Webinar: APS Skincare Product Launch & Suncare Tips

During this webinar, Giovanna Arbito, LMA, is giving tips on sun protection and explaining the difference between sunscreens and sunblocks. She is also presenting the new APS skincare line and talking about the benefits of every one of the new products!


Giovanna: So welcome everybody. So this webinar is about about our skincare product launch and sun care tips. Of course, since we are during the summer, even though summer is ending, but we do want to talk about sunscreen and all SPF, everything like that. And of course our new product line, which I’m very excited about. Yeah. Also we are going to be doing some giveaways. We have five products on the screen, as you can see, we have our lash serum. We have our restorative treatment, which is a really hydrating, deep moisturizer. We also have our acne serum and we have our, some protecting powder and our body butter. So it says, listen carefully to everything we are saying, because we are going to be, quizzing you. Okay. Giovanna: So here are some facts with some care, well, sun damage. So 90% of the signs of premature aging are due to sun exposure. One out of five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. 58 million Americans are affected by pre-cancer keratosis, 50% lower risk of developing Malone. Mieloma seventy-five percent increased risk or oh, with the use of tanning beds or the age of 30 and $8.1 billion annual for the U S cost for treating skin cancer. So you want to make sure you are protecting your skin. Yeah. Okay. Signs of sun damage, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rough, dry skin texture, spider veins. Routineness routineness means it’s basically rosacea and sagging skin. So adding sunscreens for your daily routine can block UVA, promoting graceful aging and UVB, which can keep your skin from burning. So what I like to say it’s how do you, how do you can tell the difference between the bolt? So we have UVA, so you could just think of it as aging and UVB as burning. So which none are good. You want to protect your skin from both res. So with this new knowledge, you can safely minimize your sun exposure risk and choose the right sunblock to best fit your lifestyle. Wow. Giovanna: Okay. Signs of sun damage. So rough skin texture. After many years of the UV exposure, you may develop textual changes in your skin. The symptoms include scaly patches, crusty skin that is thicker in density and raised from the surface. If you ever have like that really thick patch of skin, and you’re like, oh no, I have dry skin actually might be just sun damage. If it’s really rough to the touch, really thick, it could be sun damage. So wrinkles and fine lines long-term changes in the skin’s collagen, which gets the skin. It’s less elasticity can be a symptom of sun damage. These long-term changes can include fine lines, wrinkles. And if they can skin texture, which we just talked about. So exposure to UV rays, prematurely ages, your skin and results, the loss of collagen. So if you ever see people who tan a lot, they tend to age faster. It’s because you’re actually burning through your collagen system. So your skin is getting thinner. It’s not healthy anymore. It can’t hold what it used to hold because of all the collegen and lost. So just like skip sagging on the skin. Just what I spoke about. So elastin and collagen are two proteins in the skin that deteriorate not only due to natural aging process, but also because of the external factors over time, this breakdown of collagen and elastin production production causes loose sagging skin. Giovanna: So also spider veins. So collegen structure, fragile collegen structure leads to decrease pressure around the blood vessels and reduced elasticity of the skin. This change means spider veins are more likely to appear the skin surface and network of red purple blue lines, reminiscent of spider web. So a lot of people, if you ever see, um, spider veins, a lot of people develop them around their nose just because of friction. Sometimes if you blow your nose a lot or whatever, sometimes that can happen. But also if you have spider veins on your cheeks that also can result to sun damage. So Rudy complexion, that’s basically rosacea. What I was talking about earlier, it’s possible for a Rudy complexion to be inherited. However, it can also be caused by excessive sun exposure. Rudy skin is characterized by redish, your parents and skin that looks uneven blotchy and has broken capillaries. Giovanna: Also sun damage can cause hyperpigmentation. So that’s actually really number one on my list. I feel like a lot of people come in and they just have these brown spots. And you know, they’re like, uh, my skin flap, even due to the Sun exposure due to not wearing your SPF every two hours. And it’s, you know, sun damage causes hyperpigmentation. So it’s an uneven skin pigmentation. Um, so dark spots appearing when it comes to uneven skin tone, parts of the skin become discolored or darken caused by either sun damage or genetics skin pigmentation can be characterized as either raised a lesion or a flat lesion. Giovanna: So this is pretty cool. This is a UV photo Goff, revealing sun damaged skin. So this is a