Webinar 7: Summer Ready Treatments

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani and his team of aestheticians are here to answer everything you need to know about plastic surgery, non-invasive treatments and more in his latest segment called #TehraniTalks – During Quarantine. Today, Giovanna Arbito, one of Aristocrat’s newer aestheticians speaks to the many treatments Aristocrat offers that will get your body, and skin ready for Summer. Think: CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Medical Grade SPFs and more!


(00:00): Hi everybody. So during this webinar we are going to be discussing how to get ready for summer with me, hosted by Geovanna RVO. So I am one of the new estheticians here at aristocrat plastic surgery. And let’s get into it if I can. One second. Okay. So this is a little about me. I’ve always been interested in the beauty industry, fashion, makeup, all that. But I kinda just wanted to be more into like the health side and I’m just all about skin. I want to help your skin get better and just achieve the goals that you’re willing to get to. So I’m, I graduated from, from New York Institute of beauty and Islandia in long Island and I’ve been here since November, currently working with a restaurant crowd, plastic surgery. And by the way, I hope everyone is safe and healthy and happy.

(01:12): So this topic, we are going to be talking about fat reduction and there’s different types of methods that we have here. So we shall get to it. So two types of fat. So subcutaneous fat, which is located under the skin subcutaneous, that accounts for approximately 90% of overall body fat percentage and visceral fat is found in between it found in the abdominal area between the organs. So the fact that we could target, especially in light bow and any type of methods, CoolSculpting and cryo and all that is a subcutaneous cause. That’s the easiest fact targets right under the skin in the Oregon’s. That’s a little harder. That’s has to depend on you, your diet, your exercise. But I mean 90%. If we could target subcutaneous, then that’s the best one. So CoolSculpting, so actually right now we have somebody who is doing CoolSculpting right now in the room and she is allowing us to film her.

(02:22): So we’re going to do it towards the end of the webinar. We are going to film record the end of it. So you could see the results right after and you could see what you could expect. So it’s a technical name, Crile light Wilson, AKA fat freezing. The technology freezes and kills fat cells. Once that happens, your body will naturally eliminate the dead cells in one to three months or more, resulting up to 20% to 25% reduction of fat in the treated area. Candidates who are best for this are patients with pockets of stubborn fat, with good skin and list to city and the recovery. It’s completely noninvasive treatment. You can resume normal activities immediately. You may experience light discomfort for up to 30 minutes after treatments. So CoolSculpting is not beneficial for the people who have like that hard belly, that heart release, like that’s, that’s like the fat that’s like right under the muscle.

(03:24): And CoolSculpting unfortunately can’t target that. So if it’s not movable, then coastal thing is not for you. And the only discomfort with Cole scope thing that I’ve experienced with patient, with clients is the five minutes cold, it’s freezing, and then they go numb. After the treatment is done, when you take off the handpiece, it kind of looks like a frozen stick of butter. So after that you have to like massage. We have to massage it in half to, we have to massage all of those frozen fat cells. And that’s like the only discomforting part within the whole process. After that, they’re completely fine and you could go on, continue your day like nothing.

(04:13): So this is some good before as an actors, these are after, this is after the abdominal, lower abdominal here is right after three treatments and here all the flanks as well. Three treatments, three sessions as well. So just great results. And for the chin, the chin only needs one to two treatments depending on the amount of fat that there is. So when you come into our office and if you’re interested in CoolSculpting, you sit down, we have a consultation with you and we decide from there on out how many sessions, how many treatments you may need. But these before and after is great. And the CoolSculpting is great for people who are not interested in surgery.

(05:02): So we’re going to do the CoolSculpting demo later on when this webinar’s done, you guys could see what, Oh, what I’m talking about. So another machine that we have here is the tone, the Crile T shock. So this is a revolutionary new technology and body contouring, fat elimination and skin tightening. It is the first non-basic thermal treatment device of its kind to use thermal shock to erase fat cells, smooth out cellulite and tighten and tone loose skin. So candidates for this are patients who are in need of access, skin tightening, or have stubborn fat bulges. So the recovery is completely noninvasive. With no downtime. You may experience minor numbness and redness for about up to 30 minutes following the treatment. But after that, people are completely fine after 30 minutes the max. But after that you’re completely fine. So this is basically a three and one. And with this it’s completely different from the CoolSculpting while CoolSculpting and this do freeze fat cells and eliminate flat fat cells. And while those fat cells are frozen, they move their Ireland static system. So that’s how you lose all those fat cells. But this is completely different. This is like a handheld device. So while CoolSculpting is a suction, this handheld piece could be any part of your body.

