Webinar 5: Skincare Concerns + Chemical Peels

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani is here to answer everything you need to know about plastic surgery and more in his latest segment called #TehraniTalks – During Quarantine. During this webinar, Louisa Agate, skincare expert and aesthetician, shares her knowledge on common skincare concerns and treatments. One of the best treatments for almost all skin concerns is a chemical peel and lucky for you, we are now offering virtual chemical peels sent straight to your home! Watch as Louisa performs a chemical peel demo and stay for the entire webinar to receive an exclusive discount!


(00:02): Okay. Okay. Okay. Here we go. [inaudible] Active acne and acne where we can do some of the treatments that we were talking about, some chemical peels and HydraFacials and yes, he changed me. And then manhandle office, we have some in Kohl’s who, okay. Okay, well let me just get a large pool and three companion again. So if you have large pores it’s usually because you have skin. So we have products that help with that in our office, products in office treatments or chemical peels of Fraxel Cleon brilliant and HydraFacial clean up the floors and help with the well another thing is that we have is we knew a Korean deli who has a little bit of a right to control some legal secretions along with the Michael Colleen as simple as that, you use them in combination.

(01:34): Next will be dehydrated. A lot of people have dehydrated skin, dry skin clapping, itching, dry patches. So you want to exfoliate the skin, you want to take off those. So rhinos is a good option because it helps to hydrate the skin. And at the same time it helps to take off those top layers, which will stimulate some sewing more. She grants, she needs something with a hyaluronic acid to what shall I say, but not too much for my skin. Our signature eye cream is grateful around the eyes who are, are dehydrated skin and helps creaky. And you know, all of those treatments you’re going to see a pattern chemical peel, which, which we talked about already. A chemical peel is good because it will help to simulate some real HydraFacial also is good because it will help to bring some hydration to the skin and exploiting it as well. And another thing is good as a laser laser Genesis 64 laser and it’s like a micro exposure, getting treatment with elite many skin conditions cause glowy skin is dehydrated skin and it’s good for redness as well.

(03:07): Good aging and presents. We have many products for aging and preventative and treatment. Signature cream is good. It helps line skin to skin. The have some retinols. The lead that we have we have a variety of strength retinol that we have certainly on what your needs are. Glow cream works great. They are in office treatments for that chemical peels. You can just leave me out otherwise known as I feel we have Fratto and practically and brilliant and also the ligaments. That’s good pigmentation. I’m alive with the really, really difficult ones, which we treat a lot of in this office. Molasses, one of the, one of the more difficult treatments to conditions to treat because it’s hormonal. A lot of people when they have a pregnancy, they get what’s called a pregnancy mask. And it’s, sometimes it’s on the upper left and sometimes it’s on the cheek. And it’s very difficult to get rid of them. You can always try and control and even you, some sun damage. Sometimes you can get some taking patients.

(04:40): Acne scars is left behind. I move around spots, acne have gone away. So of course there we go. Chemical fields again, there’s a good option for that. Fraxel CDM for cannot be used if you have a lot of people who treat melasma with DVL look good initially. And then what’ll happen is that, well, a couple of weeks later there’s the loudness talks a little bit worse because he will stimulate the melasma and actually [inaudible]. So we never treat melasma with a BBL priority based on age. When you’re in your twenties, most of them, yes. Following is and your thirties and forties is when you start seeing you want to, you want to treat some fine lines and some wrinkles. As you get older you’d have some loss of elasticity in college. Okay. No women of color Asian, Hispanic, middle Eastern, African American and all have special concerns.

