to focus on the fat focus on the fat. Yeah, exactly. Definitely.

Giovanna: But you could even see some muscle definition coming in the first picture as well.

Louisa: So we like to do four treatments, seven days apart for best results and it’s um, um.

Giovanna: So yeah, minimum four, four treatments, and then it could go up to six to eight depending on your body. And then you could always do like a maintenance, I think, um, three to four, maybe two years down because you do see the final results three months after your last session. So this is radio frequency. Everything takes time, your body needs to adjust to what’s going on, but you will see those results.

Louisa: Okay. Yeah. So, uh, Giovanna already explained how the emsculpt neo works. We’ve been doing it for, for a while now. Um, everybody loves.

Giovanna: Everybody loves it. Yeah. We have it in our city location right now at the moment. And patients just after I think their third treatment, they start noticing a difference. And, and like I said, it does take three months after your last session to see the final results, but the fact that they’re already seeing some tightenings and definition, it’s just amazing. And that’s only every five days that they come in and it’s just one of our favorite treatments in the city. Good.

Louisa: We’re getting a new machine in to the city office right now. Actually we can actually bring it back and forth. It’s the morheus. So the Morpheus 8 is a micro needle device that’s for the face and body and what it does, it helps to reduce some fat and tighten skin. Um, and, um, it’s great for people who have loose skin. Like if you see people who have that crepey crepeiness on the arms, that’s very difficult to treat with anything. Uh, it helps also with some stretch marks cellulite as well helps to remodel the, the, the, um, the fat that’s on all legs. When we have the on our thighs, sometimes it’s combination of loose skin and cellulite. So when it’s, when it’s loose skin, you need some tightening and the more fierce will help tighten that skin, um, as well as kill some of that fat and it works great. Yeah. So here it is. it’s a radio frequency that teaches remodels and just helps to contour the face and the body, um, because it makes these, these actually punches these little needles down into the fat layer of skin. Um, so it actually helps to regenerate and remodel those that, that fat layer. So it’ll make it appear smoother. Um, it’ll make it look, feel less dense and it’ll help to tighten the skin.

Giovanna: How would you say patients would experience this treatment? Like the day of, um, like, um, I just want to, like, you know, so patients now, now, numbing why.

Louisa: Yeah we numb you before the treatment, uh, we just put some numbers, a special numbing that we have, which is different than what we have on for injectables. And it’ll just, the treatment is actually quick. Um, but we numb it with a different numbing cream, so it’s not as uncomfortable. Do we treat the area? It’s basically a quick treatment and depending on how large the body size is anywhere from like 10 to 10 minutes, 10 to 20 minutes for each hair, you know, hands-on, we know me for a longer than that, but, uh, the, the treatment itself is pretty give us some before and after of the morheus.

Giovanna: So this is crepey skin. This is like that thin skin. So people who come in and say, you know, I’m interested in, in CoolSculpting. I have this area that I don’t like, but there’s no fat there. That’s basically skin that’s when the radio frequency with the microneedling with radio frequency comes in, because what it’s going to do, it’s good. Like we said, it’s going to puncture it. And it’s going to send those radio frequency waves down to help tighten that skin and build that collegen.

Louisa: And back and radio frequency actually goes much, much deeper than any laser does. So if you look at the spectrum of light radio waves, and then there’s different light waves, and that all the way at the end is, um, is radio frequency and that goes the deepest into the skin, um, and it actually protects the skin too. So you can do it on darker skin types, whereas lasers, you really can’t do a darker skin skin type without having any complications. Here’s another one who was saying helps with cellulite, but this is also a combination of looseness, you know, skin and cellulite. Yeah. So if you just treated just the cellulite, you’re not going to get as good of a treatment because you’re not treating the, um, the looseness of the skin. That’s what I think I’m going to have here’s somebody with stretch marks, stretch marks are so difficult to treat.

Giovanna: Yeah, especially cause discoloration, but this helps with discoloration as well.