(06:38): Okay. Nouveau diet. So we have our new volt diet here. Aristocrat plastic surgery. You offer a fully supervised customizable weight loss program where you can lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days. Dr Samani did it himself and he lost over 40 pounds. So candidates for this are the diets. Perfect option for patients who might go undergo a tummy tuck or simply for someone who wants to lose those extra pounds before summer. What to expect. It’s a nonfat low carb diet tailored to you. It is science-based and a DNA test will be conducted. It is a hundred percent natural, no drugs or hormones. So if you’re wondering if this is the first time you’re hearing about it and you’re wondering a DNA test. So basically what we do is we do a DNA test to find out which diet route is best for you. Everything is, it’s, it’s targets for each individual and how their body needs to be. So which is great. And so the new volt diet even if you’re going for a tummy tuck or liposuction and you just want to go the extra mile and diet as well, so you could just transform completely. This is great for that as well. And the best part of this is that if you just wanna stick to the noodle diet, you don’t need a gym. As long as you stick to your diet, then you will lose that weight for sure.

(08:17): Cellulite. So what are, what is cellulite? Cellulite is fat deposits beneath the skin, usually appearing on the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach. So there’s different grades of cellulite. Grade zero clearly is no cellulite. Grade one is smooth skin when standing. But a little bit of an orange peel appearance when sitting great to his skin has an orange peel appearance. And when we say orange peel, we mean like smooth, but like the dots, the dimples. So skin, so great to skin has orange pill parents when standing and sitting, grade three is skin, has orange peel appearance when standing with deep raised and depressed areas. So how to treat it. So weight loss exercise can help reduce ILA as well as other surgical and nonsurgical treatments. And we’ll be getting into that as well. So in the next couple of slides, smooth shapes. So what is smooth shapes?

(09:21): Smooth, smooth shades as a system uses a technology known as photo mammalogy, which is the FDA clear to reduce the appearance of cellulite. So candidates for this is if you have noticed cellulite on your body, then you’re a good candidate. So what to expect the treatment is safe and feel similar to a massage using an iron like device. So as you can see in the picture below, that’s the handheld piece that we use and we just kind of rub it all over your body. And it’s a, it’s a light suction, but more of a tapping. So there’s no recovery time and no special care are required after some smooth shapes. Treatments, most patients experience, no post-treatment, no post-treatment discomfort. So smooth shapes. If you’re looking, if you’re interested in that and you have like grade three, grade four cellulite, then I suggest you come in once a week until you get up to the results that you are looking for. But if you have just light cellulite that you’re just looking to control, then once every two weeks is, it’s good enough.

(10:35): Cellfina. So Cellfina system is the only FDA approved treatment for unwanted study light. It’s a set, it’s a safe in office procedure with long lasting results. No downtime, no scarring, and minimal pain. So candidates for this, mostly post w women who are in particular have undergone childbirth. The increase in the estrogen, so sorry. So the increase in the fat storage and the abdominal [inaudible] and Botox, what to expect. So local anesthesia will be an administrative, the dimpled area is vacuumed into the Cellfina system and a small microblade is answered in between the skin and cellulite bands to release the dimples and ensure a much smoother skin appearance. So as you can see in the photo below, there is a diagram on how it actually works and how it collects the fat and restores the bands and the skin. So one of our PAs or nurse practitioners actually do perform this treatment and it is an office. So the difference between Cellfina and smooth shapes, it’s smooth shapes is kind of like a process. While Cellfina one or two treatments, you should be completely good.

(12:04): Lymphatic drainage massage. So a form of a gentle massage that encourage the movement of limb fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. Candidates for this, it’s mostly done by our post op patients in our office, but it can be done on anyone. It’s great for people who are experiencing bloating, swelling, or feeling sluggish, what to expect. Lymphatic trainers, massage uses very light pressure as well as long gentle rhythm, mixed strokes and soft pumping movements. And the direction of the lymph nodes from static drainage can leave you feeling tired after. So I personally liked to get a lymphatic massage once a month just to help release all those toxins that I have. You know, our body is just, sometimes we need that extra push and bloating usually happens, especially with women around our time of the month. So this is great. This just helps so much and you could really see the difference.