special camera that a lot of dermatologists have. If you want, you can see all the sun damage. Your skin actually really is holding with this UV camera. All right. So now we are talking about sunblock versus sunscreen. So a lot of people are like, what are the difference? We’re going to break that down for you. And you can decide which one you like best for you. Sunscreen is a chemical defense. Yeah. Sunscreen is a chemical defense, penetrating the skin and absorbing the UV rays before they reach and damaged the dermal layers. Some sunscreens include Abbeybenzone oxybenzone and para amino benzoic acid, which are ingredients used to absorb the sun rays. So sunblock is a physical way to defend against UV rays. It sits at the top of the skin and acts as a barrier. Typically sunblock includes zinc oxide and titanium. Oxide. Sunblock are often noticeable when, oh, actually you can tell when it’s on block. Cause it just gives you that white kind of creamy look to it. Many brands that sun protection offer a blend of sunscreen and sunblock. Okay. Giovanna: So this is a diagram for sunblock versus sunscreen. So sunblock, physically physical sunscreens prevent UV rays from hitting the skin at all. And sunscreen is chemical sunscreens allow you to be raised to hit the skin, but transform it into non-damaging wavelengths of light or heat. So just to break it down, sunscreen is basically the chemical version. If you ever have like, you know, a sunblock that comes from a can and shares and, and, and shoots out that sheer, um, protection, that’s basically sunscreen. That is what you, you, what, when you spray that on, you literally feel like it’s a film protecting your skin. Personally. I love sunblock, but there’s, everybody can choose whatever they like, as long as you’re protecting your, so what do SPF numbers mean? So this is, this is really good to go over because a lot of people think that the higher the grade, the more, um, the, the less they can put it on apply it basically they feel like, oh no, I’m wearing SPF a hundred and I’m good for the rest of the day. Giovanna: Nope, that’s wrong. So we’re going to break that down. So the SPF number is the level of protection the sunscreen provides against UVB rays. The higher, the FPF numbers do mean more protection, but the higher you go, the smaller, the difference becomes as PF 15 sunscreens filter about 93% of UV rays while SPF 30 sunscreens filter out bout 97. So FPF 50 strengths, um, sunscreens about 98% and SPF a hundred about 99, no sunscreen protects you completely. The FDA requires any sunscreen with SPF below 15 to carry a warning that it only protects against sunburn, not skin cancer or skin aging, make sure your sunscreen has some protection, SPF 30 or higher. Giovanna: So that’s a little diagram as well to show you how sun hits your skin. So now, which one is best for you? So sun protection is key and both can be beneficial when used correctly, but skin type plays a role in this. So for sensitive set, sensitive skin sunblocks with sync oxide and titanium dioxide are better tolerated people with skin conditions, such as rosacea allergy prone skin should avoid products that contain fragrance, of course, preservatives and oxybenzone, which often are found in sunscreen. So you really want to look at your ingredients before picking your sunscreen. So here are some facts, a sunscreen sun protection factor is only fully effective for two hours after you apply. It doesn’t matter how high it is. Um, not SPF 30 between SPF 60 or 50. Doesn’t mean you could go a couple of hours more. They only last two hours. SPF ratings are based upon the protection. It gives you against the sun within an hour and 20 minutes. Experts recommend carrying a bottle of SPF 30 around with you, even on a cloudy day or rainy summer day. So you can throw some on. Even if the sun comes out, you can still get a tan with sunscreen on bow because while SPF blocks damaging UVB, rays, it doesn’t prevent deep seeping UVA rays from penetrating your skin and getting it cold. Giovanna: No sunscreen is waterproof or sweat. Pores manufacturers can no longer advertise sunscreens as waterproof or sweat proof instead products that are not labeled water resistant, very water resistant depending on the time. So water resistance up to 40 minutes, very water resistance up to 80. Okay. Okay. So now we’re going into wrinkles, sunspots and the big sea. So most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to UVB light. Hold on one sec. Okay. Sorry. So most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to UV light. UV. Rays are an invisible kind of radiation that comes from the sun tanning beds and some lamps you’d be raised can damage skin cells prevention from UV. Rays is important all year round, not just during the summer. You want to make sure you’re wearing SPF all year long. Um, even if people say there’s no sun out, those UV rays are there. Trust me. Giovanna: So now we are going into our new skin care products, but this is very exciting. I can’t wait til you guys try these. These are so good. So we have our line for age exchange line. So this are for our premature or, um, mature skin, premature aging, sorry. So this is our cleanse, our APS peptide cleanser. So