Webinar 9: Top Non-Invasive Skin Procedures

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani is here to answer everything you need to know about plastic surgery and more in his latest segment called #TehraniTalks – online webinar.

During this webinar, Louisa Agate, skincare expert and aesthetician, shares her knowledge on the top non-invasive skin procedures. She will be discussing some of our most popular aesthetic skin treatments that will leave you lifted, healthy and feeling refreshed. The best part? Results are quick, effective and often painless, resulting in a payoff beyond the reach of skincare alone.

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(00:00): Okay. So I guess we’ll get started. Let me introduce myself. My name is Louisa. I’ve been an aesthetician for almost 30 years, actually a little bit more than that, but I’ve been working with that attorney for about 10 years now and we do all the laser procedures and skincare treatments. So today we’re going to talk about, let me turn the page. Okay. So click here. So we’re going to talk about noninvasive procedures today. Things that we could do in the summertime or things that we could do that has minimal downtime. And so the top three concerns are fine lines and wrinkles. As we age our skin loses elasticity and we get some sun damage due to sun exposure, and then it happens on the face. The decolletage is a big area that shows agings and the hands.

(01:10): We also lose lack of volume. We lose a lot of that volume just because we lose fat in our skin. A teaspoon of fat every year after a certain age. So we end up with skin ecologist, just drags. We use skin also in our hands, anywhere on our bodies. Unfortunately it stays around the abdomen and the last thing, a lot of them, a lot of things that people concerns are acne. A lot of people get acne as they get older. For some reason, not as much as when they’re younger. I know it’s due from hormonal change and dead skin cells that don’t exfoliate as often as it did when we were younger.

(01:58): Okay. So we want to treat all these things. Unfortunately, the first picture that you see is you don’t want to wait until you get until the problem gets really bad to start, start taking care of our skin because we can’t, we can’t turn back the age. You can’t turn back the clock. So we want to start when, when we just start to see fine lines and wrinkles, we want to start when we see some pigmentation, some sun damage, and from from what we call a PIH post-inflammatory pigmentation, where you get like a little Brown spot after let’s say an acne lesion goes away. So you want to start when, when you see them.

(02:48): Okay. So some of the treatments that we have is you need to look at so of the things that we we can do is all therapy. And it’s it helps to tighten the skin and uses ultrasound to help to lift some of that skin around our jowls. And it gives you a nice Brown lift. It also helps with the DECA check, you know, when you’re sleeping, you, you, and if you’re sleeping on your side by pressing your breasts together, when you’re sleeping, it causes a lot of craters around our Decker time. So we want to treat that area and ultrasound therapy is, is a really good option. And there’s a little bit of doubt. There’s a little bit of pain involved where we can give you to help you not feel that pain ThermiSmooth ThermiSmooth is a really good option to help with tiny crepey skin.

(03:57): So it’s not going to give you a bluff. It’s not going to lift skin, but if you can hold your skin and it stays for a couple of seconds, then you’re a good candidate for surgery suite. And what it does is it’s like a heated element that we use to help to massage the area. And we have kind of like heat up the tissue. For a period of time, we need to get to a certain temperature and we go over that area and it helps you tighten that skin. You need to do a few treatments so we can use it for the lips. We could do it for the gels here, but basically it really works the best, I think, for the eyes. And that’s a quick treatment. There’s literally no downtime. It’s almost like getting like a little bit of a stone, like a warm stone massage, just sort of feels like when you do it every two to three weeks and it’s it’s, will you usually like to do a series of three treatments?

(05:00): The woman that you see here had four, because she had some extensive, she needed really a little bit more work, but she really is a candidate for a bluff, but she didn’t want to do what she wanted. So she wants to be non surgical option. So the woman that you see here at four treatments, so other skin rejuvenation treatments that we do is Fraxel and we have the Fraxel Cleon brilliant, which is great as a maintenance treatment. It’s good to use during the summertime. And and we have the Fraxel restore here. So the Fraxel restore helps with more deeper wrinkles and it helps to even out some pigmentation. So there was, you can’t make a bond for three days after each of these treatments and you have to put sunscreen on when you’re going out, but, but this is good for just about any skin types. So a lot of lasers, you have to be careful of what color your skin is with this one here, which, because it’s fractionated it’s safe for all skin color.