(13:17): All right, so now we’re getting into skin treatments during the summer. So this is, we’re going to go into products, procedures, all that good stuff. So laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment, which is the melanin in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube shaped sex within the skin. So the hair follicles that produce hair, this damage inhibits or delays future hair growth. So candidates for laser hair removal works best on clients who have dark horse hair, but you don’t have to have dark horse hair. It just takes, it takes a little bit longer for people with lighter hair. So, but we do have our gentle ease, laser hair removal that is suitable for all skin types. So I’ve know a lot of people have gone to different type of offices and there go to one if you know your skin type, four or above, and a lot of people don’t want to take care of you.

(14:23): Well our machine here is suitable for all skin types. So which is great, what to expect. You’ll see results after your first appointment in four to six sessions space about four weeks apart, you’ll see seven States, 70 to 80% reduction for best results. We suggest a series of eight sessions and get maintenance treatments. So after those eight sessions are done, you come in probably like once or twice a year for maintenance touch up. But that’s about it. It’s actually really great. So laser hair removal is just one of the best things ever. You after one treatment, you really do see the difference. If it’s not completely gone when you’re up from the chair, you’re tear is syringe meaning burn and it falls off within a week and it doesn’t grow back until three to four weeks later. And that’s why you come back and we keep going for your sessions until you’re done. And then off after that, all you need is maintenance.

(15:31): So Fraxel clear and brilliant. So our clear and brilliant is a gentle treatment that uses fractional laser technology that it’s meant to rejuvenate the skin by addressing early signs of facial aging, sun damage, tone, texture, and can even minimize pore size. So candidates for the clam. Brilliant. So it fits a broad range of candidates who are looking to up their skin game. It’s designed to be used on all skin types and tones. This includes patients with deeper complexions. So what can you expect after a clear and brilliant session? So it’s gentle Trachsel laser. So there’s no downtime. You may notice your skin is slightly pink when normal. Nonetheless, we advise using a gentle cleanser and moisturizers twice daily after this treatment. So the Fraxel Canon brilliant is probably my favorite just because when you, if you’re interested in starting out in lasers, but you’re kind of scared, you don’t want to do something too abrasive, but you want the same results, the Fraxel cleaner, brilliant.

(16:40): Has to be up there like it is. It’s not that it’s not painful, it’s a little bit discomforting. But we do apply a local numbing for you. You sit with that local, you come in the office, you sit with the local NAMEC for about 15 minutes, and then we start and the process itself, the whole process, it’s about 20 minutes. So in total you’re in our office about 35, 40 minutes at the most just cause the 15 minutes with the local numbing. But after that, you know, you may be a little bit red right after we gave you some ice, we have a cooling machine to help you cool down. And then you’re left a little pinkish. But people just love the clam. Brilliant. They, you know, they’re babies and they don’t really want to do like the, the harsh lasers. They definitely do the plan. Brilliant. And also a lot of laser treatments aren’t good for melasma and this was one that’s great for melasma.

(17:46): The HydraFacial. So what the HydraFacial. So the HydraFacial is a beautifying yet Lux treatment improves protein, texture and tone of your skin and works to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. The HydraFacial ports deepen the skin layer to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Congested pores, access oils, dark spots, and acne. So candidates, so it’s effective on all skin types. What’s to expect this treatment? This treatment deeply cleans, distracts and hydrates the skin using our super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. There’s absolutely no downtime. Your skin may be slightly, not even red, a little bit pink, but in about 10 minutes it calms down, goes away. It’s just from all the friction. But the HydraFacial is a really deep plan. So not only does it reach down into your pores and suck out all that oil and dirt, it also infuses, infuses the salute like hyaluronic acid and the peptides, which is good. So a lot of people have get their pores cleared out and then they just have like this nice plumpy glow to their skin and base.