Louisa: Yeah. It helps with the redness in the past, there was, um, we did Fraxel on it, but Fraxel helped with the depth of this from the, um, stretch marks, or we could treat it with a V beam, which helps with the redness. But this is actually a two in one. It helps with both. And there was also that carboxy therapy, which is like this little needle with this oxygen therapy, which was, he needed so many treatments, but this is like the newest thing for stretch marks. Um, and it really does work very well.

Giovanna: So cellulite. So basically what cellulite is, it’s a fibrosis fan that goes in our, in between like our skin and our fat cells. And it just, it’s basically our bands weakening as we get older, of course, we start to lose collagen and those bands become weak and they make those little debts in our skin. So that’s what you see, you see those little pockets of the actually bands, but we also not only does Morpheus eight help, we’re going to get into what else can help with cellulite itself.

Louisa: Yeah. And that kind of cellulite, nothing really, really helps. I mean, we had things that we’re going to talk about this, that they had in the past that helped help it. Um, but it really didn’t take the cellulite away. Um, so those elastic bands are, um, those bands are out to pull the skin down and that’s what causes that. So this is what looks, some of the things that we’ve used in the past, uh, was weight loss exercise, which, you know, you could be skinny and have a lot of cellulite. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fat. It’s just fibrous tissue, um, lymphatic drainage and, um, dry brushing they used that in the past. And it really just, it was such a, such a minimal improvement. And if it did improve, someone could actually just, it was a very temporary, temporary six.

Giovanna: This is something that you want to hit at all angles. Like when you come into our mess, Bob, we are going to give you a treatment plan and it’s not, we’re not going to sell you on one thing only unless you just benefit off one thing. Um, but for instance, you know, let’s say patients come in for emsculpt or CoolSculpting. I tell them in two or three weeks, they should get a lymphatic massage just to help with the draining of their lymphatic system to remove all those toxins. So they may need Cellfina, which is an injection for cellulite and also our new injection called qwo. And, you know, just injections, Morpheus eight, emsculpt all that stuff. It’s just going to help and give you the best results, depending on your issues.

Louisa: Yeah. So were going to customize the treatment depending on your needs. So, um, some of the things that can help, like your lifestyle and tips are, um, eating more vegetables, helps, intakes, a higher intake of water, cause it kind of helps flush out those toxins in your body.

Giovanna: Amino acids, definitely. Um, just choosing the right food for you as you know how it says here. It says, you know, if you up your gelatin, bone broth, nuts, fish, vegetables, vegetables are always great. Um, avoid carbs. Of course, anything bubbly, it’s not good. Sugar is not great for you. And then of course exercising, that’s the tone muscle.

Louisa: And help reduce the appearance, but it’s not going to take it away. Just improves texture. Same thing with lymphatic massage, lymphatic massage actually helps to get rid of those help to move toxins out of the body. Um, so that the dimpling doesn’t appear as, as deep. Yes.

Giovanna: Yeah. So lymphatic massages are just really good. Um, a lot of people think that they need surgery in order to get a lymphatic massage, or you could get a lymphatic massage, even if you never had surgery, it’s just, you feel good. Um, a lot of people see actually some, some difference after they feel tighter, they feel more defined right after our massage therapist and city and ingrain neck are really great. In helping you with ever whatever your concern is. They’re definitely going to talk you through it and help you. And it’s not, I wouldn’t say it’s a massage because it is not comforting, but it’s affective.

Louisa: It’s really, it’s not really the solution for cellulite. Dry brushing as well. I mean, this is what they used to use for help with cellulite. It just has helped their feel, um, stimulate your, um, your circulation and your lymphatic system, which, um, which does help, but it doesn’t take it away.

Giovanna: So now we have our goal injections.

Louisa: These are actually one of the only things that, and it’s the newest thing that we have out. And we were the first, one of the first, um, practices in New York to have prompts. You basically need three treatments and you’ll see the, you’ll see the result in 10 weeks, the first few minutes, you’re going to have a lot of, um, bruising, bruising, um, and each one after that you’ll have less and less, but where you’re actually doing that, she goes bands. And we were talking about, we inject into that bands in different directions and it actually helps to dissolve those bands. So instead of being like this, it actually dissolves those bands. So they’re not touching each other again. So it’s not, not pull that skin down uh, anymore. Um, and you want to share your experience.

