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Webinar 4: Mommy Makeovers – Surgical & Nonsurgical

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani is here to answer everything you need to know about plastic surgery and more in his latest segment called #TehraniTalks – During Quarantine.

Mommy makeovers are one of Dr. Tehrani’s most requested procedures. They address the negative physical effects of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, and after pregnancy, many women experience long-lasting aesthetic issues. But Dr. Tehrani is here to share both invasive and non-invasive options for all the mommies out there looking to get their pre-baby body back!


Well. Hello everyone. A hope. I was way at all as well. Everyone. It’s webinar Wednesday hope everybody’s staying healthy. We’re going to talk about some loud mommy makeovers today. Some good news that just came at you a minutes ago is the fact that covenant hormone, it looks like he’s opening a non essential surgical facilities to be able to have surgical procedures done outside of New York city. Potentially novel wound office is not finalized yet. He’s planning on signing that. So you have some good news. As the numbers are going down we’re looking forward to to opening and making preparations or for that happening will be may getting to mommy makeovers are gonna talk about mommy makeover, surgical and nonsurgical issues and all of all of that. So what is a mommy makeover? Obviously mommy makeup is not a medical thing. More make-over is just compilation of procedures where to address the men negative physical effects that have the pregnancy. And, and to a certain extent aging. But for the most part, pregnancy and childbirth, including changes that happen to the breast whether or not there is breastfeeding with long standing breastfeeding actually needs a bit more, but in general breast body seizures to address those issues.

Yeah. Hmm. So pregnancy and childbirth takes a bit of a toll on most patients’ bodies. There are a few lucky ones that go on scape. But in general, what happens with that pregnancy, the breasts and breastfeeding, they lose their shape. Because of the fact that there is a change in breast volume and you could go up to two, sometimes three cup sizes larger and then after that goes down, what happens is the fat element of the breast gets smaller, whereas the actual glandular tissue itself gets larger and it gets smaller and then that change actually addresses that skin and lacks the city and addresses and makes things a big group here and does not look as good as it did before. Certainly when we talk about the abdomen, that’s where we’re the front of the issue is what happens.

Not only there is a weight gain because of pregnancy, but the abdominal wall muscles separate becoming separated. And even after you work out, you cannot bring him back together. And the only way to really bring him to this by suturing the midline and bringing it together to make that look nicer and tighter. Now, most people will lose most of the baby weight after pregnancy. And ideally before any abdominal procedures, you should be at a level where you were before pregnancy in terms of weight. Certainly last but not certainly least, the vaginal area could use rejuvenation and after childbirth, especially vaginal childbirth, there may be incontinence that could be both lateral laxity, overactive bladder or sexual dysfunction afterwards that can be addressed for patients quality of life.

All right, we’re going to start with breasts and work our way down. So we’re going to talk about some nonsurgical things first. In general, I’m going to talk about this procedure. Anything that’s nonsurgical is not going to have as dramatic a result as something that’s surgical. So having said that, there’s some people that either have minimal effects after a pregnancy or the ones who procedures or more invasive things at least at the very least initially to get some sort of a result. So I’m going to talk about a tone, a tone, cryo shop and threat lift, which are effectively nonsurgical procedures to smooth out the wrinkles. Maybe give it, give yourself a little tiny bit of a lip. There are a few other more invasive thread lifts in the market that are going to be FDA approved hopefully by the end of this year.

But actually nonsurgically threatened inside to lift up the internal part of the breast. Basically something that you may notice after you, when you raise your arm up, you may notice that kind of a lift and it will give you something similar to that on non-surgically. And certainly there was body tight or breast tight in this sense where it is not truly nonsurgical. The actually go on the inside of the breast to deliver it. But it’s not excisional surgery on that. It was, we’re not removing breasts, skin or a scar on the outside to provide this treatment. And with body tight, well breast type Mmm. You actually will end up getting a tiny little incision to put the lower part of the introducer in. This is a radio frequency and on the inside of the breast protecting the skin to be able to give it a bit of a ellipse. So this patient had a, not only tightening but also a liposuction to remove some of the fat on the inside for breast. And as you can see, not only should look smaller and uplifted, but tighter and higher on her breast itself to be able to do that without any external scars.