(19:08): So injectables. So right now we are going to be going to the different types of injectables that we have in our office and ones that are popular during the summertime as well. So Botox, so, so for Botox for hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. So Botox has been FDA approved for people who sweat accessibly from their armpits. It may also be used off label to reduce sweating and other areas such as hands, feet and face. So candidates for this, you may be a candidate for Botox if you’re sweating fails to improve with prescription and safest Berets. What to expect. Injections don’t take long and can be completed during an office visit. The Botox will be injected just below the surface of the skin. Using a very fine needle, you may receive something to prevent pain like ice or a numbing agent. So this is great for X, especially like if you really do have this medical turn I drosis then you can go to your doctor and ask for them to run it through. The insurance and insurance may even cover this. So this is actually really great. So don’t want to be using so much. Do you order it with that clogs pores? You could definitely go for this.

(20:43): So Botox, Dysport, and so using, using a injecting like Botox dice for Zeman around the eyes can restore a youthful look and redo. What’s the impact of squinting these injections? Work to relax the muscles and reduce wrinkles and fine lines down the road. If you are noticing wrinkles or fine lines around the eyes, especially in the summer as we tend to sweat more with the sun, you may be a candidate, there’s no downtime. You will likely receive a local numbing agent during this treatments and you will see results within five to seven days. So a lot of people come in for around crow’s lines right here and for the 11 so you see how in the picture she is frowning and she has those deep lines here. Those are called the 11 lines. So Botox really helps with that and that’s it. That’s all that’s called. Cool. Next one.

(21:54): Fillers. Yeah. So dermal fillers like Juvederm radius and versa are great options for summer because there’s no skin resurfacing. But the treatment, numerous, numerous skin treatments involve resurfacing or peeling of the skin, leaving the skin defensive list to sun image, sun exposure after skin resurfacing can also result in darkening of the skin. Furloughs are a great way to look rejuvenated without risking the sun damage that comes with skin resurfacing. So candidates for the fillers are any patient who is experiencing fine lines or wrinkles or is just looking for an added plump without the downtime of facing the sun’s UV rays. So what you can expect is typically using a numbing agent before the treatment fillers are injected into the area of concern. And the results will be immediate. Just a little FYI as petitions are not doing injections. Sorry I forgot to mention that. So our PAs, our nurse practitioners, our doctors Virmani they provide the injection. So they do the full talks, they do the fillers and fillers. While you can’t do chemical peels in the summer fillers are great as Turnitin for the plump look for the fine lines and wrinkles. So fillers are my favorite.

(23:21): All right, so now we are getting into the skin and body procedures products. Sorry, my little thing is covering this. So breaking out with mass, so I’m calling this is so set up, acne mask is the acne brought on by wearing a mask by writing a face mask, which typically physically physical type of breakouts that result from excessive friction usually happens to people who are acne prone and have sensitive skin. So how to treat it. So mass already trapped, humidity, dirt, oil and sweat. Our chin mouth and nose area are even more prone to Brooke to breakouts as summer approaches. So no, luckily you can make it some easy adjustments by just upping your skin care routine and just taking care of your skin. Just because you’re wearing a mask doesn’t mean you are protected. Like I said, that mask is trapping humidity. It’s trapping dirt.

(24:26): Tracking your oil is tracking your sweat, so you have to be on top of your skin care. And you could use, what we have here is our gentle daily gentle cleanser. This is one of my favorite. It has antibacterial agents. So this helps for the deep cleanse and it also has Shea butter. So to soothe and moisturize the skin. So this is actually really great. I use about two pumps of this morning and night. So not only does it give me a nice cleanse, it also, it also moisturizes my skin as well. But that doesn’t mean to skip the moisturizer. So exfoliating bullying through this time, it’s so important. Want to get rid of all that or all that trap oil, all that dead skin. So what we have here is our APS micro exfoliating pads. So these pads you can use daily, right after you cleanse, you always want to expose sleep at night.

(25:34): You never want to exfoliate during the day. So after you cleanse your face at night, you just pass one of these pads and just like that normal all over your face, your neck, your chest, your deck latte. And it just gives you a nice finish clean. And it also helps remove all that dirt, oil and dead skin cells. And also if you’re, if you’re not interested in the past, we also have our deep cleansing scrub so this you could clean your face. So not only does it cleanse, it also exfoliates cause it has these microbeads [inaudible] I can’t. So while you’re cleansing or the camera right there, okay, you give it a nice cleanse and it also helps exfoliate as well. So you could use this one two to three times a week. So this is great as well. And moisturizing, you do not want to skip the moisturizing. Our moisturizer here is our APS moisture drench and has green tea in it. It has vitamin E, vitamin C, which is great, very hydrating. You want to be hydrated through this time. Do not skip out on your moisturizer.