Giovanna: So, yeah, so I got qwo. It definitely helped I, um, my area, which qwo is more beneficial for butt and thighs, upper thighs, um, but mostly on the flat area. And that’s where I mostly had it. Um, I just have really deep ones and it’s really helped my experience with qwo. I had no pain. I, during the injections, it was painless. It was really quick. Um, I think you have to like stay laying down for like three minutes right after they’re done. And then you could get back up and go on on your day. Um, I did feel this. I did feel it after like stimulating. And then I, when I looked, I was like, okay, I’m already bruising, which is normal because they walk, you know, we walk you through it and we tell you exactly what you’re going to be expecting. Um, bruising goes away within a couple of days and then you’re waiting for the third week for your next session. So you’re finished with all three treatments.

Louisa: So one of the moms that we did actually called me up and she was, she was sore on the ride home, but it’s really nothing. Nothing like, like cellulaze. Which is surgical.

Giovanna: Yeah. It’s like, it’s not like you couldn’t, you couldn’t feel, I think my third injection, that was when I was I felt it a lot sooner. I guess my body came accustomed to it. The first one, I was fine. The second one, I felt, you know, a little bit, you know, a little bit of a soreness. Um, the third one was a little bit more intense, but it went away pretty quick.

Louisa: Yeah. But the results are amazing. Um, which we’ll show you some slides. Here we go. Here’s somebody that had three treatments because she had really, really deep, deep, uh, cellulite and in three treatments there, that’s a huge difference. Can’t you use a little bit more, yeah, just on the left side. Absolutely. But overall it’s, it’s much smoother. And she even said, when she puts on pants, um, you know, stretchy pants, it looks much smoother from the pumping her pants as well.

Giovanna: So how does it work? So well, actually contains college nieces, and those enzymes are targeted for those bands that Louisa was talking about. So it actually kills cellulite by releasing those bands. So once that band releases your goes bad.

Louisa: Yeah. It desolves those bands. So there is not pulling again before. Here’ some before and after. I’m not going to say that too loud. Here we go. Another one is Cellfina, which, um, which we did for awhile. And, um, you basically, what they do is they put this state, they mock the cellulite and then they put this kind of like suction thing in there. And they actually sever, they stay cut those bands through this little, tiny little, um, injection into it. Um, so it’s non-surgical, but you are entering the valley similar to CLO where they injecting it, you’re entering the body instead of injecting, you’re actually cutting those bands. So it actually releases the band. So it’s not sticking together anymore. Um, and you can resume normal activities within 24 hours. Uh, bruising for that is the same thing, real bruised a lot for that one as well, but then it goes away rather quickly. Yeah. And then, um, I’m gonna go to the next 10 now. So cellfina works as I just, um, upset it actually pop actually, uh, we put the suction on and it, she pulls the cellulite band up so that you can actually get in there and, and cut those bands. Um, and it’s done in the office less than an hour. It works pretty well. Um, it is a little bit more invasive and a little time consuming. And, um, since we’ve been doing the qwo, the qwo was so much easier, faster, it’s done quickly. And, um, it’s just much easier right.

Giovanna: I think between Cellfina and quote, depending on, you know, what we would recommend for you. But I think we’re, we’re like, qwo bros, here, bro.

Louisa: Here’s some before and afterwards of cellfina. Cellfina I find that you really can’t do Cellfina when there’s so much of it. So many little dimples next to each other, um, it they actually kind of have to be isolated, sort of like they are here as opposed to the qwo where you can actually, they’re everywhere. You can actually inject multiple areas close to each other. Whereas the Sophina you really, it’s hard to do that with, uh, with the Cellfina. Um, and here you go. Here’s another Cellfina that’s really nice. Six months after six months after. Um, so can, there we go. Yeah. We’re all the time done. So we have question here. Let’s see. What is the best way to treat post-menopausal weight gain in the abdomen? Yeah, post-menopausal um, I would probably start with the nuvo diet because the nuvo diet helps to detoxify your body as well. So it kind of resets your, um, your hormones, uh, so that you’re not holding on to that weight. So Steven, if you’re, even if you’re eating well, eating healthy, you try and diet and it’s not working for you. I find that the nuvo diet just helps to reset your, your, um, your hormonal levels, so that it’ll make it much easier for you to gain weight. I mean, it’s not the easiest diet, but it works. It’s the most effective and it’s a 40 day program and you could do anything for 40 days.