So in terms of surgical procedures, they’re basically three overall categories or what we do breast lift or mastopexy is when we actually lay scars around the nipples to be able to add and lifts the nipple areola complex. So when we lift up the nipple areola complex, the shape of the breast needs to be done and wrapped around the new position of the breast and make the breast look uplifted and that the breast reduction is effectively a breast lift and at the same time removing breast tissue. So it’s an elevation or lift and removal of breast tissue at the same time. Whereas in a breast lift, only removing rests skin in a breast reduction where we moving breast tissue and breast. And at the same time at breast augmentation is when we’re adding volume. It can be done with implants, own fat. If it’s an implant, we’ll talk about it in different ways and different types of implants that we use to provide augmentation or while we at sometimes combined breast lift and breast augmentation to provide a proposed fullness on the upper part of the breast as well as bringing the breath, make things youthful and larger.

Let’s talk about a breast lift. There’s a procedure that’s generally done under anesthesia. You go to sleep, then outpatient procedure, you have it done and go home the same day. Patients that are good candidates for this procedure are the ones that are at their ideal weight. I have stopped breastfeeding for at least three months prior to the procedure and they want a more lift and move, full breath, not necessarily bigger. The idea of a breast lift, it can actually make you look a bit smaller because you’re tighter on your breasts. Body movement, you abreast the lift. And this definitely certainly includes scars and these patients are typically three months after the procedure. As you can see, there’s a scar here that we’re not showing her nipple, but this call coming down the bottom of the breast. So the lobby pop lift coming down to the bottom to to make that uplifts happen and advocacy. He’s kind of starting to see a bit of our, our Yola year Ariel is much larger as part of either breast lift or reduction that should get an Arriola reduction as well. And that uplift includes that reduction in how Yola so the skin is removed and rest on the inside isn’t reshaped. Occasionally we either use a mesh on the inside or use the home breast tissue to attach it to the muscle so that now you get a longstanding results in this operation.

The breast reduction is effectively a, a breast lift with tissue remove advocacy, especially in this patient in the lower part, she was quite a bit droopy, bigger on the right side, not so much on the left has a lot of student changes because of weight loss and weight gain and we’re able to remove and reshape all of that. With this car typically going around the areola, down to the bottom of the breast and in the form of a duplex, again, uplift and a reduction with the breast reduction, you actually remove that breast tissue and we always send it off with the ecologists. They could look at to make sure that they don’t have any breast cancer or any abnormalities found in that type of a breast should have the breast issue of sensitive tissue. We want to make sure that every negative and last is breast augmentation and are different types of breast augmentation always mean making your breasts larger.

Augmenting breasts traditionally done with implants with are not being seen in implants, silicone implants. You have a hybrid which is a hybrid. Satan silicone also shaped saving implants to be placed through an incision and they underneath the areola, the bottom of the breast or in the fold of the breast or it can be placed through the axilla or the armpit or the belly bar. And there are different patients that are candidates would need different insertion points and we always take the book to customize that to each individual patient. Sometimes we even do what’s called the hybrid breast augmentation where I put an implant, for example, saving implants with a belly button, and then the remainder of that remainder for natural look actually put a bit of fat around the the implant for that perfect a natural look.

We’re going to move on to the abdominal area, the area basically that takes effectively the brunt of the mommy makeover issue. So nonsurgical options are quite a few. Coolsculpting is probably the number one fat reducing leading procedure in the country. It’s a nonsurgical raising of the fat that that has done to address bulges. Tone, quality shock similar to what we talked about earlier with the breath can be done on the body, can be done on the waistline to improve remove fat or minimize fat skin quality. Sophina is a minimally invasive. It’s not truly non invasive. A procedure for cellulae to address cellulite and typically the thighs, the back of the thigh and Thermi tight is again, minimally invasive placement of irregular frequency probe underneath the skin to move, provide skin tiny.