the benefits with this cleanser right here contains 11 full technical essential oils and extracts, including Clary Sage, galanga and Aloe. So cleanses dirt impurities without irritation, cleanses conditions and helps with sensitive skin leaving it soft, smooth, visible looking. And younger-looking it also hydrates it because it also does carry hyleronic acid. So, which is really good. Giovanna: Okay. So next up is our APS high potency serum. So basically this is our vitamin C serum and this is how it comes packaged. It’s so cute. I love this. This is my favorite. So the benefits with our high potency serum is visible, visibly improved, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volumne brighten the skin complexion overall radians support. The skin’s micro volume contains salycilic acid glycolic acid and lactic acid delivers a gentle micro peel expose and correct problematic acne scan or prevent future breakouts. Um, it also has alpha and beta hydroxy, AXA, um, acid. Um, so it’s promotes exfoliation of the dead skin cells. So this is actually six foliate or it’s a height titration it’s just feel helps build collegen. And this is just an amazing serum penetrates deep into the pores to regulate sebum production and inhibit acne bacterial growth. But from within next up is our retinol eye cream. Giovanna: So this little bad boy helps increase fitness and elasticity elasticity, penetrates skin so deeply hydrate and lock in moisture. It also helps the skin appear brighter, more radiant, also calms and soothes. The skin helps diminish color, um, color, um, coloration enhances firmness and elasticity reduces poppiness. And it’s great for sensitive skin as well. I know a lot of people are scared of retinol eye cream, but this one’s just so sad. It’s so soothing. It’s great for sensitive skin as well. And this is a before and after. So as you can see, he has really dark circles and after three months, how much that’s lighten, it’s just amazing. Giovanna: And also you can just see from the fine signs that they’re not as deep anymore. So next up is our height and our hydrating antioxidant mist. So this is our, basically our toner in our line. So the benefits for this product it’s provides gentle hydration and skin conditioning, and it leaps off a nice moot, smooth skin helps calm the skin, remove access oil and tighten pores for a smoother appearance, humps Brian and calm the skin has Cecil in it. So it helps enhance the skin tone and neutralize impurities without drawing the skin and it’s soothing and comfort for irritated skin. And it helps it gives them healthy skin balance to improve your skin tone. So this is great. You would, you know, I like to put this on a pad and kind of go into deep into the cores, and then you could just spray this on to help give it a, like a nice little mist hydration up is our APS restorative treatment. So this one, we actually recommend to use this at night, but, um, you can use it twice a day if you like. So it helps prevent water loss to the skin. So if you have really dry skin, um, okay. I have dry skin. This is actually really great provides antioxidant benefits while calming the skin, promote skin firmness and elasticity compliments retinoid therapy. And post-treatment so these, um, this is also good. So if you are new to retinol or using a strong, really strong retinol, this is a really nice moisturizer to put topically. Okay. Giovanna: Next up is our APS hydrating serum. So this is our hyleronic acid serum. So the benefits with this, it’s a powerful hydrator naturally found in skin and holds a thousand times its weight in a water. It helps improve elasticity and firmness resulting in more collegen, rich appearance, moisturize, and condition, the skin to reduce excess oil compatible with any skincare regimen and it’s suitable for all skin types. This is really good. And we’re going to get into the benefits of hyaluronic acid as well. So what is the difference between fresh low and high molecule weighted hyleronic acid? So the high molecule weight, it protects and locks in the moisture on the skin surface and the low one penetrates and draw moisture in from the upper layers of the skin. So when you are using hyaluronic acid, I usually like to recommend for my client’s skin to be damped a little bit before they, so they can lock in that moisture with the hyaluronic acid serum. Giovanna: So just in six weeks, you could see the difference between this patients. So as you could see, like her, her redness calmed down, definitely her fine lines don’t look that deep anymore. Um, she’s just more even pigmentation glowy. And also like you could just tell from her smile lines, they’re just not so deep and her jobs aren’t that troopy anymore. Cause it does help produce collagen. So 70% and improvement in visible and tactile firmness on their face, 80% and improvement in both wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes, 90% and improvement in tactical smoothness on their face as well. Giovanna: Right? So now we are jumping into our EPS who youth serum, times 10. So this is our retinol serum. So basically, and this is the part of the age exchange where you’re still under age exchange line. So the benefits for this they’re