(06:12): So we have acne treatments that I think teams that we can use actually for an a Manhattan office. We have the smooth beam and then the great Nicole office. We have a site on acne treatments, a light treatment that helps with P acne bacteria. So both of them help with the P acne bacteria, but the smooth beam particularly will help with some of the scars that’s left behind. It will help to smooth it out. So you need to do a few treatments as a series of treatments and it’ll help you smooth out the scars and it will actually help kill the PFE bacteria. We also have another acne laser in Manhattan that we just got in. It’s called the Emacs it’s it’s made for active acne, and it helps to kill some the bacteria. And it also helps with the building college and in the areas that you’ve had some indentations as left behind from the acne HydraFacial is also, it’s nice to do in the summertime. It’s nice to anytime it’s a nice relaxing treatment, it helps you unclog pores helps with oiliness. It’s like an intensive intensive facial. It forces some hydration into the skin and exfoliates at the same time. And then we have different serums that we can put in their boosters that can help with some, for aging and some acne. You could choose the Boucher that you, that you want.

(07:53): Chemical peels. I love chemical peels. We did a webinar on chemical pills. Awhile back, you can refer to it, but we have different peels that, that are made specifically for different skin types and conditions. But basically what chemical pills do are actually helps to unstick the glue that holds our skin together. The top layers of skin then kind of gradually lift and forces your body to make new skin underneath. So you’ll love with such new soft, glowing skin like baby skin

(08:38): BBL, a BBL that we have the site on BBL. And I love it for pigment pigmented areas like the decolletage, the hands, the face. You ideally it’s really for skin types, one through four, I would say a limited four. So a very lighter, much lighter skin. You get, when you do the treatment for the pigment. After a couple of days, those Brown spots kind of get darker. And then over a few days, it just flakes away. It looks like coffee granules just flaking away. It also helps with bronc capillaries on the face. And it’ll help to just give you a nice, smoother, clearer complexion. You look like porcelain one. When are you done with the series of treatments?

(09:35): So PRP with microneedling. So we have a few things that we can do with PRP microneedling. We do run the face and it helps it’s. We use this pen that kind of brings back these needles into the skin and it goes really fast on our face. We can do it on our face. We can do our neck, we can do it for acne scars. We can do it on our decla Tyvek, actually do it anywhere on the body. We can do it all for scars on the body as well. And the microneedling with the PRP uses the plasma to help stimulate cell growth for new growth in the area. So it will help to induce some collagen and help to in, in induce skin growth. So it uses our own collagen to help peel the skin. Sorry.

(10:40): Okay. Injectables injectables. You could do at any time of the year, you get a little bit of swelling depending on the area. So we’re going to start with neuromodulators or Botox, as you know. And so Botox was the first kid on the block. Everybody knows Botox. We also use Dysport and this port is also say, does the same thing as the Botox, as all these and Xeomin, and you’ve always a new kid on the block. So they all do the same thing. They all stop those muscles from moving. So if you have a lot of movement in your forehead, you got some crows feet. Any of these items would work for you cause you men and you Volvo, I think has less fillers in there as the company say. And it works a lot of younger people like to use the, the Xeomin.

(11:37): So the areas that we can address is it helps to lift the eyebrows helps you, the crows feeds. Some people have the nasal nasal is here when they have those little bunny lines here forehead, of course, and this here, the go bla the dimpling of the chin it also can actually help make the ends of the lips, kinda go up a little tiny bit with a little bit of Botox. And a lot of people have these platysmal bands that, that pull the skin out. So these dismal bands, actually, if you, if we put a little bit of Botox in there, it’ll help the flatten it. So those bands on stick out fillers. So we have a lot of choices for fillers, and we use different fillers for different areas, because some of the fillers have give you more volume if you need volume and some fillers give you more mobile.

(12:40): So it really feels softer. So for like the lips, you want something that’s going to be a little bit softer so that you don’t feel like you’re kissing a rock when, when you were, you know, you feel like you have like really big lips and there are some fellows that actually helped to stimulate colleges. So it depends on the area that we’re working on and what we ultimately want to achieve. So here we go, the top right picture the blonde woman had some filler under the eyes to crunch for the hollowness. So a lot of people, as we cage, what happens is that the fat pad that we used to have around the eyes kinda like kind of like falls. So we’re left with a hollowness. So if you pay them kind of a little bit, a little bit of filler, we would use a hyaluronic acid just to kind of like fill up that little hollow, it’ll help with the darkness around the eyes.