We’re going to talk about all those individually. There’s a CoolSculpting patient of ours, a young patient that just didn’t like this little ball in the lower part of their abdomen and the CoolSculpting is placed on the abdomen is and basically in her case was two treatments done approximately over a little bit over an hour. Completely nonsurgically squeezes the bat into the into the applicator. We freeze it. We spare the the skin itself so you don’t get a freezer burn if you would. And then it basically gives you approximately 20% fat reduction in the area that we treat it. A lot of times we do a combination procedure, we’ll do the abdomen, the flanks kind of get it, get a compounding effect and the entire view of the area, a tone by Pokorny or cry a teashop does a similar thing.

Where we instead of sucking the fat in into the applicator, we actually do a enrolling combination of heat and cool. They basically provided differentiation between freezing and hot to make the fat go into what’s called program cell death. Just similar to what happened in in CoolSculpting and basically make the fat melt away. And also from the skin itself, Sophina is to address cellular a lot of people after pregnancy or certainly before can have, so it will be similar to this lady who had it in her area of the bomber, the lateral thighs. You literally are going inside after the area has been numb and you release that attachments from the muscle to the skin that caused the light to begin with. So it doesn’t remove fat. It just relieves release as those areas. Occasionally we’ll combine this with liposuction if that’s a area that needs to be addressed or combining with CoolSculpting to address both fat.

And so then at the same time but it’s the number one if the approved long standing procedure for cellulite reduction ThermiTight is a nonsurgical. I’ve been, we’re not going to remove skin but to provide that kind of timing in the lower abdominal wall or in the upper abdominal wall and somebody who’s who doesn’t want to have an excisional surgery and overall looks good, does not have extra fat, mainly for skin tightening. Where we placed this radiofrequency probe under local anesthesia, underneath the skin and provide tightening of that entire area and has minimal downtime of swelling and it’s done on the local anesthesia, not search.

So then we’re going to talk about surgical options. So the main state, what I do with the plastic surgeon is surgical options and basically a mommy includes some sort of a tummy tuck or liposuction to address the abdominal area. So tell me, talk about an abdominoplasty is to be active, move extra skin for the lower part of the abdomen. And we’ll talk about the different types of semi-truck whether or not immediate extended and liposuction is where we actually go in and remove the fat cells using liposuction. And I have different modalities, either medicine, power, assisted liposuction or what are some life construction work. There are different modalities that are used actually remove the fat and, and provide the sculpting. And certainly the other thing that we do that it’s very critical is to actually once that you remove the fat when it to the remainings in that you’re leaving behind and the different modalities that allow us to do that.

So let’s talk about abdominoplasty. I do a very particular kind of abdominoplasty called a lateral attention abdominoplasty. Both of these patients have that. They can look in the lower part of the have them and there’s a very low fine scar that the in the bikini, eventually you don’t see it. Effectively what’s been removed if F is everything below the belly button, which is the majority of this stretch marks in that area. So all of that, it gets removed. Then you stretch marks that you see on the top are actually not transformed all the way down here and they’re stretched so you’re not seeing him as much. At the same time we’ll do some liposuction to bring the waistline in. And this is somebody who is a bit heavier and she had the lower part of the tennis. And sometimes we extend that like an extended abdominoplasty lateral extension to bring the scar a little further out and bring do some liposuction to address those areas. Most important thing within abdominal plasty is the appearance of the belly button. I have a proprietary way that I make the belly button looks natural when you wear a bikini and doesn’t have the telltale sign of a tummy tuck where we occasionally have to redo from other surgeons that have had that and abdominoplasty. So in this area we give a lot of attention to, to make that look. Quite perfect.