(05:58): Skin very, very sensitive and it Siemens very easily. So it’s like I said earlier, if you get that sample and then you squeeze it or even you don’t even have to squeeze it, once the lesion goes away, you end up with a browser. So you have to be really careful and not be too aggressive with treatments. On dark skin type. So such Patrick, four, five and six. We real careful. Okay. So most of the concerns that people come in that a chemical peel can address is how it helps improve the textual your skin and increases turnover. Weight of your skin also helps with the juice, more collagen that helps them reduce fine line. Hyperpigmentation helps to leave your skin smooth and clean. And oncology of course it helps the cleaners clean up at me as well. I love doing peel because I think it gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

(07:06): I think when you first come in, if you’ve never had anything done, I think appeal give, give somebody I think a bigger results in one peel, then let’s say one track. So you need a series of them. And [inaudible] really matches. He’s never had a PO on the few really nice results from one time if you choose the IPO. Mmm. It is part of the magic cure. As many things that helped so many things. Even though some people can sometimes be nervous, Oh my God, the chemicals here, I might say. But it just helps to dissolve top layer, helps to dissolve the intracellular glue that holds that skin down. And then it just tells the possum populate as well. And it revealed beautiful, smooth gold skin underneath.

(08:11): So who’s not a good candidate? Of course if you’re pregnant, you can’t do anything when you’re pregnant or nursing. And if you’ve been on that we can’t do anything, can’t do appeals. We can’t do any kind of laser treatment. So you have to be, I like to, I like it’s eight months to a year. But depending on your dosage, we could make possibly start doing things on your skin at six months. Also, you, the other history of getting cold sores around your lips. Some people, even if they get, if they’re in the heat, they’ll get a breakout on their lips. If you want to get chemicals, you always have to pre-treat you also, if you have any other cancel [inaudible] not a good idea to do a PM. Okay. So what is a chemical peel? So chemical peel is a combination of acids that we applied to the skin that will help them.

(09:21): And this, there’s many different types of peels, but the ones that we deal with, superficial peels, medium peels and some VPLS. And I say it all depends on the combination of axes that we use and how deeply what we, we want to be superficial appeal and medium appeal, a very safe and, and as long as it’s done and some of the deeper appeal, most of the times I’ve tried, okay. So some of the appeals that we have that are over the counter, like cholic acid, lactic acid, scrubs that you can get over the counter to give a mental move was resolved. But it’s still good to do at home. Once a week or every other week. It gives you a nice benefit. It’ll help with clog pores and okay. Help some, some. So here’s a picture of how deep the peels go. Depending on what we’re trying to achieve, we will choose the right deal for Mmm. If you don’t want any downtime at all, we’ll do a superficial feel. But if you, if you’re willing to if you’re willing to appeal for a few days, we can go deep and it may not look pretty while you’re appealing, but a week or two later, you will love the way your skin.

(11:04): So some of the more superficial peels are like a lactic acid. You don’t peel from a lactic acid. And then we have the peels that we do in the office that are more medium depth appeal of TCA. We usually use a combination of facets that that will give us, Mmm. The results. Okay. And here’s a chart that shows you what basic, what chemicals are in, in the pill, right? They chemicals. It’s really like a black guard. Cholic acid. These are all things that come from, from fruit and vegetables. TCA is not, but that’s a little stronger of appeal. No, you gotta look at the the strength of him. If you could tell TCA in all three of them. But the deeper POC is a higher percentage of Oh, TCI. And they all work well for the right person.

(12:12): So superficial peels, you start to peel around the mouth like they were. So you’ll start to peel from around the mouth and we’ll kind of work me and peel, go a little bit deeper and you’ll see a little bit more. So not everybody feels the same way. Some people flake and it really depends on what you’re using on a regular basis. If you’re using a retinae on a regular basis, you may not peel that much, which is fine. You’re still getting, you’re still getting that result. You’re still getting the improvement because you still peeling on a Micheal level to help people a little help with the fine lines and wrinkles. But most people when they do appeal, you’re gonna, you’re gonna have peaked skin that just peels off and then it can last anywhere from three to five.