arm, it diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It assists in achievement of smoother firmer and more evenly toned skin. It activates a heightened level to the skin without irritation. So act active, botanical protects the skin from air, right environmental stressors and helps them minimize the lack of this coloration and age box. So this is great as well. So this you would use at night for all our retinol lovers. Love that. All right. And this is a before and after. So this is after 12 weeks. So you could see that this patient here had a lot of sun damage, a lot of discoloration redness on the cheeks. You would, you know, probably possibly a Rudy complexion as well. Maybe a little bit of rosacea you could tell from the cheeks, but you could just see how, what a difference it did. It not only brighten her skin tone, it just helped heighten from lift all those fine lines. And wrinkles just took off in 12 weeks, took off like about four years. Giovanna: Okay. So now we are jumping into our signatures right here. We are going to talk about our APS enlightening and brightening pads. So this assistant achievement of smoother firmer and more even skin tone, um, our paths have, um, hydroquinone and also it has retinal in it as well. So it’s fast penetrating aggressive delivery system. It rapidly boost rent the retinols levels, deposit into the skin to help on clogged pores and promote skin cell turnover and it’s convenient pad application. So it’s easy to use. So basically with this, this retinol pad has 7.5. So this is a little bit lower than the serum, but it’s actually really great. Um, it’s one of my favorites personally. I love to use this. It’s just, you know, a little pad, you swipe it on and then you put on your moisturizer and you’re done. I love it. It helps with hyperpigmentation helps with fine lines and wrinkles helps promote collagen, great all around. Giovanna: And then we have our body, our better body line. So our body butter benefits Titans. So the benefits for the body butter, it tightens their parents have sagging skin and also improves skin elasticity, texture, tone, smooth, visible cellulite, crepey skin, and stretch marks it deeply hydrates and locks in moisture on the skin surface or body butter is actually really good. Let’s see if I have that here. So this is our body butter. Um, you could use this daily if you like. I, what I like about this is that like it, like it said, it, it helps tighten the skin. It helps build, um, that collagen. So this is all trans retinol as well. So that’s why it exfoliates the skin. Wow. Giovanna: So next up is our APS of body polishing treatment. So the benefits with this treatment is gently exfoliates, dead and dull skin cells resulting in smoother texture and evenly toned, brighter skin. It’s enhanced with some stable likable, some encapsulated vitamins, a C and E green tea extract and nourishes the skin while providing an antioxidant protection from free radicals. Um, yeah, so this is a great scrub to use. Um, this also helps, it’s like for a great combination. I love to use both this, both the products. So now we are jumping into our protect series line. So this is our sun protecting powder, SPF 50. So the benefits with this, um, it’s a broad spectrum, mineral protection against UVA UVB rays, and that calls that cause skin photo damage. So it delivers the antioxidant benefits. We’re helping to reduce the potential for irritation. So this is great for sensitive skin as well, helps minimize the visible signs of aging, because like I said, it is SPF. Giovanna: So that’s why it helps. Um, so it’s, it’s, doesn’t clog the pores. This is really light. This is really great. Um, I love this stuff because you know, you can, this is the packaging right here. So you can put on your SPF in the morning. And then throughout the day, let’s say, if you’re a female who wears makeup and you can’t put on SPF right after that, because you feel like you don’t want to mess up your makeup. This is a great setting. So think of it as like a setting powder. So it has like a little brush. You just brush it right on and your skin is protected from all the, um, UVA and be raised. So this is our ingredients think oxide 24%, which is amazing 10 Tanium dioxide, 22.5% has green tea in it has caffeine. Um, yeah, so this is really great. So it’s an all-in-one performance it’s sets your makeups reduces the shine blurring for perfections while protecting the skin against the harmful UV rays. So it’s portable, it’s easy to use. I have one in my bag. I take it everywhere with me and you can reapply it as much as you need it, which is every two hours. Giovanna: Right? So now we are jumping into our tinted moisturizer with SPF 46. So the benefits with this one is it’s an antioxidant rich fast absorbing SPF, featuring a high level of cinema and hyaluronic acid. So universal tent matching most skin types provide a flawless complexion. So I know tinted moisturizers are the wave and that’s why we wanted get on it and bring this product into our line, which is it’s so good. I love this. You really don’t even need foundation provides UVA and UVB protection and it’s lightweight oil free. So it doesn’t clog your pores. Doesn’t do anything like