Liposuction can be done without a tummy tuck and it has to do with how much improvement you’re willing to to get wouldn’t. Abdominoplasty is literally cutting out skins and whatever you cut out the skin, you’re gonna get a lot more tightening. That combination of liposuction with skin tightening, which is what these patients I’ll bet younger patients book really good after the surgery. These are done with tiny little holes in the groin. Typically one inside the belly button, go inside and contour the abdominal area similar to this lady. Really bring the waistline in and make that area look better. All these small little incisions in bikini area. At the same time we do some skin Titans and the skin tightening similar to the last two pages that I showed. The not only do remove the fat, also provide some etching and skin tightening and there are different types of skin signing that I will get to later on.

So you want to really talk to a surgeon or really have somebody doing this that has initially the sculpting, the ability to really provide these sculpting areas. It’s not just about removing fat, it’s about actually leaving some fat behind in the areas that you want to first of all thing. And also remove the majority in your waistline. What do you want to bring to contour? And I’m certainly tying the skin afterwards as well. So like this lady has had it in her outer thigh waistline, her lower abdominal area. I did some etching, which is what she’d like to have in her side. And we actually did, they put the, some of the fat that I removed her breasts to make that look better as well. Whereas this patient, we was a bit heavier to start off with the contouring.

She’s not perfect. There are some areas that are regular, but overall without a scar, she looks phenomenal for having had done excisional surgery and you actually kind of see the edges of the of the liposuction scars, which overtime actually will continue to fate. So in terms of skin tightening there I have basically three modalities in the office body type, which is radio frequency. We talk about the breastfeed before where the element is placed underneath the skin and it actually tightens the skin from the outside and inside. Then there’s laser, the very first containing available which we still use in selected patients that uses a laser or smart Michael to sign the skin. And then the newest one was just called the movie on, or Jay plasma uses helium gas attacking the skin from the inside.

So I’ve said all this in terms of surgery, abdominoplasty, liposuction, tummy tucks, non-surgical thing, weight loss is critical and if you’ve not lost your post-baby weight, most important thing to do right before any of what we talked about is actually weight loss. There was a special diet that we offer here in the office called the nouveau diet. I’ve personally lost over 40 pounds on it. It’s a diet where it’s a very, very low fat diet. Some carbs, low carbs and for 40 days your to lose 30 pounds. It’s a diet that we typically provide to patients that are having difficulty losing the weight before surgery. And I’d like to start the diet 40 days before surgery and then immediately after the diet of stopped to the surgery. And then the idea behind that is as great as this diet is, the most common thing to happen after any diet is weight gain. And what I’d like to do is I want to use that. I want to make that book perfect by June the procedure that can help lock the weight in right after surgery. So once you maximize your weight loss with the new world diet, then we’ll do the surgery.

Last but not least, we’re going to talk about the vaginal area. So this is an area that a lot of patients don’t talk about. And, and it’s a little embarrassing to talk about it sometimes to talk about the gynecologist. But a lot of patients don’t know that there is an nonsurgical way to address most common things, which are dryness, irritation, sexual dysfunction, you already dysfunction that I get from patients quite often actually, and looseness or vaginal laxity. And that’s the amoeba amoeba uses the same radio frequency that we use for face sight or or Thermi type where we can actually gently heat the internal vaginal law, which actually addresses issues of technique even better than external skin. So internal mucosa actually responds to this heat a lot better than everywhere else in the body.

So doing get ThermiVa procedures, which is something that’s done typically three sessions one month apart, even after the first patients, a lot of first session, a lot of patients show improvement and improvement in those areas, especially urinary dysfunction and laxity and and dryness after this procedure there is. So that’s a nonsurgical way to address vaginal looseness. Where I leave your plastic is a surgical option to address the look of the Lavia. Now the Lavia has external elements and internal elements. The labia minora is what they start element can be an issue. The biggest issue is self esteem issues and appearance of the area and occasionally it actually needs a functional thing which is uncomfortable in when you’re working at home, certainly during this course. So that’s something that can be addressed surgically where we where we basically camouflage the score on the inside and remove that extra skin out to leave you a menorah and get that area to heal.