(13:14): So now the deeper peel you need to be you need to be sedated for, and that’s not what we’re talking about today. But you do have options. There’s many different levels of skills that you can do. And if you really just want to do a one and done, you do a deeper peel, some about the Shawnee it can also be done with a link. What are the risks for appeal? So some of the risks are, as we talked about earlier, if you get a call, so if you have the herpes virus, you can actually simulate an outlet exclusively. Really careful. We go through a medical history, then make sure that that’s, that won’t happen to you. Scarring or an infection is very rare, but that’s sometimes happens if you have a cold sore, you don’t know Shelly calls. So that’s why we go through a whole medical history before we we do a chemical field, darkening of the skin or whitening of the skin can be harming if you’re doing a deeper and deeper. But on deeper appeals, we don’t do them on a people of color because, because of that reason, because we don’t want to really change your skin. Otherwise. So I asked her appeal, I’m going to be able to be more sensitive yet constraint on our, at for a month.

(14:55): So what to expect the up of the PO. So you answer the appeal is gonna feel like tight, tight. And I’m John, depending on which peel we choose. Sometimes it looks a little Brown, a couple of days, two days and tight and it feels like you can’t put in English. And what’ll happen is that the skin will kind of dry up and just start to lift and start to channel and we’ll take about three days to start. So you don’t peel the day of the appeal appeal the next day. And it starts from around the math cause it’s really moved the most and it’s kind of a workplace up and down.

(15:40): Okay. And we go, they have to kill the chemical fields. Really depends on how deep we’re going. But you can just kinda put some makeup on makeup you’re going to put some moisturizer on and some people need a little hydrocortisone to the to get itchy and something may burn once it starts peeling and you just have to put a sunscreen. Okay. So how often does she get a chemical peel? Really depends on what we’re trying to achieve. If you have active acne, we like to treat them every two to three weeks until we get, you’re asking the control and then we put you on a maintenance program and a maintenance. Like for myself, I do it three times a year, sometimes four, but usually three times a year. And it’s just good to do. As a maintenance, instead of getting a facial, I usually get appeal. I find that when I put on makeup and you can not see makeup on my face, then it’s usually comes from too.

(16:49): So. Well, what brings some the IPO kids to do at home? So we’re going to go through a demo later. I’m going to show you how to apply it. Mmm. In order for us to ship it to you, you have to go through medical history and, and we will do it virtually as though we should. So what’s included in your appeal would be your appeal packet. And I’ll show you later. You’re going to have a glove. Let me give you a little, little container was talk before. Oh yeah. Some alcohol pads and some goals. Okay.

(17:46): Mmm good. And that’s what’s gonna start to look like after two days. It’s just going to start to appeal, which is what you want. And sometimes where you’ll notice is that the, if you have some underlying acne, it can actually make it poach. So it may look a little worse than the beginning. So you want to just keep that in mind. So it’s not going to make it break out more, but if you have someone you need, if you feel your skin and you see these bumps from me, it’s going to actually make it come out.

(18:20): I’m going to go over some before and after a patient who’s had some pigmentation issues she had to do a series of them. We did three on her and it helps the line from that mutation along with some home care which is product that we need to a little bit of hydrocortisone, not logical as well. Hydroquinone and is another patient. She had some active acne and some pigmentation from, from the app. That’s a before and after. He has another woman who has some acne as well and she helps Latin was smoothed out some of the athletes.

(19:07): Yeah, she goes, so you’ll see it helps with the actor that helps move out some of the scarring of course, the deep ones. Then we do all other, he know he’s a young man who has some pigmentation and some dehydration. If you look around his eyes, he’s very dehydrated as his skin. So POS helps with dehydration and helps with that pigment and helps us, can look to smoother and brighter and clean. Here’s another patient. So if you look at her lip on her upper lip, that’s, that is melasma. It looks like almost looks like a stain that doesn’t go away as opposed to our nose where that’s on the left side. So you could see the difference between the color of melasma and pigmentation from Sunday.

