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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) VS Butt Implants

Brazilian Buttocks LiftIn recent years there has been an enormous rise in popularity of attaining the “perfect” hourglass figure. With celebrities like the Kardashians and Instagram pages dedicated to “booty gains” one can’t help but judge their own ass-ets in the mirror. If you’ve tried fad “butt-building” diets or you’re tired of all those squats not amounting to squat, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani can help you get the perfect buttocks with either a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) or silicone butt implants.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift (or BBL) is a surgical procedure where a board-certified plastic surgeon transfers fat from one place in your body to your butt, for the purpose of giving you the silhouette you desire. A Brazilian Butt Lift can provide your body the proportions you weren’t genetically blessed with. During a BBL, you will have fat reserves liposuctioned from “problem areas” (think love handles, thighs, and abdomen) and injected in the muscle as well as around the subcutaneous tissue of your gluteus. Since you are using your own fat in this procedure, there are fewer risks of adverse allergic reactions or a capsular contracture, as the latter is a more common concern when undergoing butt implant surgery.

What are Butt Implants

Butt implants (also known as gluteal implants) are becoming less popular with the rise of the Brazilian Butt Lift, but still a viable option for those looking to increase their curves yet lacking the extra fat necessary for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Butt implants are an outpatient medical procedure where a board-certified plastic surgeon will use silicone implants that are placed via incision within your vertical butt crease, either above or under your gluteal muscle.

BBL or Butt Implants

When deciding to go with Butt implants or a Brazilian Butt Lift, there are a few key differences that may be the deciding factor. Butt implants are exactly what the name implies, implants used for the purpose of augmenting the appearance of the muscle on your backside. Like any implant, you may run the risk of capsular contracture, which is the accumulation of scar tissue hardening around the implant. With a Brazilian Butt Lift, such complications are less of a concern, as your own fat is being used with the procedure. Another deciding factor that we often see swinging patients towards a BBL, is that implants usually have to be replaced every 8-12 years, so generally speaking, your first procedure with butt implants will likely not be your last.

A Brazilian Butt Lift may also offer significantly less downtime after your procedure, as it is a much less invasive surgery than that necessary for butt implants. Since your own excess fat is used, you will also find that a Brazilian Butt Lift offers a more natural look and feel over butt implants. BBL surgery also provides the opportunity for you to remove fat from other parts of your body to help slim down your overall shape to a more aesthetically pleasing look.

We also perform what is called a “composite” buttock augmentation, combining the use of butt implants, along with the fat grafting used in a Brazilian Butt Lift, to give you the perfect shape while providing the most natural results possible.

And lastly, we offer an Autologous Flap Lift. In this procedure, excess tissue around your lower back, right above your buttocks, is removed and relocated to tissue under the skin, where it is molded and secured to better define your backside. This procedure allows you to utilize your own tissue in place of an implant. Rest assured, if a bigger bum is what you’re after, we here at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics have options and can help!

Best Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lifts Vs. Butt Implants

So what makes an ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift or butt implant surgery? One of the deciding factors in whether you may be a candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift or butt implants is the current condition of your butt, as well as your overall fat distribution. If you have sagging skin around your glutes, you may need surgery to remove the excess skin prior. Another factor is whether you have adequate fat reserves to harvest, via liposuction, for use in your new posterior. If you simply don’t have enough fat to transfer, you may be advised to gain weight prior to your Brazilian Butt Lift surgery or be recommended for butt implant surgery.

Unfortunately, not everyone that desires a Brazilian Butt Lift is an ideal candidate for the procedure. If you are considering your options, it is highly recommended that a board-certified plastic surgeon determines the best course of action to achieve your desired look.

As with any medical procedure, it is imperative that you research extensively before deciding if surgery is right for you. When you come to Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics in either Manhattan or Great Neck, New York, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Tehrani will perform a comprehensive physical and medical examination to determine which procedure you are best suited for. If you are in general good health, can abstain from smoking for a determined period before and after your procedure, and have realistic expectations and goals, you can move forward with determining which procedure would benefit you the most.

Surgery and Recovery

Once you and Dr. Tehrani have decided on the procedure best suited to your booty gaining needs, you can start to mentally prepare for your new physique. While a Brazilian Butt Lift is a less invasive procedure than butt implants, the surgery will still be performed under anesthesia. Depending on your case, Dr. Tehrani can determine if you are eligible to have your Brazilian Butt Lift under local anesthesia and/or IV sedation. Local anesthesia means you will be given a series of injections to numb the area that the doctor will be working on as well as receiving medication via IV or a pill to help you relax for your procedure. During your Brazilian Butt Lift, you will be injected with lidocaine to numb the area as well as epinephrine to dilate blood vessels to minimize bleeding and bruising (called tumescent fluid). The fat harvested from liposuction will then be injected into multiple areas in and around the muscle of your butt.
After surgery, you will be wrapped in compression garments, which is recommended you wear for 6-8 weeks while your body heals. The garment will also help to decrease swelling and discomfort and also helps the skin retract properly. You can also expect to have some swelling and bruising after your surgery.

The most important tip in your recovery from butt augmentation surgery is to refrain from sitting on your bottom for 2-3 weeks after your procedure. It is imperative to not put too much pressure on your backside while the fat graft gains blood supply to the transferred area. If there is reduced blood circulation to the newly transferred fat cells, this could destroy these cells and affect your results. You will also be advised to sleep on your stomach and side for up to 8 weeks while your body heals. Even after the initial 8 weeks post-op, we encourage you to use a cushion when sitting and avoid sitting for long periods of time, if possible. It may take up to one full year to see the full outcome of your Brazilian Butt Lift as projection may dissipate as some fat cells may be reabsorbed into the body or die off. Following these precautions will help you get the best outcome for your new butt!

Butt implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which will require you to have a ride home from your surgery as well as someone with you for 24 hours after your procedure. Dr. Tehrani will make an incision usually in the gluteal creases to make your scarring virtually undetectable and discreet. A silicone implant, similar to an implant used in breast augmentation surgery, is then inserted either into or above the gluteal muscle. The best type and placement of the implant will be discussed by you and Dr. Tehrani prior to your surgery. The results of your butt implant will be immediate and besides initial swelling, what you see after surgery is how your butt will remain. Unlike a Brazilian Butt Lift where there is a chance for up to 40% of fat cells transferred to die, butt implants are permanent and will not change in size (although there are risks of the implant position to change over time).

To help expedite healing and minimize discomfort, here at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics we are happy to offer “rapid” recovery options with the injectable EXPAREL during your butt augmentation. EXPAREL is a non-opioid, injectable pain medication that is injected directly into the surgical site during your procedure. This medication significantly reduces pain and recovery time from your procedure without the use of narcotics. Please ask Dr. Tehrani about the use of EXPAREL during your butt augmentation procedure to get you on the road to recovery and back to your life faster.


You don’t have to spend any more time squatting in the gym or fantasizing about an hourglass figure. If you’re unhappy with what you see in the mirror know you have options whether through a Brazilian Butt Lift or butt implants. We here at Aristocrat Plastic Surgery and MedAesthetics can help! We encourage you to contact our offices today in Manhattan or Great Neck and meet our qualified and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals, no squats required! Let us help you begin your journey to the booty and body you’ve always wanted.

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