Well, the mommy makeover is typically the combination of the breath abdomen and the vaginal issues to it’s, we make the whole mom over. There’s some examples of our patients that we treat over the years. This is a 32 year old as a kid. See, she’s pretty fit. She’s had a lot of lower abdominal skin laxity. And of course should not like the size of her breasts. So what we did is an abdominal plasty and lateral tension with a scar in her in her groin. I removed everything down. They have at the bottom look a lot better. All the stretch marks to be gone. Are they able to put salient implants through her abdominoplasty scar? So she has no breast scars. So tummy tuck, I was able to put those implants in and she went from an eight cup to listen and she looks great. And became ready.

Hmm. Thanks. As a 33 year old who didn’t like looking breasts, didn’t like a role part of an abdomen. We did it lateral tension, abdominal plasty make her belly button look a lot better. A waistline is smashed in and looks really good. Her breasts are lifted and much shaped Lior. And also I did some tightening and liposuction are for inner thighs to make that look a lot better as well. Next patient is also a tummy tuck patient at the lateral congenital classy on her. She had basically an Audi belly button. She didn’t have much of a belly box side, a new any belly button for her. She was pretty fit. There’s really no fat there. So even though I did some liposuction to bring it in, it wasn’t a backlight holds back shape and certainly she needed some volume elevation and lift up her breast.

So I had an implant and a lift for her. At the same time, 37 year old, I did a tummy tuck on her abdominal plasty liposuction of a waistline. Did the breast lift. She had volume to our breasts. All I did is we positioned the tissues that were down here much higher up in her breasts, attach them to her breast issue to make that look a lot fuller on top. Scars will continue to fade over time. This is a three month picture, nice natural belly button, well hidden scar, nice waistline and mommy made over 39 year old. They’re an abdominoplasty tummy tuck on her. Her breasts she was overall happy with, but what I did is just moving some of the fat from her waistline and adding to the top of a breast makes her left breast look somewhat lifted and it’s not a major change. As a small change. She would formally need a breast lift with scars. She didn’t want it to go through that. So all we did is add some volume too aggressive. Yeah.

Next is a patient who had the mommy makeover as well. She had a lot of looseness in her lower part of abdomen move. The effectively everything from her belly button down by question, over waistline, scars around the area load down to the bottom of the breast knife, breast lift for her. And overall the other thing that happens in patients is they look younger because of the fact that the abdominal wall looks flatter and the look better, even though I, I am in may or may not have done anything to their face that to be appear younger, then we get into more deeper issues. The patients have had massive weight loss or they need an extended time. We talk like for example, and this lady, I had to remove the majority of her abdominal wall to get her this kind of a result.

They still have a bit of laxity here and occasionally we have to go in and remove additional skin. But it’s all about improvement and how much we can get with skin tightening, non-surgically answer only surgically another patient with a tummy tuck relapse instead of abdominal plasty, a liposuction or the waistline rest lift. It’s quite body. And like I said, self-esteem is face transforming. I like to see if there are any questions. I know we had some questions from beforehand. Jackie, if you’d like to go through those questions that came through the webinars, we can answer them and go ahead.

Yeah, thank you so much dr Ronnie. That was amazing. So we’ll just have some questions that came through that I wanted to speak on it and just kind of some general questions that I know that we get a lot of. You know, number one and also everyone, feel free to write in the comments in the chat. Any questions you do have. So doc Toronto can answer. But one of the number one questions I think that we get a lot of is how soon after I have a baby can I have mommy makeover.

So the two elements to that if the main reason to wait after a pregnancy to have mommy makeover is abdominal, is in fact the main area have to wait three months. And the reason you want to wait three months, especially if you’ve had a C section is to give the C section scars heal well and you don’t want to have some people say, Hey, can I do a C section anatomic type the same day? Your uterus actually stays large for good you weeks after giving birth. So you want to kind of weight that out, lose some of the baby weight and to address that. And so as far as the breast is concerned, I want to wait at least two to three months after you stopped breastfeeding to make sure that you breath size and basically shape the final size. So we can talk about whether or not you need a breast lift or implants. At the same time do a breast lift and your breast a larger than ideal, and then you lose some of that volume on. We didn’t do an implant, we kind of didn’t do a, a good service. And of course you want to do this one fine.