(26:59): Also, something not to skip out on SPF is your BFF. So here in APS we have two different sunscreens. So we have our APS share, body mist sunscreen, SPF 50. It’s water resistant. It protects you from the UVA and UVB rays. So if you don’t know what UVA and UVB is think of it like this. UVA is aging rays. They age you faster and UVB is the burning rays. That’s what darkens your skin. And none of them are good. We do not like UVA, UVB. And the great thing about this is that it protects you from both. Both of our sunscreens protect you from both. So they’re free of alcohol, oil, fragrance, and a pair of ants. So it’s a pure physical sunscreen. So that means it has mineral sink oxide up to 12% and goes on share. So this is it right here, and it sprays as a sunblock, but when you put it on, actually let me use my other hand because I’ve been using this hand for everything.

(28:17): So right here. So it sprays on like a solid block, but as you rub, okay, when it says it goes on share, it means like the shine. So it’s like very nice, like to use it all over my body. So this one’s great. And the good thing about our sunblock is medical. Great. So you’re not going to find minerals and oxide up to 12% in stores. You only gonna find them in doctor’s offices. And we have that right here. So another sunblock that we have is our daily defense sunscreen. So this one has more striking base with powerful hydrators such as squealing and hyaluronic acid. So the highest level of broad broad spectrum of UVA and UVB SPF 50 coverage. It has oxidants, it’s enriched formula, it’s clean application, no white streaks, and it’s also fast absorbing. So this is great for sensitive skin. I like to use this on my face and then I use the body Shearman, the body mist of course on my body. But this one’s great and it’s also great. I like to use it as a face primer. Okay. You never want to go out of your house without having SDF. And if you are one of the people that like to use as an excuse now as PF could be used as your, well this one can be used as a face primer as well.

(29:51): Okay. And now we have our APS magic booty cream. So get your bikini 80 ready APS magic booty cream specially made to gently lighten the private area with natural ingredients such such as kojic acid, which is exfoliates and brightens the skin. Vitamin a are butane and Allo. So for best results you use twice a day. This one’s really good. I like to use this one as well on my inner thighs cause that’s where for some reason as I got older, just that little area that a little darker and it’s helped a lot. This one’s great. So also, I forgot to mention the difference in sunscreens. Let me just go back. Well it’s supposed to go back. Okay. Well the difference in sunscreens before I get into the backne kit. So there’s two different types of sunscreens. There’s chemical and physical and chemical absorbs into the skin and absorbs the UV rate that converts into heat.

(30:59): So if you ever sprayed on like a chemical sunscreen, like the like, I dunno, I think a lot of people have it now like banana, Bo and, and everything else. But it’s literally like a film that covers your skin and it just traps so much heat. So you definitely want to go for a physical sunscreen. That’s where on sunscreens are the best. So okay, now back to APS. Back me, back to back me. So sweat and dirt happen everywhere on your body, especially in the summer. And if you’re acne prone, then you probably have back me. So say hello to our backne kit, which include paid back me wash. What’s is the, which is a, an upsell that products I wash, it’s therapeutic combination of benzyl peroxide with aloe barrel gel. So our backne spray, and it’s great to spray on affected areas with skin enhancement properties like I call it acid.

(32:01): And the good thing about the backne spray is that it could spray upside down. So for areas that are hard to meet, you could just reach over and spray your back, which is great. And it comes with a Shammy. So this is used to help exfoliate and cleanse the skin on your back and affected areas. So personally I like to put the wash on, on the Shammy and just kind of just scrub alongs, rub my back with it, and then rinse off, wait until it’s completely dry, and then use the spray APS body butter. So this body lotion contains a rich blend of antioxidants formulated to achieve a softer, smoother skin texture and tone. This light oil free body lotion contains 50% glycolic acid and antioxidants jelly to exfoliate. Dry broad skin contains a vitamin a, C E and green tea extract. So it’s gluten and oil and free fragrance free. So after cleansing your skin, you apply the desired mouth twice or once or twice daily. So this is great. I love this station as well.