that. It’s actually really great. I love it. Giovanna: Next up is our ultra hydrating. So next up is our ultra hydrating cream SPF 40. So the benefits for this one is our sons. It’s sunscreen, sunscreen, and anti-aging moisturizer combination contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. It also boosts the skin moistures content content provides prevents fine lines, and wrinkles provides you the AME UVB protection of course, related as a gentle, gentle product idea for post-procedure and sensitive skin. So this is really good. I love that one. And this is our control freak line. So this is our for acnetic skin. So here we have our backing wash and bacne spray, and this is how it comes packaged. And it comes with a little, I want to say like a loofa towel, foliate your skin with that little towel for your back knee. So anybody who really suffers from acne tend to develop back me. I know it sucks all around. Giovanna: So the benefits for the backwash. So it’s benzyl peroxide. So it’s provides antibacterial activity against, um, back to, you know, the growing bacteria from the acne. And it’s an excellent solution for children, teens, and adults. So this is great for morning use and, um, night as well. And then the spray you would use right after the bacne wash. As soon as you pat your skin dry, you spray this on. So what it does, it helps accelerate the removal of dead skin cells. And that can interfere with the proper oil drainage of the skin promotes exfoliation and smoother looking skin. It removes surface oils, unclogs pores and opens up plugged follicles, which is basically number one irritation. And the number one cause for the irritation on the back for the bacne, um, skin conditioners and natural botanicals hydrate irritated skin, it has witch Hazel in it. So it helps smooth and tone the skin as well. Giovanna: So next up is our APS acne serum. So the benefits with this product here, it helps fight acne causing bacteria on the spot and prevents future breakouts. It’s clinically proven to decrease Seaborn production for up to 70%. So this is great for a very oily skin types. They could be, they loved this using the serum helps control their oil production exfoliates gently to increase cellular turnover and leaving skin refined. And it’s a great spot treatment as well. So if you are, you know, have occasional breakouts and you, you know, you need, uh, a nice syndrome. This is actually great as well. Giovanna: Next up is our APS acne medicated paths. So this contains 2% south. So like AXA 2% like colic and 5% lactic acid. So it delivers a micro peel to exfoliate and correct acnetic skin and helps prevent future breakouts as well. It promotes exfoliation of the dead skin cells and helps enhance cellular or renal penetrates deep into the pores and regulate save on production as well and inhibit acne bacterial growth from within. So this is great as well. Um, I find that a lot of people like, like using this because it’s just the pad and you just wipe it on and then continue onto your next product in your skincare routine. Giovanna: So next up is our sensitive line. So for our sensitive line, what we have is called the disappearing act. So this has vitamin K and the benefits with this, it calms through this red irritation skin. This is actually really great as well for rosacea or spider veins. I usually recommend this for all my clients who have those issues. It helps fade bruising as well, spider veins and broken capillaries. So it contains vitamin K it’s a 5%. Is that a flower oil, sweet almond oil, help fade and clear bruising improves the parents of discolored skin that it’s caused by the spider veins. So basically rosacea helps reduce under eye dark circles as well and puffiness. So this is really good. So this hydrates and retain skin’s natural moisture and it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, um, helps with redness irritation. Uh, so this relieves dry itchy skin and it combat, uh, combat symptoms with aging, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties formulated as a treatment regimen to address fragile skin before and after in an in office or surgical procedures. Giovanna: Yes, the next step is our Va-Va Voom line. So this is we’re going into is our Va-Va Voom, extreme lash. So the benefits with this, this is basically our a lash serum. So it colds and conditioned flashes it stress strengthens fragile lashes helps lashes appear longer, fuller stronger, and it helps promote regrowth for the, um, weak latch follicles. And it aids in repairs of damaged hairs while soothing the sensitive skin. So this is actually really good. You can apply a thin layer. Um, you could play it twice a day, morning and night. Usually I tell clients just to use it at night, a thin layer one to two times, that’s it. You’re all done and you’ll see great results. Giovanna: Okay. So as early earliest, four weeks, um, this is the percentage amount of patients agreed. So 70% have agreed that their lashes are longer 73% in four weeks. Um, their lashes are thicker 80% say in four weeks, their lashes are more nourished. So, and this is a 12 week photo side by side. He looks like she’s wearing, um, extensions. So next up is our Va-Va Voom shampoo