(13:39): And then the picture on the bottom was a woman had a little bit of fill order cheeks and in her marionette line. So you can see, so there’s many different areas that we could use filler for we could use some definition for the cheeks as we sit around the eyes around the lips, we have this new filler right now that everyone’s crazy over called the kiss. It’s a hyaluronic acid and it’s, it’s made specifically for the lips, if it’s nice and mobile, and it gives you all, some nice volume without overdoing it.

(14:16): Okay. So what’s going back to the skin. A lot of our concerns, we want to, what we want to do at this time of the year. We want to exfoliate the skin we want to moisturize, and we want to make sure that we put SPF on. So we have, we’ve just launched a, of some of our noninvasive treatments as packages. So we combine a few treatments and we we use for our signature packages. So 24 carat glow is a nice treatment. We do a deep plane cleanse. We use our products that help to exfoliate the skin and clean the skin. And then we use something called a Derma file. It kind of gives out a nice polishing and on a tip of the Derma file. There’s a crushed diamonds on the tip and we use it on the face and just to exfoliate and we go up and you can actually see some of the skin kind of exfoliating.

(15:19): It’s a nice treatment. And then we use a clear, brilliant Fraxel clam, brilliant on afterwards to make these micro little channels into the skin. And it helps to forces your body to make new skin, to those little channels that we just made. And it helps to lighten up some pigmentation. It’s good for like fine lines that we get around our eyes around our lips. It’s we use it a lot and it’s like I said, great to do during the summer time. It’s a great maintenance treatment. So you get your skin nice. It helps to keep your skin glowing and it helps prevent some wrinkles. And then at the end, we finish it with a golden mask that helps to hydrate your skin and re mineralize your skin. We you’re actually see a brightness in your, in your skin immediately after the treatment.

(16:16): So the next the next treatment that we just started is a the quick mute effects. And we start with the laser Genesis. We’re kind of like does like a micro exfoliation. It helps you. It’s great for people as a rosacea will redness. And then it gives like, it helps with oiliness around the nose. It’s great for people who have like large pores. That’s a, that’s a great treatment to go to treatment for people with oiliness and large pores. And then we continue with the skin tight. We use a site on skin tight, and then when we, we treat the cheeks, the Giles on this and our neck with that treatment, and it helps to stimulate some collagen and you’ll see an immediate like lifts and the skin. And then we finish with a little Sonic face and neck massage. It’s probably about a 45 minute to an hour treatment. And you feeling when you’re done, you feel nice and relaxed, you feel clean and you feel like your skin is kinda like lifted.

(17:32): So now the ultimate pick me up is is the next treatment that we we have, so we start with a deep cleanse and we do this micro collagen ultrasound that we use to help to stimulate some college Genesis and some, and some tightening. It’s, it’s, it’s, I guess, about a half hour treatment just for the current, and then we’ll end with a lymphatic upper body massage. So it helps improve your circulation. And you’ll actually noticed some swelling. Some people have like puffy eyes and it just helps with, with the puffiness on the eyes. And it gives you some some nice color in your face when you’re done with treatment. Of course, and we end with a sunscreen and a moisturizer. So the next one is skin addicts. So we do another deep cleanse with this.

(18:34): We do a micro-needling. So you have a little bit of redness on your face when you’re done. And then we use like an enzyme at the end to for the dead skin cells and leaves your skin nice and soft when you’re done. Like you said, you’re going to be a little bit red after the treatment, because you’re doing some microneedling. And in order to get a result from microneedling, when you’re doing a microneedling, we got to see a little bit of pinpoint bleeding, a little redness ever Thema, less let’s know that we’re, we’re actually at treatment level and it, and it’s great for wrinkles. It’s great for scars. If you have some acne scars, that’s what that’s our go to treatment.

(19:21): So the next one is our new York’s skin of mind. So we’ll do a deep cleanse with our products, and we do this in the Manhattan office. We use something called Derma frat machine and micro dermabrasion, and microdermabrasion works fully all over your skin. And then the term frack does these little micro little, little tiny needles, and then in refuses, these there’s hydration into the skin and you’re left really feeling like plump and smooth. And then we end with a gold mask that helps to ring miniaturizes the skin. And we do an SPF. Now, here is our beautiful Giovanna. She works in our Manhattan office. She’s our aesthetician in our Manhattan office. And I’m gonna just gonna show, you’ll actually see a little tour of the Manhattan office. And she’s gonna talk about the New York skin of mind treatment. Oops, how you do this? And we go,

(20:41): [Inaudible] We have Carly here. So she has a hydration treatment solution. [inaudible] Is with our daily cleanser and treatment plan. So this is our first [inaudible]. So the first step in the microdermabrasion, so discussion starts and we’re going to start sliding it off of the desk.