(20:11): Here’s another station, me and he, another one. You see how this one also have some dehydration issues. You can see eyes, how’s this, how’s excuse kind of talk and and she’s got some pigmentation. He’s another one. So overall the skin helps to lighten the skin and helps wrinkles, pigmentation. He’s a young girl who has who has some melasma as well. If you look at the size of [inaudible] to the top of the cheek, it looks like a coffee thing. That’s, that’s fucking ridiculous. Here’s another patient with some acne, let two treatments on and he gives a VIP after two treatments Oh the VIP. So it works very well to that tone and texture. Hopes that it doesn’t run your own natural skin color, but it’ll help to lighten the pigment that’s behind some damage.

(21:35): So we have many different types of peel. The BI original, which is the one that I showed you today, skin types. Then we have the VI two or five, which is the one for acne. And then the last one that we have is the VI precision peel. And that’s really for pigging, melasma and on them. So now how do you do the prep for appeal? So you’re going to do a double client, which I washed my face and don’t have any makeup on right now. So you’re going to make, you know, wash your face twice. Well, just to make sure your skin is clean. Okay?

(22:23): So that I can do the for. So when you’re going to do what? You can get heroin with me if they should have to wash it twice. Okay. To take your alcohol, okay. Light. And you’re going to make sure that there’s nothing on your skin. So you’re going to take your samples and wipe your skin down. And even though you just wash it twice, sometimes they’re just surface. Okay? So we’re going to do that again because there was a little oil on my skin. So then do that again until there’s nothing left on your skin. Nothing wrong. Okay. Now neither. Nick, take your little job before total. Yeah.

(23:36): So you’re going to take your back before, you know, take a little bit. All right? And you’re going to put it on your eyes, bro. And the reason why I’m putting that on there just because we don’t want any of the appeal to on your honor. Well, army eyebrows and things yet you’re going to put it in the corner of your eye on the outside and then on the install. Yeah, you won’t get any peel in your eyes and then you’re going to do it right on the rim of the nose and it’s in the corners of the metal. Okay? And then now you’re ready for your symbol.

(24:34): So you could use the app before. Don’t sell it away when you’re appealing. If you’re really peeling a lot and you can actually use the Apple and then can you a kiss a little cup where you’re going to put your appeal on, you’re going to have a flight. Okay? You’re going to have a Gore punch, which is scale. Okay? We’re going to start with some more things than he has a little going to. We’re going to go over that after the pier. So now you’re going to take your car open up. So it’s a two step closing this up. Take off the plastic. Are you going to pull this ring out? Pull the ring up and down. And why do you do that? You’ve been a call. Put your finger on the cop, then you on the court in your, in your little cup right at this point. [inaudible] Ready on the side and you’re going to open up. So I’d like you to open it up.

(26:23): You know, we can hardly see you because you’re too small. Can you make

(26:31): Okay?

(26:32): We see the texts, but not you. You’re very small in the corner. Oh yeah. Thank you very much. Thank you. Regular on my end, click on the

(26:44): Click on the picture and it shows you, you could expand it. Make it bigger. If you click the picture, you see a thing it says plus or minus. Okay?

(26:53): Okay. So now you’re going to take your wife, the prep, like you’re going to wipe your entire place with this. And what this does, it preps your skin for the actual, okay. Can you guys do down to your neck? There’s nothing wrong with you. That should be clean. Even a picture of the level on. Okay. And with your pad, you’re going to just hold it like a little look. A little taco. Okay. And you’re just going to dip just the corner and you just kind of put a tiny little bit on the gauze. Alright, so you’re going to start on your forehead from one side all the way across from your hairline to your trunk all the way across. Okay. And above your brows. No good. Now with the same wood octave thing again, you’re going to go down the middle, down your nose and down to the side of your face on there and all the way around.

(28:08): Oh, okay. Okay. And then go down a little bit lower and go from the middle of your cheek and all the way across. You’re just going to swipe and Rose all the way along. So when you get to your nose or underneath the nose, into the top of your lip, across the board rate to the year. Now are you going to do this all along the whole face until you cover the whole side of this thing? Not dipping you still with that one. Okay. Now the other side, I know it’s going to feel like it’s going to get dry, but that’s okay. Let me show you why we’re going to do that in a minute. All the way across until you get to the other side. And then when you get the here, you want to go one swipe down all the way down to the bottom of email.