(33:19): So APS body polishing treatment. So short skirts, stretch marks, cellulite, Oh mine. Like spoliation buffs away old worn out skin cells so your body can replace them with new ones. It won’t stop your stretch marks away, but it’ll make them look less visible. It also improves the circulation of blood and limp to the surface of the skin, helping to fight cellulite and improve your skin tone. So this product has 10% call and 0.5% so like acids retain and bio friendly microbeads that gently slug off dull, damaged skin to improve clarity and radiance. So if you’re in, if you’re using salt body salts body sugar scrubs, you know sometimes they’re a little bit too rough on the skin and you can’t really use them as much as you would like. This polishing treatment has fine microbeads. So I like to use this twice a week and it really does help.

(34:26): It helps, makes you renew your skin, it gives you a nice glow and helps with the dark stretch marks and helps you know, the blood circulation with the movement and the massaging in it. It is actually really great like to keep it in the shower and do it when I’m done. So okay. Products to avoid during the summer. So you want to avoid HD slash full coverage foundation and replace it with light weight, BB cream, tinted moisturizer and mineral foundation. So the reason why you don’t want to wear full coverage in the summer is because it’s tile and you’re sweating and you’re just, you’re, when it’s hot out, your pores are open and that foundation is going into your pores, clogging them. So when you’re crying about your breaking out, then you know that’s the reason and it, you know, just it sucks cause sometimes people want to cover up their acne, their breakouts with full coverage.

(35:37): But that’s really not the best bet to do it. Just put on tinted moisturizer, cut on your mineral foundation and stick to that. Okay. Another thing to avoid is products that have ingredients such as mineral oil, silicone and petroleum jelly, all of which can cause buildup within the skin. Common essential oils like Vermont, bitter orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime and Mandarin leaf all should also be avoided in large amounts. If you’re not diluting them, then these will cause more harm than good if you’re into essential oils. So your skin is your largest organ protecting with SPF. But avoid greasy sunscreens, get all greasy. Sunscreens are just very common chromogenic they’re going to clog your pores and you want to be with an oil free sunscreen like ours. So another thing to avoid is too much sunbathing. Tanning causes premature aging of the skin causing wrinkles and that tight leathery look. So you don’t want to be, I know it’s summer time. I know you want to get dark. I know there’s a lot of sunbathers out there, but you really want to protect your skin. And if you don’t want to look, if you don’t want to age fast, then you have to stay away from the sun. 20 minutes of sun a day is perfectly fine. If you go more than that, then you call causing more harm than good.

(37:17): And that’s all for today. But we are gonna go look into our, let me see what time is it? She has three more minutes and she’s going to be done. So we’re going to go in, but the cool scope thing and check her out. But at this time I guess we could take questions if you guys have any. So also we are now taking appointments for an office treatments, so that’s exciting. Give me one second so I could pull up your questions.

(37:47): Oh, I can pull it up. Hey Geovanna great jobs. So we had some questions that were written in prior to the webinar. And anyone else who’s listening can write your questions in the chat for Geovanna to answer. So we had a couple this one’s a pretty good one. I think we get this question a lot. Can you explain the difference between CoolSculpting and liposuction?

(38:14): So the difference is clearly CoolSculpting is noninvasive. It’s not a surgery while liposuction is but liposuction, it’s for immediate results. If you’re looking just to get one and done, then liposuction. It is because CoolSculpting does take time for those frozen fat cells to release from your body. And gradually you start to, you start to notice different. So like we said before, it takes, you start seeing results within two to three months while liposuction, you’re getting those fat cells, you’re getting that fat out right away. So that’s the difference between those two. Okay, good to know. Well, CoolSculpting, get rid of cellulite on the back of the thighs. Someone next. Okay, so CoolSculpting our hand pizzas there, it’s for, it’s like part of like this big. So if you have a bolt, usually people who who do the CoolSculpting on the thighs want it, get it right under the Botox and right for the thighs starts.