(21:51): This is a general practice solution. Verbal hybridization, robotic affidavit really penetrate down into dermis. I believe Next is our hydrating 24 carat gold man. That’s the mode, the younger looking skin, And we top it off with our waste return or medical grade. Yeah, You go, that was all wrong. And then they would go to pay. I have any questions, anybody,

(22:54): Actually, this week, we’re going to have 30% off of all of these new packages that we have. I mean, yeah. So Hey guys, this is Jacquelyn. So I think that it might be best to have some of you guys writing questions in the little chat box to the right hand corner. And you know, we also had a couple of people write in their questions in through email and some through Instagram. So I’m just going to read them out loud. And then Lisa, maybe you can answer some of these questions for us. So the first question we said, we got was, how can you treat freckles? And melasma so for a melasma melasma

(23:46): Is a very difficult condition to treat more asthma is hormonal. And for a lot of people melasma never goes away. You can only just keep it under control by using certain ingredients like hydrocodone and RNA mixed together, or some Nicole or beauty that we mix for you. So it’s products that we mix for you in the office that you have to be on it on a, on a regular basis. So Martinez was a little bit more difficult, but we can’t keep it under control and we can help help with the flare ups. So you’ll have some flare ups when you have stress or heat can cause it and can, can make it can make it worse at times, but we can try and keep it under control with products. As far as freckles are concerned or sun damage, we can definitely definitely use some of these treatments of some of these laser treatments, some of the BBL, the site on BBL that we use. That’ll definitely help with it. That’ll help to keep that up, to lighten up that pigmentation and can, we can make it go away with a lot of that with the site on BBL and also using home care definitely helps.

(25:08): Okay, awesome. So basically you would just give it like an all in one treatment and we come into the office, treat us with some lasers and then follow up with home care, think for the best treat. Absolutely awesome. Okay. we have someone else who’s written in. She said what is a thermal treatment that helps with the eyes? What is it called again?

(25:31): Well, that’s the ThermiSmooth so it’s a radio frequency. We use a little gel to go on the area and we kind of just was like, Oh, I get, feels like a little warm stone massage. And that actually helps to heat up the underlying tissue that will help to stimulate some collagen that’ll help to tighten the skin around the eyes. We usually do a series, usually three, the woman that was pictured have four treatments, but we usually do between three and four treatments and we like to do them between three and four weeks apart.

(26:09): Okay. And is there no downtime after that

(26:13): Zero downtime? With that you, you can go, you’re not even writing nothing when you’re done.

(26:21): Okay. Okay, great. Okay. I think yes, that she answered it. Good. So next question. Is there a topical anesthetic use for any of the packages that you mentioned?

(26:35): So the, so the microneedling one, yes, you do need, we do lead a little bit of a topical numbing. I will it on for that 10 to 15 minutes. But the rest of the treatments, you do not need a topical anesthetic at all. There is no real pain for any of those, any of the other ones?

(26:58): Yeah. More of like relaxing treatments, if anything. Yeah, exactly right. Cool. someone said that they did a topical skin cancer treatment recently in liquid, what would be the treatment for skin pigmentation

(27:19): So that they had, they had some cancer cell removed. Is that what you’re saying?

(27:26): Yeah. Claire, do you think you were able to clarify yes. She said that that’s correct.

(27:31): Okay. So for people who had some squamous cells or precancerous cells, it is really important to do certain laser treatments that help to upkeep that skin exfoliated and rejuvenated it’s imperative for, to stimulate your body, to make new cells. So exfoliating on a regular basis, like doing a micro laser peel, doing chemical peels is it’s really important to do on a regular basis. I, I do a chemical peel myself about three times a year. And I think it is important for somebody who has a lot of sun damage to, to do that on a regular basis because it’s forcing your body to make new skin to take off that old and that’ll help with the skin cancer. That being said, you really also have to go to a dermatologist on a regular basis to get those chin skin checks because you want to make sure that new ones are not forming.

(28:45): Gotcha. And then she said, what about Fraxel or BBL for that kind of pigment

(28:49): Fraxel DVL yes. You can you can definitely do BBL on that, but I think exfoliating on, on a deeper level is, is more important. So then, so you have a look, think of, yes, you do have some pigment, but you also have to make sure that and topically aesthetically, you want to take away the pigment, but you also want to make sure that you’re removing some top layers of skin. So for somebody who has that kind of an issue, we need to look deeper into instead of a statically. Yes. We do need to statically look pleasing. We want to take that pigment away, but you also want to remove the top layers of skin more on a more regular basis. Okay. Gotcha.