(29:02): No, you’re not. You’re only going to be twice. Okay, now we started on the forehead. So now what we’re going to do, we’re going to start on my right side of my, well this is the second time you dip the corner. You take a little bit of that. Now we’re going to start here on by the nose underneath the RI and RL. So this is going to be the second path all the way across town to the year, all the way across. Thousand a year. And the chin, all the across, up. Yeah, all the way down the other side. We’ll just start on the side and go all the way around and just one pack on your whole face.

(29:54): Cognitive task grabber for him. Good. So you’re going to start to see my skin is going to be a little bit Brown, a little bit Brown. And what you’re gonna look for is you’re gonna look to see if you have any areas that we call. Now frosting is when the skin turns a little white or a little gray. And if that happens, that means your skin has absorbed enough and you can stop the peel. Okay? But so that was two passes. I want to do another one. Okay. So we did this side, my did this side. Now I’m going to start with my left side. Okay. So you can dip again. Okay. Okay. I want to start on this side here. So from the nose all the way to the other side, and you’re going to cover your entire face, Rose up until you do the entire side of your face.

(30:57): Okay? And then we’ll go across here, okay. And all the way to the other side. And then just keep on doing it until you get to cover you in Cairo. Okay. And the last place they do is a fun. Again, that was a third path. I’m going to go over the notes and make sure we got the notes. Okay. And then, okay, good. So we’re just going to keep on doing the same thing over and over again until we either finish what we have in our jaw or we see what we call that frost. At this point you could say to you things going to feel a little warm. It is, it feels really, really hot. Then your skin has absorbing. So the first time I ever did appeal, I’m going to continue putting the peel on as I talked to the first time I ever did a PO from the start again, my thoughts I was only able to one coat online type thing, but they turned beet red and I was ready to call. The fire department was on fire [inaudible] right. Crazy. And my skin was only able to do one coat like first time. So don’t think that you’re going to use this whole thing the first time you do it because you don’t know how your skin is going to yeah. And we have to customize the appeal for each person. So now I’m going to do on that.

(32:47): Yeah. The first time I appealed, I think I appealed for last two weeks. Yeah. It was all peel. I thought it was done and it’s got appealing all over again. So now I’m going to do the areas of light of concern. Okay. Cause I did my, I did four layers. Now the areas that I have concerns is my cheese though. Cause he hit a little black head the thing again. And now I’m going to make sure I get these little bumps that I get underneath my lip. Oh like chin my nose.

(33:20): Okay.

(33:21): Can we get a little black kid and my hair is of concern. Probably we don’t want to Rico. So I’m going to go around, do not go on your eyelid, which you’re going to go around. Let me get closer. I’m going to show you here. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s it. You don’t want to get any closer. The skin around our eyes is much thinner so you don’t need to do many coats of this because we’ll burn it. Feel hard to have hotline now and that’s normal. But you just have to look and make sure that you’re not frosting. Okay. can we have some more laps? I want to do another coat on my entire site. Okay. Okay. I’m going to start now with this side here, both sides.

(34:19): Then I’m going to go to the, so this can give you anywhere between five and seven.

(34:29): Okay.

(34:30): So what I sometimes see people doing is they go on and then they rub onto the same spots over and over again. You don’t want to do that. You want to apply one color at a time, one row and lower and go a little bit and just make sure you cover the entire face in one suit. Okay? Mmm. And that’s it. Nice and bread. I might’ve been red and I look a little Brown cause some people a little darker than this. I guess the defense must be really like from seeing quarantine and doors for a month. So I’m putting a little bit of on the neck and there you go. That’s really it. I still have a tiny bit left, but I’m not going to put any more on those. And having that. Now what I’m going to show you is in, well we have in our packet, well we haven’t not pack it now.