(39:23): There’s like a little bulge area. So that area is great. And it will help with cellulite in that area. But if you have cellulite on your Barger portion, there is no handpiece for CoolSculpting to grab a bar that large of amount on your thigh. I suggest smooth this the smooth bean. That one’s great. And also the Cellfina and with the cryo is great tiles, great for freezing. The fat cells is great for cellulite and it’s great for tightening the skin as well. So the smooth shapes, smooth shapes, cryo and the Cellfina is great for cellulite, for the thighs.

(40:13): Okay. Thank you. And then we have one more question and then maybe I know you’re going to see how your patient’s doing, but the last question is how soon can you be in the sun after laser hair removal?

(40:25): Well, so you don’t want to go to the sun right away. Usually I would say 10 days, 10 to 14 days. But either way you want to be very protecting of your skin. You don’t want to go to the sun without any SPF on it, you know, so SPF. But yes, 10 days away from the sun after laser hair removal treatments.

(40:52): Okay. Thank you so much. So I guess yeah, we would love to see how your CoolSculpting patient is doing.

(41:01): Yeah. So let me get ready while we do that. I am going to put on some protective gear, make sure I am safe and she safe. So through this whole covert time, aye, I’m willing to answer any more questions if anybody has.

(41:31): So how long was her treatment and what was

(41:34): She getting done? So she is getting her lower abdominal done. So she has a bit a about difficult bulge right here in this area. Just a little small bolt that she wants to get rid of. That’s really hard for her. And it takes about 60 minutes. So about almost each body part of the whole school thing. Action actually takes 60 minutes. Some. Some take 90 but majority it’s 60 minutes. Okay.

(42:32): Yep.

(42:41): I’m just going to take the Mac book with me to the room so we can see how she’s doing.

(42:55): I hope everyone is safe and healthy out there and getting ready for the summer. I know it’s been hard being home throughout this whole time with everybody being home so you need your pantry, you need your fridge fully stocked and I know everybody has been been good. I mean I haven’t for sure if you have been then you need an aboard because I have been chewing on my son snacks like there’s no tomorrow and I’m actually going to start the new bowl diets so that’s going to be fun. So I am fully prepared. Mask, hairnet down, gloves and we are going to be checking my patient. Hi. So right now she has cool scoping on her thing. Hi, I’m going to set this down right here. So I have usually a padlock. You’re here to help set up peace so patient can be comfortable as well. I am going to

(44:33): Release the piece.

(44:49): Okay.

(44:55): Yeah. Okay. Let me, let me just lay her down a little bit. Let’s see. You can see,

(45:14): Hey Geovanna do you think you can speak up a little? I think we’re having a little difficulty hearing. So do you see how we put this to protect the skin? You may experience minor bruising, which is normal from all the suction, but this area is completely frozen. She is numb. Numb, yeah. How do you feel numb? So, so the only discomfort that people usually fail is when I start to rub on it. How does it feel? It’s all comfortable, but I wouldn’t say painful. Okay, that’s great. Yeah. So the reason why we massage it is because we have to massage that old down and it helps, right? Remove all those frozen fat cells so it could go into the lymphatic system and released naturally how her body would naturally release toxins and weight.

(46:37): So it’s just two minutes of this. So you see how it’s red doesn’t look as hard as it did when we first took it out. It looked like a stick of butter. Yeah. Usually that’s how I describe it. Like a stick of butter. So just massaging like that and it kinda just goes back to normal. So we are going to keep updated on this. Like I said, usually you see results within two to three months. The body has to naturally get rid of the frozen fat cells. That’s it. So you are going to be the little reddish, you are going to experience a little some numbness after. Right? But after a while you’re, it comes right back. Your skin tone comes right back to normal later on today. And you should start feeling again by tonight. So, but she’s fine. There’s no pain. So she’s had a little bit discomforting.

(47:53): That’s it. And this was her stubborn area that she wants to target. So that’s what we did. Okay. And that’s it. So we’re all done now. Is there any more questions? I don’t think so, but thank you so much. You know, good news. W our great Greatneck office is now open. We’re doing surgeries we can do in office treatments, so feel free to schedule something with us. So we’re still waiting to hear what our Manhattan office will be open, but she, Yvonne is going to be here to do some treatments. Dr Trani, Louisa, our nurses are here. So we’re super excited. Thank you. Geovanna you’re welcome. Thank you for tuning in.

three attractive women wearing black lingeriewoman receiving a face injection from a doctor