(29:43): We have someone who wrote in and they wanted to know if we do Nova threads and can tell us about it, if there’s any downtime or side effects.

(29:53): Yes, we do. Some, we do know the threads and we do silhouette lift. So we have a variety of threads. And if you’re going to do the, we have like the Nova threads for the lips and we have them for secondary lines and actually even to lift the skin and it works very, very well. So you, so the way it works is we put a little bit of a lighter cane into the area or topical numbing, depending on the type of thread that we’re using. So we have threads that will help just to give a little bit of a lift. Some that are filling in a little bit. So if we have like the Thermi I’m sorry, the Nova twist works very well to give you a little volume for, let’s say, around the lips, or we have the the ones that help just for like secondary lines. We could use it in like a mesh to kind of like help to smooth out the skin. And they work when you put them in, you can use the one for lips, you need to do them like two or three times. And the ones for lifting and the smoothing will actually, you can do them once. And it’ll last for a good year to 18 months.

(31:13): Awesome. And what about downtime or side effects?

(31:17): John, Tom, you’re going to have some swelling. So if you’re going to use the, say the twist or the, the smooth ones you’re gonna have some swelling for about three to five days, but if you’re going to have the ones that, that really lift, like lifting, lifting, like the silhouette, you’re going to have a little bit of a pucker into the area where the exit area is cause you using these threads and using these needles that are going to go in and pull the threads to kind of lift the skin up. You’re going to have a little bit of a pucker and that can last seven to 10 days. I would say, so those are a little bit more downtime, but they work well with lifting, knowing that those, those treatments help to build college in that area. So it’s, it’s good for college and building for, for down the road.

(32:13): Gotcha. Thank you. Okay. So someone else wrote in what treatment is best for hyperpigmentation on dark skin and how many sessions would be needed.

(32:25): So the breast, she went for hyperpigmentation on dark skin. We have a treatment called the pigment peel. So it’s appeal you leaving with this mask on your face and it should stay on for about six to eight hours and you go home with this kid. So over the next couple of days, you’re going to appeal and it’ll just lift up a lot of that pigment. It’s not going to support to remember, it’s not going to change the natural color of your skin. It’s going to help lift up the pigment that’s left behind. And then you’re going to go home with this cream that we mix specifically for you that you’re going to use over the next few months. And by the time you’re done with the treatment, 90% of that pigment will be gone. Works. Amazing.

(33:15): Awesome. okay. You have just a couple more that people wrote in should I be cautious about doing laser skin treatments in the summer?

(33:31): Yes. a lot of the treatments you want to make sure that you’re out of the sun, so the Fraxel clear and brilliant, like down for a weekend, you, you just want to stay out of the sun, but then you can go back to resume normal activity. So these packages that we did, there’s no downtime. There’s no, you don’t have to stay out of the sun, but actual lasers. Yes you do. So hair removal, the Fraxel restore even the BBL, you gotta be careful after you’re done. After you do a treatment, you don’t want to go in cause you’re gonna feel more sunburnt after, and it will make you more sun sensitive when you’re doing a laser treatment.

(34:13): Got it. Okay. Good to know. And I guess

(34:17): I would say key two weeks before, and two weeks after a laser treatment, you want to be, you want to avoid the sun exposure.

(34:27): Okay. Got it. Lastly, yeah. What are the best skin care procedures for men?

(34:36): Oh, any of those packages do very well from then? Because there’s no downtime. Botox and, and Newark toxins are really good treatments for men because they, they tend to have a lot of from lines to, they have a really front, heavy frontalis muscle where the, they it looks, makes them look really stressed and, and fillers for like the mailer area will help make them appear more useful.

(35:13): Yeah. Okay. Thank you so much. So I think that’s just about all the questions that we had. Just a reminder that this week only it’s going to be 30% off all of those packages that she meant it mentions, which is a really good deal. Usually don’t even discount 30% off. So this week only definitely give us a call, email us. If you’re interested in any of the packages loose, we’ll be happy to answer any more questions. We’re also offering complimentary skincare consultations with Elisa and our esthetician Giancana so you can even do a virtual consultation. We’ll just get you on the schedule and I think that’s it. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you so much, guys. Thanks for coming. Bye guys.
woman receiving a face injection from a doctor