Giovanna: Um, and it helps with that. I have, we have a lot of patients come in with that hard stomach and thinking that they are qualified for CoolSculpting or emsculpt, but that’s when nuvo comes in. That’s just a little fat, visceral fat visceral fat is that that’s in between our organs and that’s that hard belly. So if you can’t grab it and it’s not soft and CoolSculpting won’t be for you, nouveau is definitely the best way to go start off. Of course.

Louisa: Yeah. So the next question is what is better CoolSculpting or emsculpt?

Giovanna: Think it depends on the person.

Louisa: Yeah It really depends on the person.

Giovanna: We love both.

Louisa: Yeah. If you have a lot of, a lot of, a lot of fat, I think the CoolSculpting helps to de-bulk. Yeah. Um, if you have a little fat that you just really want to build a muscle and have more definition, um, the emsculpt is better for you. So yeah, so it’s a customized, sometimes we start off with coolsculpting and we can end with emsculpt. Um, but it’s really, all of our treatments are tailored for that person.

Giovanna: Um, yeah, we can’t really say which one says, it’s all depends on the person and, and the treatment plan that we designed for you. So does drinking soda make my cellulite worse? I feel like that. So cellulite, everybody thinks that’s fat. It’s not what we were explaining before. It’s not fat. It’s literally the fan it’s our week bands. And does weight gain and weight loss affect that? Yes. Um, but does it make it worse? I mean, it doesn’t help.

Louisa: It’s processed, processed foods does, does hold on, give toxins to the body so it can actually make it worse, I think. But, um, it’s not, it’s just hereditary or genetic. Some people just have have it some people don’t, it’s like veins. Some people just, you know, they get veins on their legs and some people don’t really just, um, it’s just, everyone’s different. Yeah.

Giovanna: Yeah. Does anybody have any more questions for us? So do not miss out on our also do not miss out on our CoolSculpting 20% off. Um, how much is per treatment for CoolSculpting? So it depends on the area. If you like, all our consultations in med spa is, are free. So you could definitely come in or you could do a FaceTime and we could talk about how many areas you would need, if you would need a small area, a large area. It depends.

Louisa: Yeah. So one small area, one small hand piece. Um, it could be a flank. It could be one side of the stomach, um, is, uh, 750 normally. Um, but a lot of times we, we kind of, we overlap the area. So a lot of times it’s too small. Um, and we also have a large hand piece. Um, so like Giovanna was saying, it’s a customized treatment. Not everybody can put a large on the abdomen because it won’t sit on their abdomen. So it’s hard to say until we see you, yeah,

Giovanna: It’s better to come in office to get a quote and see, because you may not need just one little area. You may want to just do everything, do flanks, um, raw fat, um, abdominal thighs.

Louisa: And also when we’re, when we look at a patient, we want to treat the whole area. So he wanted a more hourglass shape. Sometimes you need to do the flying spanned the lower abdomen. Uh, and sometimes you need to do the upper abodomen, you know, everyone’s different. Yeah.

Giovanna: But this is the best time July to get on coolsculpting. And, and you can literally go to work. You can do this on your lunch break. If you have time for it, you could definitely do this on your lunch break and go to work. And if I’ve done coolsculpting and it’s three minutes of discomfort, and then after that, you go numb the how cold it is. And you’re fine. Yeah. You’re perfectly fine. You could go no pain, no discomfort. Right after you could go to work, you could go home, do what you have to do, run your errands. Actually. I love this treatment. Yeah.

Louisa: So anyway, if you have any other questions about any of the treatments that we discussed, you can, you can email us that [email protected] And we’ll get those, um, those questions answered for you. Okay. Thank you. Thank you for joining us, everybody. Thank you. And, uh, hope to see you soon. Hope you guys have a good summer. Yeah.