(35:32): This is our home camp. Alright, so let’s say three o’clock now. So seven o’clock tonight. I have a couple of things in here. I have, I have some, I have ’em how’s piano? Here we go. We have these three folks go white. So Mmm, I’m supposed to put on one now, but I feel that it takes up my whole peel. So I never, never do it on a patient. I actually give it to the patient to use. And in two hours from now I have them open up this wipe and wipe off the wipe and what’s in here? Some vitamin C and some retina. Okay. And it’ll just help me give you a nice even peel. So in two hours you can do one and then, and then at that time the comes three. So two today and then tomorrow you’re going to use your third month.

(36:49): So do you use that, like, okay, so you’ll have also has in your, in your home care, get some sunscreen, use the SPF that date that you’re going to use every day. And you also have a post feel protected, which has a little bit of hydrocortisone in there. Red itching. You gotta put this on, you’ll have to do that. So you’re gonna use this underneath your sunscreen during the day when you’re going to use it at night, nighttime. And where are you appealing? You’re going to take it with you and are you appealing? If you cheat during the day, it’s just going to it’s going to help with some of that. I was in the class once, it was day four, I think I woke up, I had a little bit on my lap. I was fine, I was fine. Throughout the class, my skincare blanketing Ohio drive, well, we brought one, we break for lunch.

(37:56): When I went to the bathroom, Lightspeed was all like peeling and shedding with me at that moment. Some chips, you don’t want to peel the skin. So once it starts to peel, you don’t want to look that skin off. You want to naturally fall off. You can put the moisturizer on, rub it in and let it do its thing without pulling it. Especially if you have darker skin type four, five and six. If you have cooling, if you have a higher chance of getting a Pia churches, post-inflammatory segmentation because you’re causing some trauma to the skin pulling it, you can call it a little Brown spot. So we want to present them. Okay. So again, we have two cleanses. Take home, we have a post pure protectant, we have our sunscreen. Okay. And then we have three posts.

(39:00): So at night talk, so today I’m going to use these two and then tomorrow night, yes, I wash my face. Okay. And then that’s it. So does anybody have any questions? Okay. Whenever you have any questions. So if you have any questions, Jacqueline, if you guys have any questions, you know, feel free to write them in the chat. But you know, moving to, we’ll be doing virtual console moving forward. Complimentary things there though. If you want to speak with her about your skincare concerns, just send us an email, go to our website. And we’re also going to be offering anyone who joined this webinar 20% off our virtual VIP deals. So exactly what Lisa did today. She’ll send it to you and you’ll receive 20% off of the appeals.

(40:16): Yeah. So someone has said that they have PIH on their lips. What should they do? We it with PIH and not melasma. We can mix you a compound that’ll help politeness appeal also some lightness as well. So you have the two options. You can do appeal or we can mix you something to use. And I would probably view a pants that I put some Renee in a little hydrocodone to help break up some of that. So periods would usually resolve with the use of the product as long as it is just PIH, it’ll go away with that. And then you have asthma then, then you’d have to be on a maintenance cause my lab never goes away. And you always have to do something to help control them.

(41:26): Okay. She’s reading them for me. So microneedling with RD or pro for African American skin. Microneedling I do like a lot because it doesn’t leave a lot of seats and there’s a very low chance of [inaudible] because of that. So Mike, we need ring is a great option. So RF or TRP, okay. Frequency. and they two different, two different things to the radio frequency usually done with like little tiny needle that goes into the skin, has little needles come out and those little needles raise some radio frequency. And what it does is it helps to stimulate some skin tightening. Whereas PRP is, is we take your own blood centrifuge and we can either use microneedling to put topically apply to who are, we can inject it under your skin. So they do two different things. One is for health, which is the PRP and the other one helps tighten skin.