Okay. Okay. Interesting. next question. Can I have children after a mommy makeover?

Yes. so the liposuction variety of mommy makeover is something that I would recommend if somebody still thinking about childbirth. I don’t recommend the tummy talk unless you have a dramatic new skin until you’ve done with childbirth. And that’s not to say that you can’t have children, you can’t have children after Tommy talk, but unfortunately you would have to redo it and the results are not as perfect when you do it a second time or even a third. So it’s better to wait until a trial where you do a tummy tuck. But certainly liposuction or breast seizures can be done before a child versus a finished.

Hm. Okay. another question. So I know that, you know, during pregnancy, sometimes the abdominal walls and muscles separate can you just explain that a little and what you do to help fix up.

So the lower, especially the lower part of the abdomen, depending on how petite your, how much larger you are, that that effect is, is different. The two muscles of the abdominal wall actually separate and no matter how much you work at the area in between called the fascial vice spaces, does not come back together because it’s not muscle area that’s been stretched. That’s not even the muscular. So not only you chance work out because you got this bulge in between, but the muscle itself starts getting weak. So that the only way to fix that, detach sutures in it. And that not only do we put sutures in it to tighten it to what it was before, actually exaggerate that to bring the waistline in further. So then after surgery you have this tight area that when you work out and when you exercise, you actually start seeing the the benefits of,

Okay, awesome. So you have some people writing in the chat. When you add implants through the tummy talk scar, does this mean that you will not get a lift since there aren’t any scars?

So that’s for somebody that one second. That’s what somebody who does not need a rescue all day. The idea is if we’re doing a breast lift, you already have this already breath and I’m going to put the implant through that scar. So a for an augmentation patient that does not need a lift and I can put it in. So if you need a lift, we’re going to put the implant, you don’t need to lift this money can benefit doing a trans abdominal or a Chan on the local breast occupation where we end up using get implants through the belly button.

Okay. Next question. How big are the scars for a full tummy tuck? Is there a difference between scars when you’re doing like a full extended? Tell me talk versus maybe a mini tummy tuck.

Right. So there, there, there is kind of a, a gamut of sizes as far the mini tummy tuck would be maybe a bit bigger than a C section. Then hip to hip would be a lateral tension, abdominal plasty and extended tummy tuck who actually go further towards kind of a side almost in the back of the of the waistline in terms of lane for the majority of what we do is the lateral tension. The mini tummy tuck is somebody who doesn’t have a tremendous amount of skin and now we’re doing fewer of those patients because now we have some great tightening devices. Those are the people that I used to do many times upon. Now I can do liposuction but skin time. So they is an individual thing that we have to discuss with patient eight to show them how much improvement you will get either in tiny liposuction, combination or B, how much they’re willing to go through in terms of scar and the risk of scar versus skin.

Okay. Next question. So if you do get a tummy tuck or any kind of like liposuction work on your stomach, can you do bodybuilding, CrossFit, Pilates, any kind of exercise to expose the abs afterwards?

Absolutely. And now that they, the new foundation for the muscle being put together has been there you chat. So the scars heal and achieve 80% loss more than 80% of what they had before back to one back surgery. So I require a patients not to do any strenuous lab exercise after coming to talk for a full two months after surgery, after what you slowly start doing AB exercises and the remainder of your exercises to basically strengthen those muscles and it can actually start seeing abs and and lower part of the abdomen. And also that there are other muscle tightening, get nonsurgical treatments like M scope that’s available to actually give you exercise of the muscle after the surgery.