and conditioner. Huh? So these are the two products right here. So this is great for if you’re experiencing hair loss. So this promotes hair volume, fullness and natural body. It protects the nourishes, the healthy hair grow and cleanses, and it cleanses the scalp really well supports, um, optimal environment for healthy follicle growth. Giovanna: I mean, you don’t really need a lot, a lot. One pump goes a long way with these treatments that, you know, they’re just so nice. Okay. So now we are getting into our giveaway. So we’re going to ask five questions. The first one to submit the right answer gets. Okay. So this is our giveaway for our Va-Va Voom extreme lash question. So how many product lines do we have now? We just went over it a little bit, the different lines now opening the chat to see. So you just message it in. So Amanda, you are the winner. So there is five lines and are awesome. Six, sorry, six. Sorry. Oh, no. Cause all right, Amanda Picone. So yes, you want it? Yay. So you want our last serum? Oh my God. I can’t wait. Make sure you take befores and afters. Can you please submit your mailing address? So we have sound is brought up to you. Yeah. So submit your, um, your mailing address so we can send it. Okay. Congrats. Giovanna: Excellent. Okay. So the next giveaway is for our restorative treatment right here. This was the moisturizer that I was telling you guys about earlier. Really good. So the question is what are the two types of hyaluronic acid molecules? And I am looking in the chat to see what are the two type of hyaluronic Molecules. Okay. Um, do you remember what we spoke? It was like a little diagram. It said something about she, um, messaged, something about the penetration, how hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin. Does anybody remember? So yes, there’s two types, but do you remember what type they were? Giovanna: All right. Um, Andrea, so it was the one that does on top. It goes on top and there is another one that comes from below. So there’s the high end, the low. So we are gonna give Andrea our, our restorative treatment. So Andrea is the winner. Just send email us or in the chat, send us your privately your address. She said I needed this. Yay, congrats. So, uh, next giveaway is our acne serum. So here is the question. How is APS acne line called? So, so what is the acne line called? It was a cute little name for our acnetic line. Does anybody remember? Giovanna: And now does anybody remember our APS acne line? What is the name of it? No, it’s not vanish. It’s something that you would call somebody who like it’s, I don’t know something. I call my mother. Yes. So we are going to skip it. Unfortunately, nobody’s going to win this. It was called control freak. Okay. Okay. Next is are APS on protecting powder. Oh my God, you win this lucky you. This is my favorite. And the question is going to be what was the minimal SPF number that everyone should be using? 30. Yay. Nina A. won it. Yay. So minimal, we recommend for everybody to use is their SPF 30, 30 and up. Congrats. So Nina, just send us your address, privately. And then we’re going into our last one. This is our APS body butter. Giovanna: So what is the minimal SPF number that everyone should be using? No, this is an error. Nope. Don’t don’t answer that. All right. So body butter. Okay. Um, let me think of a question. So this was, um, okay. Sorry about that. Let me think. Shall we say, um, okay. So our body butter comes from what skin line what’s skin. What was the skincare line? I know it’s APS, but um, what was the name of our line for our body products? Do you remember the name of the line for our body products? It’s purple has the word body in it? I give them another one. Lisa, do you want to ask? No, it’s not body control. Um, Louisa, do you want to ask a question to see if anybody would answer? Are you able to, hi everybody. Louisa: Sorry. I’m on sick. Giovanna: So sorry. You have one more question for the giveaway. Louisa: Yes. Uh, let’s see. Um, does everybody know what, um, which of the items will help lighten the skin and exfoliate at the same time that you use at nighttime? Giovanna: That’s a great one. Yeah. Retinol. So are we asking for the ingredient or the actual product? Louisa: He, um, which of the products? If you can remember, somebody did say retinol the right shot. Giovanna: Yeah. Yeah. You are on the right track. We did talk about two different retinol products. Yeah. Sarah. Well, yes, Louisa: The youth serum, which is one of my favorite products. Giovanna: Yes. That’s what leaves his face. So that is the youth serum here that we have. We are going to be giving you not the sermon though. We’re giving you the body butter. Okay. So thank you all for joining. Um, Louisa is homesick, but she will be better and take the weekend to recover, um, too much AC I guess. And we will see her soon. And thank you guys for joining me on the webinar. If you have any questions, please, this is your chance to put them in the chat. Louisa: Thank you, Giovanna. You did a great job. New Speaker: Thank you, miss. You wish you were here for the weekend. Everybody. Yes. Have a good weekend. So, all right. I think we are all done. Thank you everybody for joining.