(43:01): So that’s what they’re completely two different. Can you use them together yet? She can, we can gene together. Absolutely. but they, the differences, I think it was a couple more when I feel my lips. Can you peel your lips? You can peel your lip, but not with the VIP. We have something called a glide tone. The skin is really sensitive so you have to be really careful. So with the gray tone peel we have, we can go on the lip itself and on the eyes sends to you because your eyes are closed and you can’t seem to do it.

(43:53): And with that PO you don’t necessarily pimp PO like you will slough off, but it will level off on a micro level. So it’ll make your lips smoother and softer and he’ll help improve detection, increase the hydration. Hmm. Okay. Can we do the BI precision at home? Yes, you could. So we’ll, we’ll appeal that then we can ship you each one of them. We have to go over. We’ll go with do together. So how your home, we’re going to zoom or FaceTime and we’ll have to do it together. Each step. So there’s a couple of other steps included at the 10th of the VIP or the precision field that you take home. So instead of three wipes, you’re going to have, you’re going to have a six and they, one is like the pigment and then the other one is to help with some lightening. So just the different extra stuff. But yes, he can do at home. We do together.

(45:17): Should I store my medics in the refrigerator? Yeah. So cosmetic are you talking about? If you’re talking about it is going to be there for a long time. Yeah. But if you’re talking about certain cream, we have certain things that we mix for you, especially mix for you, which does know deservative than that. So we do like to keep it in a cold. Like it doesn’t have to be the refrigerator, but in a cool dry place would be then someplace. So I have my, my product, I don’t really, cause I take water dripping on the ceiling when I’m done. So I don’t like to keep my products actually have a closet outside of my bathroom, which is like products and that’s fine. Just not enough warm.

(46:27): Yeah. I have some damage on my feet, left chest and arms and hands. Is it best to use the feel for the feet and something else with a larger area. So we’d like to do appeal on just a small area at a time, 30% of the body at a time. So can you do a peel on the farms and the hands? Yes, but I would separate out, either do the deco Tang or the thing one time a couple of weeks later I can do another. So the VIP was one of the few peels that you can actually do on the body as well. And the VIP can actually be done on the deck. That being said, some of the pigmentation that people get on the hands and the arms a little bit difficult because if you look at the pigment, sometimes if you stretch out the skin, it looks like there’s a covering.

(47:30): So that’s a different type of lesion. So sometimes we need a laser to break some of that up. So it really depends. I would, I would take a look at this before I can tell you whether, whether it can help. Okay. That’s amazing. One more question because we’re running out of time. So what is the best skin care method to help with asthma carrying on African American? Yeah, I would do the I would do the, the VR purified precision, which is another appeal that we have in the lines. So it’s, it’s a precision PO, but the solution is is, is a purified, so it helps with acne and it’ll help with the that home care. I’d like to go over like home care with you and see what you’re using at home one to help prevent and to keep it under control and also to see maybe some of the phonics that you use in this carving.

(48:49): Cause a lot of times because it’s from some of the foundation that you may be using or some of the products and she made it easy. So we would go over, what are you using? We’ll look at the ingredients and seeing if maybe that’s what the problem, maybe that’s where the problem stems. So it’s a little bit of a challenge. So it’s not just, okay appeal. We have to figure out why you have the acne to begin with. The hormonal, is it, is it on cosmetics? Is it from something that you’re using or it could be something that you eat. So that would, that would be something that we can also discuss and we can also discuss it on the phone.

(49:39): Thank you so much. Both of you are here. So we’ll be offering complimentary virtual consultations like we said, and if you want to head to our website, there’s a virtual constitution form that you fill out and she can speak to you about your skin care or home care or whatever issues or concerns you have. And then like you said, we’re offering these Apple VI, which are amazing. I don’t think anyone else is doing that. So definitely now’s the time to get your hands on it. It’s hopefully not going outside anywhere. So you probably have a lot of that extra downtime. So it’s really the specific time using appeal. And again, we’re offering 20% off. You mentioned that you were on this webinar, so I think it’s a really good feeling. You know, we will be back webinars next Wednesday. Thanks guys. Thank you everybody.

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