Okay. Thank you. Next question. I guess these are similar. Can you have a mommy makeover at one time? Like, can you do a breast lift? And anytime we talk together some foreskin,

Yes you can. So the idea is to maximize the number of procedures you can have done within safety. So the safety guidelines are from one hour anesthesia up to six hours of anesthesia. Your anesthesia risks is the same. So minimize and, and basically limit the number of procedures done within six hours, very commonly breast lift with, or we’re not implant flap procession and tummy tuck is done about three and a half to four hours. So that’s way before the six hour Mark that is within the safety guidelines. Having said that, if somebody wants restless PVL arm liposuction facelift, we want all of that at the same time. That goes beyond the six hour safety point. And we’re not going to do that in one setting. We would have two separate settings.

Okay, great. Next question. So does a tummy tuck help at all with the frequent need to urinate?

Tell me, Chuck in and of itself does not. If anything am I actually make that a little worse? So the idea with the tummy tuck, it strengthens your abdominal muscles. The problem with frequent urination is the fact that the public the pelvic wall muscles are weaker. And when you tighten the abdominal wall, you actually have a bit more pressure on the abdomen to Matt. You read up and make that at least temporarily worse. So no, that does not help it. What it does help with is actually with back thing. So because your muscles are tighter in the front, you have more core support and people that have back issues actually giving them core support. So throw me buys one will help with the internal tightening of those pelvic muscles that help with urination and laxity.

Okay, great. So this person is actually content telling us a little bit about themselves. They had a question. So she said that she had a tell me talk three years ago and she’s pretty fit. However, the few pounds she gained about eight pounds, she has a little more back fat now and a little some back rolls. Is it possible to remove this fat and make her breasts fuller at the same time?

Yes, that is possible. And that’s actually the interesting thing to talk about. There is this thing where if you had liposuction, you’re faculty somewhere else. And partly that actually is true and that has to do with if you gain weight, relatively speaking, the area that you had procedures either Tommy top on or liposuction on has fewer fat cells. It’s not zero, but as fewer fats. So relatively speaking, her back that may not have been liposuction had to have more fat cells. So that area got larger if you gained weight. So the idea is not to gain weight, but if you do, you still only can use it to your advantage and go liposuction that area and then put the fat into the breast space or or wherever else that it means.

Okay, good. So two people asked about scars, how long until this Tommy tuck scar looks his best. And also, do we have any services to eliminate scars?

Scars is what we do a lot of, so we have a very comprehensive scholar programs. So the first three months, which is where we’re taking the majority of our pictures is when this car starts, starts looking really good. Scars actually continue to remodel up to two years. So final look two years. So it’s not, the idea is you don’t want to wait the two year and how do we kind of trying to get to that point quicker. And that’s in way of doing specific scar treatments that we have and based on how you healing when we see multiple times after surgery, we’ll put you on either regimen. We do microneedling of this far as Fraxel, which is a laser treatment of the scar to make that look better. And in all of that is done in combination with either medications or scar sheets for individual cases to address those cars.

Awesome. okay. I mean the last really question is kind of what’s the costs for all of this? Maybe like a total, like a range.

Obviously the multiple procedures that we have to talk about the multiple procedures that go into a mommy makeover, read the tummy tuck breast liposuction. If I had to put a number to it and may start with talking, not something nonsurgical, like who’s all thing, something in the neighborhood about $800 and go up to 50,000 plus dollars. So it’s a big range. The best part is now with virtual or even when we’re in person. We can either have you take a look at virtual consultation so I can take a look at you. I’ll give you an exact proposal through the office and or you can send pictures in parts to take a look to what we use, very visual. So to be able to give you a, an exact proposal or what specifically will work for each individual patient.

Awesome. Okay. Thank you so much dr Ani. Just so everyone knows, we are offering virtual consultations. You can just head to our website, aristocrat, to sign up for one of those. And also if you are interested in a consult with dr Trani, if you mentioned that you are here on this webinar, you’ll receive $50 off your consult fee. So we hope to see you next week. We’ll be talking about different skincare concerns and we’ll be sharing links through email. Thank you so much everyone.

Thank you everyone. Stay safe.

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